"HEY JAKOTSU YOU WANT TO COME TO MY HOUSE THIS SATURDAY, PLEASE COME I GOING TO BE THERE ALONE, BORED, IF YOU DON'T" yelled Mi from across the room at The School for gifted (or TSFG) "SURE BUT I HAVE TO GIVE YOU MY ADDRESS, OK" jakotsu yelled back to his friend.(A/N yes i know jakotsu hates women but just go with it ok) "OK GO OUT SIDE, BOTH OF YOU I DON'T NEED YOU TWO YELLING ACROSS THE CLASS, NOW OUT WITH YOU" yelled . "I THOUGHT YOU SAID NOT TO YELL ACROSS THE CLASS ROOM " yelled Mi at from the door. "you know what (A/N sorry if i spelled Orchi wrong)detetion this is it i had it with your smart mouth now leave, Jakotsu you too."

"whatever" So Mi and Jakotsu are walk down the hall when they see Bankotsu sitting out side 's door play with a piece of his hair." Hey, Bankotsu" Jakotsu said walking up to his brother. "Oh, Hey" Mi walks up to and looks down at Bankotsu. "what's up with you, moody much" Mi said. "What's with you cocky much" using her same tone.

Mi stuck her tounge out at him childish, and put her nose in the air. Jakotsu giggled, "We should get to the office Jakotsu so we don't get into more trouble." mi stated. "Oh Ok" Jakotsu sighed. "what'd you do this time Mi." Bankotsu asked smugly. "just yelled across the room to Ja and smart mouthed to , i really don't know." Said mocking a confused stance.

Bankotsu smiled and laughed alittle. "Bye Banky we got to go, cya." Mi said smiling like always./god her smile is beautiful/ Bankotsu thought. "ok bye Sweety" /oh my god his smile is hot/ Mi thought.

"ok whatever Bye bye." "BYE BIG BROTHER SEE YOU AT LUNCH" "bye jakotsu, yeah, cya at lunch hopefully" Mi walked of and started walking off with jakotsu. Mi started shaking and fell over and blood started coming out her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth she got up and turned and walked the other way but Jakotsu just watch mouth open lips dry trying to figure out what happened then ran after Mi. "Mi What happened? are you ok?" Jakotsu asked with a worried tone. "i'm fine it's just that smell when i walked over there it was like alot of Kagome's perfume" Mi said alittle shakey.

" yeah kagome's perfume can kill somebody how can people like that stuff it's smells like sombody died, man that stuff stinks" plugging his nose as he said 'it stinks'. Mi giggled and hugged Jakotsu. "thank you Ja" "it was nothing" he said still hugging until Kagome and her posse turned around the corner and saw them, they all 'awed' Jakotsu and Mi let go of each other and turned to glare at Kagome. "aww look the freaks are hugging"

Kagome said all prep like. Her posse laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. "go drop dead Kagome, the world would be so happy if you were dead" Mi said copying her tone. Jakotsu laughed just like her posse. "Oh whatever your just jealosy 'cause were pretty then you.'' Kagome said. Mi and Jakotsu acted as if they were asleep. "hey are you listening to me" Mi snorted" huh what you say" said sleepy like. "how dare you not listen to me when i was talking." " who would listen to you and stay awake" Mi asked. Kagome glared and walked away.

...skip detetion nothing cool happened there...


"hey jakotsu you see were banky is" Mi asked looking around. "no, you" jakotsu asked."no i don't" just then a bunch of people gathered in a circle saying 'FIGHT, FIGHT' "let's go see who is fighting, ok" Mi said.

"sure" jakotsu said. they walked over there and pushed some people out of the way to see Bankotsu and Inuyasha fighting. Mi sighs and jakotsu goes over to bankotsu and tries to get him to stop but he won't. "he won't stop Mi want are we going to do." Jakotsu asked worried about bankotsu safety. "i got a idea" and then she runs over and jumps on bankotsu back and catches inuyasha fist. "STOP THIS NOW BOTH OF YOU" she yelled getting angry.

every one mouthes dropped 'cause she jumped on bankotsu back and caught inuyasha fist. then the teachers walked up to she her on bankotsu's back and holding inuyasha fist. she let go of inuyasha's fist and slid down bankotsu's back well he stud up straight and turned to Mi and glared at her. she glared right back then giggled and wipped a bit of blood from his mouth and smiled. Bankotsu just smiled. "thank Mi" "your welcome ban" everyone watch in shock and the girls glared at Mi 'cause bankotsu was like the hottest guy at school.

jakotsu walked over and hugged Mi and bankotsu. " ok you sit there bankotsu so i can go get something to wash your face, ok" Mi said still smiling. "ok Mi just hurry, k" she nodded and walked off as bankotsu sat down. "you want something to eat 'cause i was going to get me and mi some food." bankotsu just nodded and 15 seconds after jakotsu left girls sat down by bankotsu and started talking to bankotsu.

"why did you let thefreak touch you and also that gay freak hug you." Kagome asked in distaste that her future husband touched the freaks. "to let you know that 'gay freak' as you call him ins my brother" he said a little angry. all the girls jaws dropped as they stared at him. /that can't be but i can probably use this, yes i can/