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Daronta: "Hey Ryuk!"

Ryuk: "Yea?"

Daronta: "Remember when I said you'll die this episode?"

Ryuk: "Well maybe not those words exactly but sure, why not, you can't do it anyways."

Daronta: "Okay then read this." Hands over deathnote

Death Note:

Bcuz of Ryuk's love for Sakura he wrote Daronta's name in the deathnote as Daronta was writing Sakura's name in the deathnote.

Ryuk: "Wait a minute, I hate Sakura!"

Daronta: "But the rules don't say anything about writing false love."

Ryuk: "But you'll die too!" Writing Daronta Acura in his deathnote

Daronta: "Sure I will but you forgot one thing Ryuk," pause n grins "I'm the writer of this ending."

Ryuk: "NO!" Turns into dust

DN Rule:

If a shinigami falls in love and tries to stop the death of it's loved one they die

Daronta: "Thank you for coming readers, please enjoy the Final Part of A World for 7"

A World for 7

Part 3: Black Cherry Blossoms And Fangs of Lighting

A girl was skipping on her way to the training grounds when she spotted a deathnote.

"Hmm, this could come in handy." Sakura smiled.

She took it and found herself in front of a skeleton, mop haired, ugliest thing seen on Death Note the series, Rem.

"So you found my book, human" Rem spoke.

"Umm," Sakura fainted before she could finish her sentence.

"You must do that a lot" Rem inquired.

"No I don't!" Sakura rose back up.

"Sure you don't" Rem implied.


Sakura Faints #1: Sasuke died Illusion

Sakura Faint #2: Orochimaru's Eyes

Sakura Faint #3: Sasuke hits her shoulder

Do I have to go on?

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"Anyway what do you want?" Sakura put out.

"I here cause you have my deathnote"

"So you don't have to follow me you know" Sakura walk ahead.

"But I love you" Rem whispered.

"What?!" Sakura responded.


"Okay then leave." Sakura demanded.

She made it to the Training ground where Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi were waiting for her.

"Nice job, Sakura you were even later than me" Kakashi bluntly said.

"Sorry some shemale thing was following me everywhere." Sakura confessed.

"Umm, Sakura useless you can use shadow clone jutsu, you the only shemale here" Naruto laughed.

"Loser" Sasuke said for no apparent reason as Sakura scowled at Naruto.

"Can we start?" Kakashi said getting irritated grab Sasuke forced him to the ground and put a kunai knife to his neck. "Alright, Sakura kill Naruto or Sasuke get's it."

"Okay!" Sakura yelled cheerfully pulling out the Death Note and writing Naruto Uzamaki in it.

"Umm, Sakura, what are you doing?" Kakashi sounding a little worried.

"Killing Naruto" she smile.

"I was just playing!" Kakashi screamed.

"Oh," she was dumfounded.

Naruto was falling to the ground clutching his chest. "Damn you Sakura!" were his last word.

Kakashi took the book from Sakura, "I had it with you stupid retards"

Sakura Haruno

Sasuke Uchiha

"Finally, peace and quiet." Kakashi sighed and laughed.



"Umm Daronta? Why did I die twice in this Series?"

Daronta: XD "Oh that's easy, because I hate you Sasuke."

Sakura: "Umm, Rem do you love me?"

Rem: "Yes"

Sakura: "Are you a lesbian?"

Rem: "Yes"

Sakura: "Are you a guy?"

Rem: …..

Sakura: OMG!

Daronta: "Thank you for reading readers. I will have a poll on my page for this story please visit. Review or reading all of this would have been a waste of time."