All the guys aww'ed. Mi looked at them then at Bankotsu who was still pouting. "You look so cute" Mi said looking at his face. "I know i do" Bankotsu replied smoothly. Mi just smirked /I so badly want to kiss him right now, calm down girl get a hold of yourself./ Mi thought, she closed her eyes and breathed.

She opened her eyes to find everyone staring at her. "WHAT?" Mi yelled scaring them. But before they could reply a girl with smooth milky colored skin and black make up walked up. "As gloomy as always Onee-Sama" Mi said smirking at her older sister and because everybody looked confused, She never told us she had a sister.

/This women, she is beautiful why I'm i feeling this way i never felt this way before/ Sesshomaru thought looking at Mi's older sister. "Little sister, I came here to find you and tell you Ti, Si, and Ki are looking for you, i guess you got a job" Mi's older sister said looking at Mi with unemotional Deep green eyes. "I got a job AWESOME! Thank you Yami, oh where is Ti at by the way." Mi Said looking around.

"I shall take my leave, oh and little sister, don't make it so sloppy this time" Yami said looking up at Sesshomaru /He is hott/ She then turned at walked back to her car. Mi smiled /It won't be sloppy this time/ She got up and dryed off then pulled her shorts on.

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