Secrets of a Family

Mariah Martin

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my pride and envy

Summary: How long can you keep a secret from those you love? What about yourself? Kagome Higurashi, Keiko Yukimura, and certain shinobi of Konoha all have something in common, they share a family secret. Now that secret threatens to destroy them and their friends with the coming of a new Gathering.

Sakura stood fidgeting outside Hokage Godaime's office. Tsunade had called her in, and Sakura had been waiting for over an hour now and couldn't figure out why the Hokage could possibly want to see her now. Except that…well there was that incident. But…no she wouldn't possibly know anything about that now…would she?

It wasn't her fault after all. Nobody told her that Ino had set her up on a blind date, or that she would literally have to be blindfolded for the date?! And use a jutsu to keep the blindfold there. It wasn't like the guy was horribly disfigured. He did have that freaky mole… and that nose… and that-unusual tattoo on his-…so really it wasn't her fault that she freaked out when some of the dinner got on her and she almost killed the civilian boy that was her date…okay maybe that was a tiny bit her fault, but you can hardly blame her. Seriously, what kind of friend blindfolds you on a blind date?

Sakura sighed in immense irritation as the great door to Tsunade's office opened and a gruff female voice beckoned her in.

Kagome gently moved her dearly missed cousin out of their second hug that day, instead opting to just wrap an arm around her. Kagome looked around at all the people standing around her before turning to Keiko.

"So, who're these psychos in your living room?" Kagome missed how the demons in the room gave her strange looks

"Oh Kagome, you know them- that's Rin, Kirara, and your little brother Souta and you. Are you suffering from short-term memory loss, or has your insanity finally taken effect?"

Kagome laughed. She had forgotten how much fun Keiko was, especially when it came to messing with the rest of the family, or insulting her.

"Hey watch it little cousin. I'm the Matriarch now. I could have you disinherited!"

"-But you won't because you love me too much." Kagome raised a brow at Keiko's all too sweet and innocent statement.

"Yeah…keep telling yourself that. Anyway, who are your friends? Is this your husband?" she asked pointing to Yusuke.

"Yeah, that's Yusuke. Next to him is Touya, Jin, and Hiei, to Yusuke's other side is Kuronue, Botan, and Minamino Shuichi, who's also known as Kurama to his friends."

"It's very nice to meet all of you. I've heard so much about you all, it's nice to finally put a face to the person."

Looking at Hiei she gave him a once-over. Quickly assessing him as a strong fighter, possibly one she would not want to get on the bad side of. She flashed him a sparkling smile.

"Not a bad sword red-eyes. You any good?"

In the blink of an eye Hiei had his sword out and pointed at her throat.

"Try your luck and find out avatar."

Kagome's expression grew so playful; she truly did look like a fox.

"Maybe someday soon I'll take you up on that offer."

Turning to the red she was ogling earlier, Kurama, she questioned him. "So you're Minamino Shuichi, right? My friend Eri is in your college based fan club and told me all about you." She gave him a wry smile.

"Can't say that it was all just fan-girl fantasy. You are very handsome, quite the Prince Charming, but somehow I don't think your fans know about the whole Spirit Detective thing. There's one thing I don't get though, and that's why you choose to go by a thief's name? Especially a demon one."

Though she sounded confused her eyes bore into him critically and coldly. She knew that out of respect of Tsukiko's past love, she would kill him or at least severely injure him, if he did not tread carefully and give her an answer worthy of the infamous Youko Kurama.

Kagome studied his body language while she waited a few moments for his answer. He did not seem nervous, rather more surprised than anything else, and maybe a little amused.

"I go by Kurama because it is my name." He must have noticed her skeptical expression because he continued explaining. "Many years ago, I was Yoko Kurama, the 'infamous thief'. I was nearly killed trying to steal something and took refuge in the human world. I traveled in spirit form until I found a human woman with child. I bound my soul to that unborn child and planned to leave the human world when I was strong enough, but it did not work out like that. Due to certain circumstances I decided to stay in the Ningenkai with family and friends. But that is a story for another day."

Kagome tilted her head slightly to one side, pouting; reminiscent of a kit that didn't get the candy she wanted. Kurama smiled at her.

"Personally I have some questions for you…Tsukiko." Kagome's eyes widened considerably as she inhaled sharply. How could he have known?

Tsuki- could use some help out here.

~You're on your own sweetheart.

Kurama continued to smile knowingly at her. His eyes flashing the familiar gold of Yoko Kurama- letting all know who was just beneath the human façade.

Oh crap…