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It wasn't until our second year at Camp Rock that we met Caitlyn. Tess was the one who introduced us to her, she was convinced we'd be the best of friends. Tess always thought she was right. In fact, Tess was so sure we'd like her, she had already convinced Caitlyn to join our tight little group.

"Come on, please? Caitlyn's great. I promise you'll love her. She's like, my best friend." Tess rambled, dragging Shane and Nate along behind her.

"I thought we were you best friends." Nate pouted. Tess laughed and rolled her eyes, like she couldn't believe boys could be so dumb.

"You are! But Caitlyn's my best girl friend." At the boys' confused looks she added, "You guys are my best friends. But every girl needs a best friend that's a girl. So she can talk about boy and make up and stuff." Shane wrinkled his nose.

"Ew, you actually talk about that stuff. That's so boring. Why don't you talk about stuff like shooting and dead people-"

"And blowing stuff up!" Nate added excitedly. Tess sighed and stopped walking to face Shane and Nate.

"See, this is why we need another girl! So I have someone to talk too when you guys get all . . . boyish." With that said, Tess took off down the walk again, Shane and Nate struggling to keep up.

"Jason, stop doing that. It's gross." A girl giggled as a boy much older than her popped an ant into his mouth. He swallowed it whole, and grinned at her once it was down.

"And you said I couldn't do that!"

"That's Caitlyn and Jason. They're best friends." Tess explained.

"He's cool. Is he joining the group also?" Nate asked eagerly. Tess shrugged.

"But then there'd be more boys then girls." The three friends kept walking down to Caitlyn and Jason.

"So? That's how it's always been." Shane pointed out. Tess bit her lower lip, looking like she was concentrating on something really difficult.

"I guess he can." She finally said.

"Awesome!" Nate and Shane exclaimed at the same time, highfiving the other one.

"What's awesome?" The girl Tess had said was Caitlyn asked as the three joined her and Jason.

"I just told them Jason was going to join our group too. So now we have five." Tess said, once again taking charge of the group. But that's what she did best.

"Wait!" Victoria interrupted. "Tess Tyler was the one who brought Connect Three together?" I grinned and nodded.

"Learn something new everyday don't you?" Victoria nodded her head slowly, like she was having trouble understand what'd I just told her. "Now, back to the story . . ."

"No, Shane. The Beatles were certainly not better than the Beach Boys." Caitlyn exclaimed stubbornly. In the three weeks since Tess had introduced Caitlyn and Jason to the group, they'd group extremely close. But, that was the magic of being young, you could make friends just as easily as you could count to 30.

"What do you know? You're just a dumb girl."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Simple," Shane said, leaning over the table so his face was close to Caitlyn's. "Girl's have no taste in music." Caitlyn looked awfully close to throwing her oatmeal in Shane's face, when Tess slapped a bright pink paper on the ground.

"What's Final Jam?" She asked, taking the seat next to Nate. It was the same seat she always had. Nate to her right, Shane to her left. That's the way it always was.

"Dunno." Nate replied through a mouthful of toast. Tess glanced over and gave him a disgusted look.

"Swallow before you speak, boy." Nate did as he was told and opened his mouth wide enough for Tess to see inside after. Tess rolled her eyes playfully before turning back to the pink paper. "Jason, do you know what final Jam is?" Both Jason and Shane were older then Nate, Caitlyn and Tess. Jason by two years, Shane by one.

"Something a bunch of people obsess over. I've never been." He replied absentmindly. He was building a castle out of bread crusts. But everytime he tried to add another layer to it, the whole thing would collaspe. But, he was determinded to make it work and he'd just start all over again.

"Shane?" Tess asked, turning her attention to other group elder.

"Yeah, I heard about it. It's just kids performing for a trophy and prize money. And the winner gets a plaque up. To put you in Camp Rock history or something. But I'm not older enough to do it. You have to be thirteen to even compete, but no one that young has ever won."

There was something different in Tess's eyes that day. And everyday after she first heard about Final Jam. She was wanted to win, and when Tess Tyler wants something, she usual got it.

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