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Chapter 2: Secrets

17 Years Later

The arrowhead shaped of the Star Destroyer exited hyperspace and went into orbit around the planet Bothawui where the reports that a Jedi was spotted. Something happened and a brawl broke out. Nothing more was known about what the Jedi was doing there, or what he was looking for.

Bothawui was the source of the Bothan spy network and has been widely seen as the best in the galaxy, and a lot of information carries through the planet at some point, which made it the best place to look for almost any kind of information. Just not all of the information the Imperials got from the Bothans were reliable.

When the report that a Jedi was spotted there came in, a Star Destroyer was sent to locate the Jedi and bring him in for interrogations and execution.

A man dressed in an Admiral's uniform, paced back and forth on the bridge giving orders to the Stormtroopers. The troopers knew what they were there for, but some of them didn't expect to do the job and live to tell the tale. Not all of the Stormtroopers actually encountered a Jedi and lived while those that did, didn't live through any second encounter with a Jedi.

"...and the Emperor has ordered the Jedi to be brought in alive." The Admiral stopped and looked at the emotionless plate faces of the Stormtroopers.

The rows of Stormtroopers neither moved nor turned their heads to look elsewhere, as per their training on the Imperial Military Academy on the planet of Carida. They stood as still as statues in ranks and in formations.

"It is believed that he knows the location of the Rebels, and I shouldn't remind you of how much of a problem the Rebels are to the Empire." The Admiral finished his speech. "Dismissed!"

The Stormtroopers scrambled off the bridge and toward the hangers, while the Admiral was approached by 1st Lieutenant Morrek Sunrider.


The Admiral turned to face Lt. Sunrider. "What is it, Lieutenant?"

"We're receiving a transmission." Lt. Sunrider replied. "Lord Vader requests to speak with you."

"Understood." The Admiral replied, then walked over to the communications station..

The Admiral was a bit nervous. He only got the position of Admiral because his predecessor displeased Lord Vader, and he lasted only a couple of days. He feared that he did something wrong or discovered something that he didn't wish to reveal to anyone, but retained enough courage to speak with the Sith Lord.

The Admiral stood in front of the screen. On the screen was the back mask of Darth Vader.

"Report, Admiral." The Darth Lord breathed.

"We've arrived and just begin sending troops." The Admiral replied. "In a matter of time, the Jedi will in custody."

"I shouldn't have to remind you," Vader started. "Of how important that the Jedi is brought in, unharmed and alive."

"I know. The Jedi will be apprehended, as you requested." The Admiral said. "I will not fail you."

"I hope so, Admiral," Vader said, with a mechanical breathing. "For your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." Then the screen went blank.

After that, the Admiral turned and walked off the bridge, giving one last command. "I want to be informed the moment the Jedi is in our custody."

Tie Fighters and a shuttle screamed as they soared through the atmosphere of Bothawui and they came in for a landing on the outskirts of a nearby town. The shuttle's door opened and several squads of Stormtroopers came down the ramp and stood, waiting until their forces were prepared to move out.

The one selected to lead the Stormtroopers to capture the Jedi was dressed in a gray Captain uniform, and he had black hair. His name was Captain Drew Lipsky.

He kept things calm and under control, despite the stories he heard about the Jedi. He wasn't afraid of any of them. When he came back, he fully expected Darth Vader to congratulate him.

Lipsky watched as the troopers marched into the city, and begun their search. Lipsky wasn't the one to dirty his hands, but rather had others do the job for him. It was easier and he didn't get himself killed while he was continued to be rewarded from completing the task.

The Lieutenant remained at the shuttle for the reports of the Jedi being apprehended. A beeping came from his comlink attached to his belt.

Taking the comlink from his belt, Lipsky activated it. A small blue colored hologram of the Admiral appeared, standing tall.

"How fares the search for the Jedi?" Came the voice of the Admiral.

"We've only just begun." Lipsky answered. "It is a large city and will take some time."

"Don't keep Lord Vader waiting." The Admiral warned the Captain. "He wants the Jedi brought in alive, and unharmed. Report back when you have him."

The hologram dissipated. Something seemed odd with the Admiral. Lipsky sense it, which he couldn't explain how, but there were many things that happened to him that he couldn't explain.

The Lt. didn't understand how he know there was a problem, he just knew there was. It seemed that the Admiral had intentions for whatever purpose, he didn't know.

Lipsky couldn't question the Admiral about it, because he would either deny the accusation or possibly accuse him of trying to usurp power on the Star Destroyer, which everyone knew that Lipsky wanted power and would do anything to get it.

Lipsky left the shuttle, and down the ramp. He waited for nearly an hour before he was approached by a Stormtrooper.


Lipsky turned his attention to the Stormtrooper, which he saluted. Lipsky returned the salute with a smirk.

"I trust that you found the Jedi." Lipsky said with confidence.

The trooper, however, didn't have the same confidence the Lt. had. "I'm sorry, sir, but we've searched the city and the locals don't know where they could be hiding."

"They?" Lipsky asked with surprise. "What do you mean by, 'they'? How many more are there?"

"The people claim that two arrived here a few days ago, and they were searching for information on the Rebels."

Lipsky then started to ponder something, and sensed the same thing he sensed earlier. Something was amiss. It just had to be. What other explanation was there?

"The Admiral mentioned that there were only one. How did the report get mixed up?" Lipsky wondered.

"Sir?" The trooper asked.

Lipsky snapped out of his thoughts. "Continue your search." He ordered. "The Star Destroyer, Beliskner will remain in orbit and detain any ship that tries to leave, and destroy those that resist. And if they escape, then Lord Vader will be most displeased with you."

Even with the helmet on, the Captain knew that the trooper's face turned pale. The last time anyone displeased Vader, he killed them on the spot. That was not only how the trooper get to the position he was, but how may others got to the positions the currently held, like Lipsky and the Admiral.

Keeping as calm as he could, he saluted Lipsky before turning and heading back to the city.

The Stormtroopers passed many buildings, but failed to take into account when a door opened, and the head of a male figure, with a hood over his head, looked out from the doorway. Within the building was another, but this one was female and the hood of her purple and light blue robe had been pulled down.

"Great, just great." The blonde haired woman gave an odd glare to the man, as he moved back into the room. The door closed with a hiss. "You didn't have to attack that guy. Now we've got Stormtroopers here."

"On the bright side, it did get us the information we were seeking." The man replied in an optimistic tone.

"You don't beat people for information!"

"Unless they refuse to give it willingly." The man said, like he was finishing her sentence. "Besides, he had intentioned to kill you."

"No, he did not!" The woman retorted in a tone the man knew all to well.

He started to response but thought for a moment, and sense the truth. "He didn't?" The man asked with a slight worried tone. "I thought he did, given the way he was moving towards you."

She shot an indignation expression at her companion, and sensed something that was different. It was the same thing that she sense when the smuggler approached her, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Are you all right?" She asked.

The question caught him off guard. He turned around, trying to keep her from seeing his face turn red. "Don't be ridicules." He replied almost instantly

A sly smile climbed her face as the pieces finally started coming together. For more than five years, he starting to become very protective over her, consistently trying to keep her safe and even nearly getting killed to save her.

The man quickly spoke to change the subject. "Are all your ideas crazy, or some of them."

The woman crossed her arms. "Well, you have your crazy ideas, but at least mine work."

"Well, at least one of my crazy ideas made the Imperials think that there is only one Jedi here." The man replied with confidence.

That caught the woman off guard, and she glanced back at the other Jedi. "What? Really?"

"Yeah." He replied, turning around. "Now all that's left is for you to get out of here."

"Wait! What about you?" She asked, a little afraid. "What if they capture and kill you?"

"If they kill me, at least you'll be safe." The man said with a caring smile, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Go. I'll distract them, and you find the Rebellion. Don't worry about me, I'll rendezvous with you later."

"But, Jaric-"

"No 'buts', Luria. I'm doing this." Jaric replied, taking out his lightsaber while moving to the door.

Luria watched as Jaric moved his hand to press the button to open the door. She thought that something might go horribly wrong. It usually did for Jaric. Over the last fourteen years, Jaric was always caught and tortured, with Luria coming to get him out of trouble, usually nearly getting Jaric killed in the process.

The thought that Jaric might get killed seemed unbearable. Every time Jaric was captured, it wasn't the Empire that did it. It was usually a bounty hunter, and Boba Fett was the worst of them. Other times, it was just others trying to cause trouble.

Jaric was known for attracting trouble, which was how he got such a reputation across the galaxy, but for some reason no one remembered his name or they got it completely wrong. Nothing annoyed Jaric more.

Now that Jaric could possible be taken by the Empire and straight to Darth Vader, the odds that Jaric was going to get out of this situation alive, was at an all time low.

In a split second, Luria decided to reveal to Jaric something that she didn't tell him for nearly seven years. Something that she might not have another chance.

"Wait!" Luria called out, but in a hush whisper.

"Wha-" Jaric started when he turned around, but he never finished what he was saying as Luria wrapped one hand around Jaric's neck and the other behind his head, and pulled him into a kiss. That brought quiet a shock to Jaric, he didn't seem to know what to do. He clearly didn't see this coming, not in his entire life.

After what seemed like an eternity, Luria pulled away, and she smiled in amusement.

Jaric's face remained in a state of complete shock. His eyes remained wide open, and it seems that his lips were stuck in the same position they were in during the kiss. Moments later, he fainted, falling backwards and landing on the ground with a thud.

Luria held her hand over her mouth and barely suppress a slight giggle as she smiled, and thought, 'I think I broke him.'

Jaric looked so stiff from shock, that Luria could have got him to his feet, by stepping on his feet and standing him up, which she did and he was still out of it.

"Jaric?" Luria tried to reach him in his own little world by waving her hand in front of his eyes, but all she got was a blank and shocked expression. "Are you alright?"

When she started snapping her fingers, which got Jaric to sort of snap out of his daze. "I...what...where..."

Jaric was awake, but apparently his mind wasn't in the here and now. Luria thought of something that might help Jaric focus. Pulling back a hand, it flew and she slapped Jaric. His head jerked in the same direction as the hand.

'What was that for?' Jaric was quiet confused. 'First the kiss, then the slap.'

"In case you're wondering, you need to concentrate if you plan to distract the Imperials." Luria replied with a smile, an eyebrow rising.

Jaric seemed confused for a second. Apparently the kiss did more to him than Luria thought possible. Then it came back to him.

"Oh, right." Jaric said, trying to hide his uneasiness, while backing away. "I-I'll distract them and you..." Jaric stopped as he backed into a shelf, filled with various tools and equipment. Jaric tried to stop them from hitting the ground, but several tools and some of the equipment off and clattered on the ground.

They both flinched, and waited to see if anyone heard the sound. After a few minutes of waiting, they heard nothing. Jaric gave a slight and nervous laugh, which Luria just smiled.

Turning around, Jaric walked over to the door, and pressed the button. It opened with a hiss. Jaric then stepped out of the building, with the door closing behind him.

Jaric ran through the streets, but remained within the shadows, staying out of the sight of anyone. He didn't want to be captured or spotted, at least not yet. He wanted to get far away that when he let the Imperials capture him, Luria would have enough time to sneak away.

He stayed in the shadows and worked his way to the city limits to get out. There were a lot of bystanders within the city. A lot of people that could get hurt, or killed. That was something Jaric didn't want happen.

Jaric was nearing the city limits and was almost out, then he stopped. Not only was it too quiet, but it was also too easy. He didn't run into a single Stormtrooper when he knew that there should've been nearly a hundred Troopers. Either something seemed odd, or they were scattered throughout the city and closer to the center.

"So far, so..." Jaric stopped when he bumped into a man wearing a Lieutenant's uniform. The uniform was clearly a Imperial uniform. "Uh, oh."

The lieutenant spun around and saw Jaric, recognizing the brown robes as well as the lightsaber clipped to his belt immediately.

"Well, it seems that today is my lucky day." The Imperial said with a grin.

He reached for his lightsaber, but stopped when he heard the some of troopers readying their blasters. Looking around, Jaric saw dozens of Stormtroopers, pointing their blasters at him. With how much troopers, and the positions they took, fighting his way out would be suicide.

Jaric thought for a second of how many he could take out before they took him out. 'Hmm... If I move fast enough, I might be able to take about,' Jaric thought for a moment. 'No one with me except for this sorry excuse of an Imperial.'

Jaric started to raise his lightsaber, but somehow he was caught off guard. Somehow, the Captain had pulled out his blaster and shot him in the hand.

"Ow!" Jaric cried out as the lightsaber dropped to the ground. "Hey that hurt! Why did you do that? I wasn't going to attack!"

The Imperial didn't respond to Jaric, but pulled out a comlink. "Admiral, we have one of the Jedi."

There was a slight pause before the hologram of the Admiral replied.. "What do you mean, one of the Jedi. Reports clearly said that there was only one."

"Some of the Bothans informed us that there were at least two." The Captain replied.

"And you believed them?" The Admiral asked with disbelief in his voice. "Since when do the Bothans give information away without accepting credits?"

The Captain growled, but kept it quiet enough so the Admiral didn't hear. He knew that everyone would side with the Admiral. After all, since when has he ever been wrong about anything? The only one to actually believe that the Admiral was behind anything was him. Drew Lipsky.

"Perhaps the Bothans didn't tell us everything." Lipsky suggested, but sounded quiet annoyed.

The Admiral was not only annoyed, but furious. "Bring the Jedi to me now!" He commanded with anger in his voice.

Lipsky growled, then turned to the ship, giving one command to the Stormtrooper. "Bring him now!"

Luria watched from a distance as Jaric was taken by the troopers and lead to the ship. She couldn't tell if Jaric was either very patient and not in any hurry to get to his destination or if he was intentionally giving the Imperials a hard time.

His acting was done so well, that she couldn't tell what he was really doing, which was a little funny but she was able to suppress a laugh.

Getting up from where she was sitting on the roof of the exceeding tall building where she was hiding, Luria put her electrobinocles away and jumped off the roof of the building to the outside of the wall.

Her feet landed on the grass below, crunching on some twigs that littered the ground. The walk into the forest took several minutes. The sounds of various creatures echoed, but was drowned out by the shuttles leaving the planet.

Luria looked up as a shuttle soared over the trees. 'I'm not going to leave you to your fate, Jaric. I'll come to save you like I always do.'

Several minutes later, Luria entered a clearing. In the center was the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, or Jedi Starfighter as it is commonly known.

The cockpit opened and Luria jumped it. The R2 unit beeped a greeting, along with several other beeps.

"The empire took him. He purposely let them so I could escape." Luria answered the astromech droid.

The astromech made some more beeps and blips, like is was ask another question.

Luria shook her head. "Sorry, but we're going after him, like we always do. We'll find the Rebellion when we rescue Jaric."

Luria flipped some switches, and closed the cockpit. The ship lifted up over the trees, and Luria piloted the Starfighter away from the planet and out to space.

Looking out the cockpit window, Luria watched the Star Destroyer just hover in space. It wasn't moving. It just stayed their, like it was waiting for something.

"Why haven't you left yet?" Luria wondered out loud about the Imperials.

The astromech made a comment in his usual beeps and whistles with his usual form of communicating.

"No. After the Imperials were alerted to our location, we had to hide." Luria answered. "I don't know why they left with just Jaric, especially because they're suppose to know that there were two Jedi."

Luria thought back to when she was spying on the Captain when he was blabbing on to Jaric. She of course read his lips. She knew that the Captain was suspicious that there was at least one more Jedi within the city. The question was why didn't he order the Stormtroopers to continue the search?

That question weighed heavily on her mind. It felt a little 'trappish' is what Jaric would say if he was there, but not Luria. She didn't get that feeling. She just felt that there were something else going on.

The only way to save Jaric was to sneak on board before the Star Destroyer jumped to hyperspace. If that happened before she got aboard, then she would have to consider Jaric to be dead with no hope of finding him. It was a large galaxy and she didn't know where the Imperials kept prisoners.

She considered finding him to be easy. Getting on would be the difficult part. Fortunately for her, they had stopped on the planet Aeten II, for stygium crystals so Jaric could add a cloaking generator to the ship, many years ago. Jaric had gotten the generator installed, but they never had a reason to use it before nor a chance to. Luria was uncertain if it would work properly, or at all for that matter.

The problem would be if the Imperials had a crystal gravfield trap. If they had it, then they would be able to find her, even with the cloaking.

Luria took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing." She said as she prepared to use the cloaking for the first time. She flipped a switch. A light lit up, saying that the cloaking generator was active. Now for the next hard part. Finding an empty hanger bay and to get in.

Luria piloted the ship around the Star Destroyer, looking for a way in. All the hanger bays were full, but one of them was empty. It seemed odd that this one was empty while the others seemed full and one had looked like it was jammed packed.

Despite the oddity of the situation, she knew that the Star Destroyer would have to be making a jump soon. With no choice, Luria flew to the empty hanger bay.

It grew odd as Luria watched as the bay shields were lowered, allowing her to freely enter the hanger bay. After entering, the bay was re-pressurized with the shield raising.

The hanger bay was a large room, with catwalks on the upper part of the room allowing the pilots to climb into the Tie-Fighter and various other ships. The majority of the room was even with the outer edges several inches higher then the floor of the room, with two doors on opposite sides of the room, and a window next to the doors. The rooms behind the windows seemed void of life, but she could sense one life sign in the east door.

After she deactivated the cloaking, Luria left her ship and went over to the east door. She knew that is couldn't be Jaric. He had escaped from his captors before but never this fast.

Luria approached the door, but pulled out her lightsaber. After what happened at the Jedi Temple nearly twenty years earlier, she decided to have a lightsaber on hand. Just in case.

The door opened and she went in, and pointed to the door that lead into the room that she looking into moments ago.

The man was still within the room. Getting to the side of the door, she waited until the man came out. He wasn't a Stormtrooper, but was dressed in a Lt. uniform. Unlike the man she saw earlier, this one had blonde hair, and light blue eyes.

He walked over to the door that went to the hanger bay, but stopped in his tracks when he heard a pop and a hiss sound right behind him.

He spun around and saw a beautiful, yet calm woman holding a purple bladed lightsaber and she was pointing it at him. She grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him to the wall, moving the blade until it was but mere inches from his face. His face went wild with fear and his hands went up. She seemed far more intimidating than a wookiee.

"I don't wish to harm anyone, so I'll ask this once." Luria said in a calm voice, hiding all emotion. "Where is your prisoner. The one that you just brought in."

Hearing her question was all he needed to know why she was there. The man became calm and his hands went to his sides.

"He was taken to be interrogated. Three levels down. Section 24." The Imperial answered without hesitation. "You better hurry, Master Jedi, before they learn what they wish to learn. Especially about those working to form a Rebel Alliance."

Luria was caught off guard. Not only was he very forthcoming with the information she needed, but he addressed and spoke to her with great respect. Nevertheless, Luria didn't loosen her grip.

"I thought Imperials didn't have much respect for Jedi?" Luria asked with suspicion in her voice.

"That would be true for me." The Lt. said, then pause for a moment. "...if I was an Imperial." The Lt. answered, with a look in his eyes, longing for the freedom that had been stolen by the Empire.

Luria loosened her hold on the man but kept her blade up. "If you're not an Imperial, then who have you committed your allegiance to?"

The man stood tall, and kept his shoulders straight as he answered. "I was sent here by Mon Mothma to find anyway that I could help to prove that the Empire could be defeated." Then his eyes went downcast. "I have yet to find anything that could help."

"So there really isn't much of a Rebellion, is there?" Luria asked, a little disappointed.

The man brightened a little. "Not really, but there are people with the resources and influence but some of them aren't convinced that it's possible to defeat the Empire. That's why I'm here."

"So the hanger bay shield being lower was you?" Luria asked. "So that means this ship can find cloaked ships."

"No, just me and one other, but I can't say anything about him." The man replied. "However, we need to leave now. His influence is weakening and I was nearly discovered. It's only a matter of time before I'm discovered and his influence is gone. I'm all that my daughter has."

Luria thought about the man's words and sense the truth. She knew what it was like to have only their loved one be the only thing she had. The blade retracted into the handle and she placed it back on her belt.

Luria looked back at the man, then introduced herself. "Luria Tryonel, and I hate to break it to you, but I'm not technically a Jedi Master. And neither is my friend."

The man nodded in understanding, but he didn't understand how Luria wasn't a Master. He would have to ask later. "Morrek Sunrider." He said with a nod, then indicated for Luria to follow him down the north corridor.

Two Stormtroopers dragged their prisoner to the Detention Area. After literally moving as slow as he could but not too slow, the troopers had to beat him until he could no longer walk, giving them a good enough reason to drag him.

They enjoyed beating him, wishing they could just kill him and get it over with. But they knew that if the Jedi was killed, Darth Vader wouldn't be pleased and they wouldn't be far behind. In secret, they knew that the Jedi wanted them to make a stupid mistake and try to kill him. It would give him a good reason to gloat that they couldn't kill him without getting killed themselves.

They dragged the Jedi into the cell they had for him. After they locked him in shackles to the wall, a few feet off the ground and turn to leave. The troopers were mostly out when the Jedi called out to them.

"So, I just hang out here for a while?"

His question went unanswered as the Stormtroopers left him all alone in his cell. With nothing else to do, he put himself into a trance and started waiting for the interrogation.

Lipsky felt real good about himself. He captured a Jedi and soon will start the interrogation. When he learns of the location and identity of the Rebels, then he would finally root out those working with the Rebels currently working within the ranks of the Imperials to learn what they can.

The list that Lipsky had wasn't long. And he was sure that the Admiral would have to be at the top of a short list.

As the Captain walked down the corridor with a squadron of troopers, he stopped at a door and waited for an Imperial officer in the adjoining room to press the buttons to release the doors, allowing Lipsky to the Detention Area.

Soon enough, the doors opened with a hiss and Lipsky walked through the U-Shaped hallway, and entered into the Detention Area. In the middle of the room, a platform rose above the with stairs leading up to some consoles. An Imperial in a brown uniform stood over the consoles, with his hands behind his back, looking over the video of the prisoner.

The only thing the prisoner did was glare at the video camera with an expression that sent shivers up the Imperial's spine. And that smug grin, it was really making him nervous, like the Jedi was watching him through the video recording and the screen. The prisoner almost seemed to enjoy tormenting the guard.

On both sides of the room was two sets of doors, right next to each other. In one of those rooms was the prisoner that Lipsky was going to interrogate, personally.

Lipsky approached the officer, which he turned to the Imperial on guard duty. "Lt. Saar, I'm here to interrogate the prisoner."

Lt. Saar nodded and turned to the controls. He was glad to not have to see that smug grin on the Jedi's face. After the door to the cell opened, Lipsky entered the room with several Troopers behind him. The prisoner was stung up where the Troopers left him, hanging and held in midair by an anti-gravity generater.

Jaric looked at the group as they entered. "What? No Interrogation droid?"

"I prefer to do things, what was the expression? The old fashion way." Lipsky replied as he stepped forward.

"Oh, joy." Jaric sarcastically said. "I am very lucky."

"So, where do we start?" Lipsky said, ignoring Jaric's sarcasm. "The beginning, perhaps?"

The Jedi nodded and took a breath before he spoke. "Ok, fine. I was born on Alderaan to some really good parents who gave me to the Jedi to..."

Lipsky cut him off with a punch to the stomach. He stepped back a few steps, with the look of irritation on his face. His prisoner had the wind knocked out of him and he breathed hard to try and regain the air that was forced out.

"I don't mean the beginning of your life." Lipsky snapped angry. "It's a pethtic life! I want to know all your secrets!"

"Well, I have a million credits hidden on Nar Shaadda, in a locker at a Spaceport. The key is in my ship hidden under the seat." He thought for a moment, then added, "I also engineered the downfall of..."

Lipsky punched him again. The lip of the prisoner became sullen. "I could keep this up all day, and it could stop when you tell me everything you know about the Rebels!"

"What Rebels?" He innocently, but weakly asked.

This was going to be a long interrogation.

The Admiral headed to the Detention Area to see the prisoner. He was informed as soon as he heard the prisoner was on board. Darth Vader had already been informed that the Jedi was in their custody and that they would be meeting up with Vader at Byss.

The Admiral entered the Detention Area and saw the door to a cell opened. Upon entering, he saw Lipsky standing in front of the prisoner. The Jedi looked bruised and beat up.

The Jedi slowly looked up at the Admiral. Lipsky turned and faced his superior, and was genuinely surprised.

"Admiral? What are you doing here?" Lipsky asked in surprise.

"Lord Vader asked me to conduct the interrogation, personally." The Admiral narrowed his eyes. "And I don't recall anyone telling you to be the one to do it." The Admiral looked up, and the Jedi could almost sense something in the Admiral that wasn't within any other Imperial, but he was unable to pinpoint what it was. "What have you learned? Has he said anything?"

"Many things but the only real serious thing he said was his name." Lipsky looked back at the Jedi. "John Sheppard."

The Admiral rose an eyebrow at the name. "According to the reports, his name is Somic Jappable." The Admiral said.

A very annoyed growl came from the prisoner. "For the last time, it's Jaric Stoppable. Stoppable." Jaric shouted, then started to struggle. "Can't you people get my name rig-AHH!" Jaric screamed as he convulsed in pain. The stun cuffs sent enough electricity through his body to knock him out.

Lipsky scowled. It would take time for Jaric to regain conscious. Time he could be using to interrogate him.

The Admiral retained his serious expression as he turned to leave. "Inform me the moment he regains conscious. I will finish the interrogation."

The door closed behind the Admiral, with the Captain retaining his composure but deep down hated taking orders from the Admiral and planned to expose him as a Rebel sympathizer, whither he was one or not.

Looking at his Jedi prisoner, Lipsky lead the Stormtrooper out of the cell. The door closed behind them with a hiss.

Morrek walked casually down the corridors to the Detention Area. He and Luria split up so they don't attract unwanted attention. But mostly because Luria suggest it not saying where she was going. Morrek didn't have the first idea as to what she was planning or where she was going. She just said that she would meet him at the Detention Area.

That was nearly two hours ago and there was still no sign of her.

Morrek began to worry that she was captured or possibly killed. Despite her skill with the force and a lightsaber, he knew that she couldn't hold her own for long. Not with several hundred Stormtroopers on board the ship.

Morrek continued down the corridor, passing the many faceless helmets of the Stormtrooper and several others going about their business like nothing was wrong. At least for a few minutes before the alarms blared throughout the sector of the ship.

There was confusion as Imperial officers started running through the corridors. Morrek stopped a passing Imperial.

"What's going on?" Morrek demanded.

The Imperial officer shook his head. "The computer detected a malfunction with the self-destruct. It's been activated."

Dread fell over Morrek's face. Whether or not this was Luria's doing was unknown. If it was, he hoped that it was just a distraction and she didn't really armed the self-destruct.

"How far are we from Byss?" Morrek demanded, trying to keep calm. "How much time until the self-destruct goes off?"

The Imperial shook his head in response. "I don't know. The hyperdrive has also been shut down, and the escape pods been sealed. We're not going anywhere."

Morrek released the Imperial and ran the rest of the way to the Detention Area. It was hectic all the way, but as he arrived the guard's limp form, who had operated the controls to the cell, laid on the ground. Luria stood over the guard as she operated the controls, opening the door.

"How did you get here so fast?" Morrek asked with astonishment.

"I set it with a timer." Luria replied without looking up.

"Did you really arm the self-destruct?" Morrek fearfully asked.

Luria looked up from her task and look back at the man before turning back without answering. That was all he needed to know that the self-destruct was activated. He wanted to ask, but kept his mouth shut, knowing that whatever she was doing, it must be all a part of a plan.

Luria's hands moved across the controls and she reached out with the force, searching for the correct cell that contained her longtime friend. Her hand moved over the controls and she pressed a button. A cell door opened with a hiss.

She didn't wait. Luria jumped over the controls and quickly entered the north-east cell as fast as her feet could move, with Morrek following behind.

Locked behind a forcefield and being held in the air by an anti-gravity generator, was Jaric. Luria moved over and pulled out her lightsaber. A purple colored energy blade appeared out of the handle with a pop and a hiss. It continued to hum as Luria cut off stuncuffs from Jaric's wrists and ankles. With nothing holding Jaric in the air, he plummeted to the ground, face first.

Luria dropped to her knees as she picked Jaric up off the ground and turned him over, holding him close to her. She started lightly slapping Jaric.

"Come on, Jaric." She pleaded. "Wake up."

Morrek waited out of the cell and kept watch, but looked over at both Jedi. Jaric remained unconscious, despite Luria's attempts.

Luria pulled back her hand and slapped Jaric hard. She succeeded and got a response from Jaric, which wasn't what she wasn't expecting.

"Hmm, five more minutes, mommy." Jaric said in his unconscious state.

Luria smiled with an amused expression, but it faded quickly. She needed him awake if they were to get off the ship alive. Luria let Jaric drop to the floor and took a few steps back. Gesturing with her hand, Luria concentrated on lifting Jaric off the ground with the force until he was a good ten feet off the ground, then she released him, dropping him on his face.

Jaric landed much harder than his first landing, and he bolted off the ground and stood on his feet.

"I'm awake, nothing to worried about!" Jaric quickly said, looking around while reaching for his lightsaber only to find it gone. "Where's my lightsaber?" Then he looked right at Luria. "Why are you here? I told you to get away."

"Since when have I ever listened to you?" Luria asked, with an eyebrow raising.

Jaric thought for a moment, then crossed his arms. "Touché." He said, then noticed the Imperial uniform on Morrek. "Whose you're friend?"

"Morrek Sunrider, Jaric Stoppable." Luria intruded both people. "Morrek was sent by Mon Mothma as a spy."

"And I think you'll be needing this." Morrek said, pulling out the cylinder shape of a lightsaber handle.

Jaric held out his hand and the lightsaber floated from Morrek's hand to Jaric's. "Thanks."

Jaric staggered to his feet with Luria helping him. Morrek thought he saw something, almost like there was something between them. The way that Luria looked at Jaric seemed that there was more than simple friendship.

"We need to get off the ship before we reach Byss." Morrek interrupted the moment and gestured for the Jedi to follow him.

"How so?" Jaric inquired with much curiosity.

"Vader is there and he's waiting for us." Luria causally replied. "That, and the Emperor has made it his second home. He spends a great deal of time there and it's better we don't go there."

"Oh. I agree, let's go." Jaric followed the others out of the cell.

Lipsky ran onto the bridge of the Beliskner. He was barely to the bridge before the alarms went off. He hurried to find out what was going on, but he already suspected that something was amiss, like a saboteur was on board. It wasn't long after they captured Jaric that something went wrong.

Arriving on the bridge, Lipsky headed over to the nearest console.

"What's going on?" Lipsky demanded with a loud voice, trying to be heard over the alarms.

The Imperial seemed to not have heard his superior until he received another 'error' from the computer as he attempted to override the self-destruct.

"Someone has activated the self-destruct, and shut down the hyperdrive." The Imperial continued to do everything he could to get control but everything he tried seemed to have been locked out, like whoever hacked into the system predicted everything that could have been used to regain control and used countermeasures to prevent anyone from regaining control.

The Imperial looked back at Lipsky with a solemn expression. "Sorry sir. We can't get control and even if we can, it would take a while."

"How long?"

"I don't know. Maybe more time than we have." The Imperial admitted. Lipsky glared at the Imperial with the expression that said, 'I don't care what it takes'.

"Get me control and shut down the self-destruct." Lipsky ordered, and the Imperial turned right back around and continued.

Lipsky took a few steps away, then stopped. It was the same feeling that he always had when something went wrong. He sensed that something was out of place on the ship, and he knew where it was.

Lipsky pulled a communicator from his pocket. "Lt. Saar, what's become of the prisoner."

There wasn't a response from the Imperial officer on guard duty.

"Lt. Saar, respond immediately." Lipsky ordered.

There still wasn't a response.

Lipsky lowered his arm with the comlink as he walked off the bridge. He knew where the Jedi headed and knew what to do. He didn't have enough time, if he planed to head off the Jedi.

He had a surprise in store for the both of them, that neither would see coming.

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