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Konoha killing Uchihas was a false spoiler for those who haven't read the manga.

A World for 7

Part 2: Super Active Knuckle Head!

It was quiet and peaceful, if you ignored the loud busy work going on over the counter of the ramen shop. Naruto Uzamaki was finishing a bowl of ramen when he noticed a black book to his right.

"Death Note?" he read. He picked up the book and left money on the counter as he left. When he got outside, he notices a tall figure standing over him.

"Hi," Naruto said passing through as if he seen him before.

"Don't I freak you out?" Ryuk asked.

"Umm, people use to hate me because I had a demon fox inside me," he explained. "I've been through death more times than Goku and actually survived, I fought the ugliest Raccoon in my life and you expect me to be afraid of you?"

"Wow, you're better than the last kid." Ryuk praised him.

"Yeah, but that's because Sasuke's a emo brat that got bitten by a gay guy" Naruto put out bluntly.

"Now that's messed up." Ryuk was surprised by Naruto's reaction to all this.

"Now look here, since people love me I won't need your book." Naruto said handing him the book until he spotted Sasuke.

"Hey! Sasuke! Where are you going?!" Naruto called out.

"To Orochimaru's house! He's got power….. and an amusement park in his backyard!" he answered.

"Ryuk, give me that book" Naruto demanded reaching out his hand.

Ryuk chuckled.

Sasuke was at Orochimaru's house and in blood the walls said; NARUTO DID THIS with Orochimaru's body dead on the ground.

"WHY NARUTO! WHY!" Sasuke cried on his knees.

"Because you're my best friend." Naruto whispered to himself hidden in a tree as Ryuk laughed.


Ryuk: "Wow, now that's a kid I'd like to hang out with. He's a true beast."

Naurto: "Did you call me a beast, Ryuk?" turns fourtails and attacks ryuk

Ryuk: "What the hell?! Get off me! Get off me! This is my last warning! Fine Fine!"


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Ryuk: "Well on to the next kid. Review or someone in your family will get a personally DN from me."

Daronta: "Ryuk! Stop threatening my readings!"

Ryuk: "You can't stop me!"

Daronta: "Oh, yeah see what happens to Ryuk next time."