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Chapter 3 - New Hope

With the massive amount of confusion from Luria's 'distraction', the corridors were mostly abandoned. Those that remained were taken care of by Jaric and Luria with little effort.

Luria took down the Stormtroopers as efficiently as possible. She kept it cool, calm and collected.

Jaric, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying himself more then he should be. Like it was all a game to him.

Unfortunately, Luria's distraction also cause many of the vital turbolifts to be shutdown, forcing all three of them to take many alternative routes until they found themselves in a room filled with various devices and equipment sitting on many tables in the room. Several doors lead from the room but Jaric and Luria didn't have the first clue as to where they were or which door to use that would lead them out.

Luria and Jaric shared a shrugged and reached out with the force to find the right direction, but nothing came to them, almost like they were somehow cut off from the force. They kept trying but they didn't even get anywhere.

"That's weird." Jaric said, really confused.

"What?" Morrek asked.

"I don't really know why, but it seems as if we've been cut off from the force." Luria revealed.

"Perhaps I can explain that." Came a voice that Jaric recognized.

The form of a human entered from a corridor. He had black hair, clean and cut in an Imperial manner, and he was dressed in an Imperial uniform.

"If it isn't my old friend..." Jaric stopped, and thought for a moment. "What was your name again? I must have missed that part."

The Imperial just grinned, and looked around at the three people. "Lt. Sunrider, I figured that I would find you help these 'Jedi' disgracing the Emperor and his empire."

Morrek stomped forward. "Drew, he disgraced everyone and Democracy itself when he destroyed the Republic and form this abomination of a government." He seethed, anger boiling inside.

"Our Emperor destroyed a weak government and made one far grander then anyone could ever do." Lipsky replied, not caring that he wasn't addressed in a respectful manner. But he knew he would never be treated with any kind of respect from those that didn't side with the Emperor.

"And the innocent people who died would still be alive if it wasn't for him!" Morrek shouted above the alarms.

"They were merely the dross that had to be eliminated for the Empire to survive." Lipsky responded with callous in his tone.

"Enough chit chat, what's happening with our ability to use the force." Jaric demanded.

"It's actually a rather ingenious device I built." Lipsky said, but his tone said he was gloating. "Are you familiar with the creature known as the Ysalamiri?" Luria nodded and Jaric just shrugged in acknowledgment. Even Morrek knew of the creature and it's ability to keep Jedi from using the force, if they stood within 10 meters in diameter from just one. If there were more and the group was large, then the range could be increased to several miles. "Well, I spent many years of my life studying the creatures. Their ability to negate the Jedi's ability to use the Force. It took me many more years to actually built a device that would generate the same energy field. Even Lord Vader was impressed with my accomplishment and wanted more. Unfortunately, building the device isn't as easy as it might seem, and other devices didn't seem to work as well, but I managed to..."

"Just shut up." Jaric yelled at Lipsky, stopped him in what would have been near mid-sentence. He was getting annoyed and bored with Lipsky's rambling, he swore that he could either have been killed by Lipsky's rambling or have been put to sleep. "We don't care about your life story! Just keep things short and to the point, alright! You could put people to sleep with your rambling, or kill them."

Morrek and especially Luria had been taken off guard by Jaric's out burst. Neither of them expected that.

Lipsky stared for a while with a look of surprise on his face. He wasn't use to people insulting him like Jaric just did. Slowly, and surely, his surprised look slowly turned into anger and rage.

Jaric wasn't done with Lipsky. "Besides, the Ysalamiri did not actually negate the Force; since all existence are infused with Force energy this would not be possible. Rather, they projected a Force bubble inside which it is completely neutral and unable to exert any influence."

Luria was taken back by the knowledge Jaric had. He wasn't the one to actually take the time to learn anything educational, and Luria knew that. Apparently that wasn't the case with everything that was known out in the galaxy.

If there was one thing Lipsky hated more then anything it was when someone, least of all a Jedi, knew more then him, and had spoke to him with no respect.

Lipsky drew a blaster from his holster and pointed at the Jedi, who had already had their lightsabers in their hands. The Jedi moved to activate their lightsaber, but a blaster shot sounded off, and struck Lipsky's blaster causing Lipsky to drop it.

Morrek stepped forward with a blaster in his hand. Luria and Jaric stepped forward, but Morrek held them at bay. "He's mine!" then directed his attention toward Lipsky, and with malice in his eyes, he said, "I have something else for what you did to my wife." Then without warning, he threw a punch at the Captain. Lipsky barely had time to pull back, but not far enough away. Morrek's fist made contact and sent the Imperial staggering back.

Morrek wasn't done there. He picked up a broken piece of equipment off of the table and swung it. Lipsky attempted to dodge, but Morrek was faster and he struck Lipsky's face, swinging downward. A jagged point of the equipment made a deep cut below the Imperial's eye.

After one more swing, Lipsky was down on the ground and unconscious. Morrek didn't stop. He wanted to kill him in a slow and very painful death.

Jaric and Luria had already moved to Morrek's side and restrained him from doing anything else.

"Let me go!" Morrek demanded as he struggled in vain.

"What's gotten into you?" Luria demanded as she held him from killing the Imperial.

"I know you hate him. It's understandable." Jaric said. "I hate him as well, but that doesn't mean I want to kill him."

"It's more than that." Morrek replied, after calming down a little bit. "He killed my wife in cold blood for no reason."

Jaric thought about it for a moment, the released Morrek. "Well, if he killed your wife, then by all means."

"Jaric!" Luria said, reprovingly, then spoke sympathetic to Morrek. "I know it can be hard when you lose a loved one, but killing him will not help neither will it bring your wife back. And if you kill him the way he is, then you would be no better then him."

Morrek looked down at the unconscious form of the Imperial. His hatred for the man was strong indeed, but Luria was right. If he did kill him in the state that he was, then he wouldn't be better then Lipsky. Morrek believed that killing Lipsky would make him feel better, but he knew that he wouldn't forgive himself. And neither would his wife.

Morrek threw the equipment aside and it clattered as it landed. With a deep and sorrowful sigh, he spoke. "Y-You're right. My lust for revenge took over reason."

"It happens to the best of us." Luria replied with a kind smile.

"Like me, but I turned out alright." Jaric said. "Now let's scram."

Neither of the three made it to the corridor before a blaster shot barely missed them. They turned around and saw Lipsky with a blaster pistol in his hand, desperately trying to kill them.

"You have got to be kidding me?!" Jaric complained. "How can you not be out?"

Lipsky had Morrek in his sights and placed his finger on the trigger. Before he pulled the trigger, a ring of blue energy struck him and he became highlighted in a blue color. His head slumped to the ground, along with his hand. His grip on the blaster was loosen.

"Who did that?" Jaric asked to no one in particular.

He got his answer as the Imperial Admiral entered the room on the far side. His short brown hair was cut in the same manner of an Imperial officer.

Jaric glared at him and said, "What are you want? Here to kill us? Well that's not going to happen."

"I have no intentions of harming you, Master Jedi." The Admiral responded.

"We're not dying with a fight." Jaric snapped. It only took a moment for his mind to register what the Admiral had saw. He was surprised. "Wait, wait, wait. What did you just call me?"

"We're not masters, but we have had training." Luria informed the Admiral. "We were but Younglings when the Purge began."

Jaric leaned over to Luria and whispered, "Did you really have to tell him that?"

"Yeah because he is a Rebel sympathizer." Luria revealed.

"Oh, right." Jaric said with sarcasm then straighten himself. "How do we know that you are a Rebel sympathizer?"

"You only have my word, and this." The Admiral tossed the blaster to the side.

"I guess that'll help a little." Jaric admitted. "You have a name, Admiral?"

The man retained his serious expression with a serious uptight and stern tone as he spoke. "Steve Barkin." He replied, then looked at Luria. "And I know who you are, Luria Tryonel."

Jaric was fuming as he was pacing back and forth. "Oh, sure. You people get her name right."

"Jaric! Now is not the time." Luria warned, throwing a glare at Jaric.

"Luria is correct." Morrek said, gesturing to for everyone to follow him. "We need to get moving."

"Fine." Jaric mumbled as he followed, not happy that his name is never remember or correctly remembered.

The door to the hanger bay opened with a hiss and Luria led Jaric into the vast room. Morrek and Barkin went another way to another hanger bay to get a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle to escape with.

They had a set coordinates which to met later before heading off to where the Rebellion were stationed. Neither of them had received any information for weeks on the state of the Rebellion and began to worry that something might have gone wrong.

Neither Jaric or Luria knew what the former Imperials had in mind but they suspected that it had to do with something that might help the Rebellion.

Jaric opened the cockpit of the Interceptor and climbed into the pilot's seat with Luria getting in the co-pilot's seat. Jaric started flipped switches. "Please keep your seat in it's upright and lock position."

Luria smirked as Jaric brought the ship up and flew out the hanger bay and way from the Star Destroyer.

Jaric looked over the navicomputer and input the coordinates to make the jump to hyperspace.

"Do you have any idea where we're going?" Luria asked.

Jaric activated the hyperdrive generator. "No, not really." Stars filled the view screen as the Interceptor jumped into hyperspace.

The bridge of the Star Destroyer Beliskner was chaotic. The Imperials lost any capability of restarting the hyperdrive and escape pods were disabled. It seemed like the end was near.

The timer started to click down to the last few minutes before everyone were convinced that they needed to abandon ship with the shuttles. Most wouldn't make it in time but some of them that those to remained on the bridge were determined to stay and get the self-destruct deactivated.

"Status report!" The Highest Ranking Gray Uniformed Imperial ordered.

One of the others Imperials desperately trying to regain controls didn't have a response his superior wanted. "We've tried everything, sir, and nothing is working."

The Imperial lowered his head. They have tried everything and failed. If they stayed, then they will all parish. He had no choice. It was time to leave.

"Abandon ship." He ordered. "Get to the shuttles."

"We're not going to make it, sir." A Lieutenant called over. "We've got ten seconds left."

The Imperial looked over as the terminal and saw as the timer clocked down from the remaining ten seconds. He lowered his head and closed his eyes. Waiting for the end to come as the timer clocked down to zero.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Jaric asked Luria, deeply confused. They weren't traveling through hyperspace before Jaric learned of Luria's plan to rescue him. "You didn't actually arm the self-destruct?! You just set the timer!"

"I'm not a murderer, Jaric." Luria simply said. "I just needed a good distraction."

"Well that was a good distraction, Luria." Jaric complimented with a grin. "I need to remember not to get on your bad side."

Luria had to agree but she was too tired to do anything. She was a little worn out. She was up for two days straight. She snuggled closer to Jaric and rested her head on his shoulder. Jaric slightly glanced and looked at her. He couldn't help but give a slight and happy smile. Never in his life he would have expected something like this, and especially with his only friend since the dreadful day that the Jedi Temple was attacked by Anakin Skywalker.

It felt like an eternity since he closed his eyes. Shouldn't there have been an explosion? He had wondered. And if so, what happened? Did someone stop the self-destruct? Or was he really dead.

The Imperial opened his eyes and looked around. He was still on the bridge Star Destroyer. Nothing seemed out of the ordinally.

"What happened?" The High Ranked Imperial inquired.

A brown uniformed Imperial gestured to the screen of every terminal. His superior looked over his shoulder. A was displayed on the screen.

'The only difference between the Jedi and you, is that you would've let the self-destruct go off and killed everyone in cold blood. Even the innocent for no reason. Let this be a lesson, and a warning to you.'

Moments went by before the message vanished.

"Status report!" The High Ranked Imperial ordered. He wanted to know if they might have gotten a system back.

"Controls have been restored." Came a reply. "Shall we resume course, sir?"

The Imperial turned his dark black eyes at the Imperial. "No! Find those rebels! Find those Jedi!"

The outburst frightened everyone on the bridge but it was the tone that caused more panic. It was like someone worse than Darth Vader had given the order. They scrambled around the bridge.

Only one managed a calm, yet worried reply. "I-I'm sorry, sir, but we can't track them. They've already jumped to hyperspace."

As the Imperial thought about it, the more he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Never has anyone ever escaped from a ship he served on, or tricked him the way those Jedi have. He was a highly decorated officer in the Empire, and failure wasn't an option. Anger boiled inside and one thought went through his mind.

'I swear I'll find those Jedi, and I will make them suffer for their impudence.'

The Imperial turned to walk off the bridge, after giving one last order. "Search the security logs, I want to know who the Jedi are, and everything about them."

A Lambda-class shuttle dropped out of hyperspace and flew toward the shipyard museum of the planet of Churba. The two occupants had plans and knew of a way to help the Rebel Alliance. It wasn't expected that the Rebels had much to use in their war with the Empire, so they would provide a ship. The problem would be actually getting the ship.

There were many ships to chose from. An Interdictor-class cruiser remained still, completely out dated for the last thousand years. There were even some Assault Ships, Battle Cruisers, and even some Support Ships that were decommissioned due to being obsolete.

The shuttle soared through the museum shipyard, looking for a suitable ship. All the ships that any of the two saw were far to outdated, having been around for the better part of several hundred years to a thousand.

Morrek had done a preliminary scan of the system for any ships that might have be useful. The scans came back with mixed results, which didn't help with the search.

He wouldn't consider himself a military man but he knew that Barkin had been apart of the Imperial Military for a little more then a decade. If anyone could find a good enough ship, it was Steve Barkin.

The search lasted close to thirty minutes before a beeping came from the console. Someone was contacting them.

Morrek looked over at Barkin, wondering who it could be or what they would do if it was someone from the Empire.

"You going to answer that, or should I?" Morrek asked after the beeping sounded for the sixth time.

Barkin turned an eye to the comm switch. He was contemplating on whether or not he should answer it. It continued to sound through the ship.

"If it's an Imperial, then we better answer it." Morrek said. "Otherwise they might become suspicious."

If it was another Imperial, they'd better answer the one contacting them or they'd have a squadron of Tie Fighters on their tail. If it wasn't, then who knows what the person might do.

Reluctantly, Barkin answered the communications. "This is Admiral Steven Barkin. Who might I..."

"I don't mean to seen impatient, but what's taking you so long in finding a ship?" Demanded the annoyed voice Jaric Stoppable. "Vader is aware of your treachery and we have a Star Destroyer on it's way here."

"How do they know where we are?" Morrek looked to Barkin.

"It could have to do that Vader is powerful with the force and it wouldn't be hard to find you?" Luria suggested.

"It could also have to do with the tracking device on the shuttle you stole before fleeing the Star Destroyer?" Jaric said offhand.

"How could you even know about that?" Barkin asked in astonishment.

"Never mind." Luria said.

"Besides, I think I know of a ship to take." Jaric said.

The Interceptor shot out from behind a drifting Old Republic Attack Cruiser and it continued through the museum shipyard with the Imperial shuttle right behind them.

Both ships flew past several dozen ships until a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser came into view. Jaric whistled at the sight. The ship appeared in far better condition than the rest of the other ships.

Jaric knew that it was the one. The other ships couldn't be used, due to either extreme age or being too damaged beyond repair.

"That's the one." Jaric pointed through the view screen.

Luria looked up and took a look at the ship. The ship seemed damaged and wasn't too appealing. It was obsolete by galactic standards.

"You sure about this ship?" She asked.

"Since when have I ever been wrong?" Jaric asked with a grin.

Luria gave him a skeptical look. "You really want an answer to that?"

"Oh, right." Jaric said, remembering what happen the last time he was wrong. They were on Utapau and Luria was nearly killed by Boba Fett, and Jaric was captured. Fortunately Luria managed to rescue Jaric before the bounty hunter could deliver him to Emperor Palpatine.

Both ships flew low and into the hanger bay of the Dreadnaught. Fortunately for them the ship was void of life. Luria and Jaric disembarked, followed by Barkin, Morrek and a small contingent of Imperial defectors emerged from the shuttle.

Luria looked around the small group. "I assume that everyone here wants the Empire to fall."

They all nodded, with several people saying, "Yes". They all had tragic stories about why they hated the Empire. Some worse than others.

Luria sensed the pain the Emperor inflected upon them by his deeds alone. They departed the hanger bay and made their way to the bridge.

It didn't take them long before they entered the bridge and looked around. Like their scans told them, it was empty. Dust settled on the consoles and hung in the air but the dust was moved away with the force.

Morrek approached the controls of the ship and sat in the seat, with Jaric right behind him. Everyone else took up positions around the bridge.

"You know how to pilot a ship like this?" Jaric asked.

"We'll see." Morrek responded.

"I don't like the sound of that." Luria said from her station with the sensors. She looked over and saw something that concerned her. "Hey, guys! We've got company."

"Great." Barkin muttered under his breath then shouted a command. "Sunrider, get this ship moving."

"Yes, sir." Morrek responded. His hands moved to the control and he piloted the ship away from the museum shipyard.

The Star Destroyer followed in hot pursuit, firing on the Dreadnaught. Some shots missed while others made a direct hit. Jaric and Luria took weapons control to stall until the jump to hyperspace was made.

"Firing missiles." Jaric announced as he pressed a button. He was expecting nearly a dozen missiles but only three emerged. Needless to say Jaric was disappointed.

One of the three hit the forward section causing minor damage. Another struck the tower of the ship. For the explosion that was caused, Jaric had to surmised that he hit a vital system. The last missile shot past the Star Destroyer, then jerked back and crippled the engines.

Luria and Barkin had witnessed the damage that Jaric manage to cause to the Star Destroyer. They were in awe at the damage Jaric did. Especially because the missiles weren't that powerful.

"Mr. Dumb luck." Luria commented, giving Jaric an amazed look.

"Not dumb luck, Luria." Jaric replied with a smile of his own. "Dumb skill."

"I've set the coordinates in the navicomputer." Morrek announced. "Let's go."

With the coordinates set and entered, the Dreadnaught jumped forward into hyperspace.

Several people stood around a table, discussing recent events of the last few weeks, and looking through a database of planets and moons where they could hide. The Emperor knew who they were but thanks to a man and Sith-turned-Jedi named Galen Marek, they escaped at the cost of Galen's life.

Galen's death inspired them to finish what he began: a full scale revolution against the Empire. His death gave them hope. Hope that the Empire can truly be defeated. Only with that hope and Galen's help, did they all untie to fight against the Empire and restore the Republic to it's former glory.

They couldn't stay in one place for long and left the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk where they had formed the Rebellion. They weren't sure where the Empire would strike next. He knew who they were and saw their face. They weren't safe anywhere, and they had to find a suitable place to built a base.

Their other three companions, the Jedi Kota, Juno Eclipse and the droid PROXY had gone out to search for any resources to help with the Rebel Alliance and anyone willing to fight the Empire to restore peace.

One of the people, a woman, continued with her search through the database, trying to find the right planet or moon out of the way, where the Emperor wouldn't find them.

She was an average woman with auburn hair, dressed in a white robe with a strip of cloth swooped down in front of her robe with a pendant that hung around her neck.

She must have gone through several dozen possible locations to built a base and hide, without getting anyone to agree on any planet or moon, before a woman entered the room disrupting the talks.

"Excuse me, Mon Mothma."

Mon Mothma looked up at the woman. She was dressed in a white dress that went down to her ankles with long brown hair that went down her back.

"Yes, Leia?" Mon Mothma asked. "What is it?"

"We're being contacted by Morrek." She replied. "It seems that he found some help."

"Did he mention what help he found?" Another man, his skin tan and black hair cut short. His name was Bail Organa, adoptive father of Leia and he was dressed in Senatorially robes.

"Someone whose suffered much by the Empire, and two Jedi." Leia answered.

The last words caused some curiosity, excitement and concern. They had lost one of the biggest allies with the greatest force potential, and they now gain two Jedi. The timing seemed almost too coincidental, like the Emperor had sent the two to finish off the Rebellion.

Another man stood to state his opinion. He was Garm Bel Iblis, and he was the Senator and a skilled military leader from the Corellian Sector. "How can we be so sure that these Jedi can be trusted?"

"I agree. It seems almost too good to be true." Bail replied. "Two Jedi come to help us, only after the Emperor knows of who we are."

Mon Mothma nodded, thinking about the news they had received, before speaking. "I agree that the timing is too close. However, there are still Jedi hiding throughout the galaxy."

"Like Master Kenobi and Master Yoda?" Bail suggested.

"We haven't seen or heard from them in nearly twenty years." Garm Bel Iblis said.

"Are you suggesting that the Emperor found and killed them?" Leia questioned the man.

The glare that Leia was giving him make the Senator felt afraid, like a pray being chased down by a krayt dragon.

"Master Yoda hid on a planet where his presence would be hidden by a powerful dark side aura." Bail explained. "And Master Kenobi hid himself where Vader wouldn't think to look, and where the Emperor doesn't have any influence. They wouldn't let themselves be made know to anyone that would alert the Empire to their presence."

"We still haven't heard from either of them for many years." Garm Bel Iblis said. "No telling what's become of them."

"And we can't exactly go search them out now." Mon Mothma retorted. "With the Empire hunting us down, we could lead the Emperor to them."

"Maybe these Jedi could help us in that regard." Leia suggested.

"I agree." Bail said. "I think we should meet with them."

Mon Mothma and Leia also agreed to meet with the two Jedi. Garm, however, was skeptical. He was a military man, and that meant that almost everything could be a trap to get them all killed.

Garm had no choice but to concede defeat. Almost everyone on the ship was against him when he thought that bringing the Jedi to them could lead to their death. Not when they finally got a Rebellion together to fight the Empire.

Garm didn't voice his opinion but reluctantly agreed to meet with the Jedi but at a planet of his choice, and only after they arrived to check things out.

Everyone agreed, and Leia went off to send the transmission before the meeting.

When they received the transmission, Jaric just rolled his eyes. How much more paranoid could they be? Luria tried to justified their reasons by reminding him about the rest of the message, and how the Emperor tried to kill them, not too long ago.

Jaric wasn't comforted by that at all but kept it to himself.

Morrek waited the proper amount of time the transmission requested before he set in the coordinates the Alliance set them and jumped to the rendezvous point.

No one was sure what would actually happen when they arrived. One thing came to mind was that they might assume it was a trap, and neither of them would blame the Alliance Leaders. They stole a ship from the Imperials. Granted, the ship was obsolete, it should've been dismantled years ago, it doesn't actually look like a threat but a it was a ship nonetheless.

Jaric leaned back in a nearby seat and made sure he was ready to open fire, in case anything went wrong, which happened a lot to him. Oddly enough Luria didn't have much happen to her, like everything did for him.

Silence filled the bridge of the ship. No one spoke to each other. They just stayed right where they were, prepared in the event they were attacked.

The silence was broken when a beeping came from the console, which Morrek looked over to it. "We're coming out of hyperspace." he announced.

The Dreadnought left hyperspace and floated in space. Barkin stood from the captain's seat, and took a few striving steps forward, then stopped.

Luria looked over sensors, and took a look at what the sensors detected in the surrounding space. "We've got several dozen small ships." Luria looked up with a glimmering smile. "It's the Alliance."

Jaric let out an exhale of annoyance. "It's about time! " he mumbled, then spoke loud enough to be heard. "What next?"

"Open a channel." Barkin ordered, which Morrek followed. He nodded to Barkin that the communications channel are opened. "This is Steve Barkin. Please respond."

They waited for several tense moments, before they got a response. "This is Leia Organa of the Alliance to restore the Republic. Please state your reason for being here."

To the occupants of the ship, it was obvious that the Alliance were distrustful, and wanted reassurance that they meant them no harm.

Luria wanted to chose the next words carefully but didn't get a chance to speak before Jaric got to his feet.

"This is Jaric Stoppable of," he paused. They didn't really think much about the ship before or after they stole it. They didn't even have a name. He stole a quick glance to Luria, hoping for something. Then something appropriate came to his mind. "The New Hope." he said. He didn't have any objections from the little crew they had onboard. Even Luria though the name suited the ship, like a symbol for the Alliance. "We're requesting to join the Alliance in the fight against the Empire, and we've brought a gift for the Alliance. Please respond."

They waited for a response from the Alliance. Obviously they were debating on the offer that had been presented by Jaric.

The comm system sounded with another voice but the voice sounded from another woman. "This is Mon Mothma of the Alliance to restore the Republic, and we accept you offer. We wish to board."

"By all means." Jaric replied. "We'll be happy to receive you."

It took a while before the Rebel Alliance had landed their ships on board the New Hope. The three leading members of the Rebellion walked onto the bridge and took in the view of the small crew.

Even though the crew were former Imperial officers, they had changed their wardrobe. They now wore tan colored pants, with a black sleeveless vest wore opened over a blue shirt. A white helmet was strapped on their heads.

Four of the crew member weren't dressed like the others. Two of them still worn their Imperial uniforms, but there were rips where medals had hung from their uniforms. The last two were dressed in Jedi wardrobes.

The one Mon Mothma knew as Jaric stood out in his white wardrobe with a brown robe, while the woman next to him, wore a purple and light blue robes.

"You must be Jaric." Bail stepped forward, extending a hand. "You made quite a reputation throughout the galaxy."

"Yes, well." Jaric shook Bail's hand, thinking of something appropriate to say. "Having people remember my name was the hard part. As was locating you guys."

"How long have you two have been searching?" Gram inquired with a hint of suspicion.

Luria sense the suspicion and grew a little annoyed.

Jaric sense it too but wasn't fazed in the slightest. "Nearly twenty years, since we escaped from the Jedi Temple."

"If you escaped from the Jedi Temple, then that must mean..." Bail said with shock in his tone.

"Younglings?" Jaric finished for Bail. "But we had our training to help us."

"Which was how we manage to survive." Luria added.

"And where did you get this ship?" Garm asked, looking around the room of the obsolete ship.

"We, sort of, stole it from the Empire." Morrek admitted.

"We weren't sure how well suited the Rebellion was with ships," Jaric said. "So we figured that you'd be in need of a good ship."

"And this is the best we could get." Barkin said, then saluted the three leading members of the Rebellion.

Mon Mothma looked at him for a moment, then recognized him. "I know you. Steve Barkin, of Ghorman. Your entire family was killed because of Tarkin. The Ghorman Massacre, if I recall correctly."

"And that murderer was promoted to Admiral because of his crimes." Barkin seethed with the utmost hatred in his tone.

Jaric stepped forward. "You know, I really hate to interrupt this, but either of you four wouldn't happen to know where a Jedi Master might be found?"

"Why do you ask?" Leia inquired.

"I think it's simple." Jaric responded. "We need to finish our training."

Luria nodded in response. "We've increased our training as far as we could but we've been stalled in our training."

"We just don't have the expertise to continue our training as a Master would." Jaric added.

"I think we would know the location of two." The Former Alderaan Senator said.

"But we haven't heard from them in many years." Garm informed the Jedi.

"And you think they're dead?" Luria asked.

The glare that Luria was giving him concerned him. It was the same one Leia had given him when she suggested the same thing but said it in a different way.

"I'm merely saying that we haven't heard from them in years." Garm replied. "I never said they were dead."

"Man has a point." Jaric said, then looked over to Garm. "But it does sound like your implying that they've been killed."

Garm didn't have a response for that. He didn't want to admit they were right but it didn't matter.

Bail and Mon Mothma had already gave the two Jedi the coordinates to the planets where Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda went into isolation after the end of the Clone Wars.

Jaric and Luria were ready to depart from the ship but Jaric stopped and turned to address everyone.

"By the way, where would we be able to find you when we're done?" Jaric asked. "You've never said where you had a base establish?"

"We...haven't established a base anywhere." Leia admitted.

"We haven't decided on a suitable place." Bail said.

"Hmm." Jaric said, then reached for his utility belt and pulled out a small cube-shaped device. He tossed it to Gram, which he stumbled and nearly dropped it. "On that is the names of several planets and moons Luria and I had to hide for a while when things got a little too hot. Some of those places, the Emperor wouldn't think to look for anyone. I'm sure you'll find something suitable."

"Thank you." Leia said with a smile that showed her thanks.

"We'll transmit our communicator frequency to your ships before we jump to hyperspace." Morrek said. "At least then you could find us when you're ready."

"Thanks." Luria said with a smile.

Jaric nodded and walked toward the door to leave the bridge but stopped when he realized that Luria wasn't right behind him. He turned around and saw her speaking with Morrek.

'I wonder what they're taking about?' Jaric wondered.

Morrek nodded and Luria smiled and walked away. When she reached Jaric, she said, "Are you ready?"

"Yeah." Jaric said, then pointed at Morrek. "May I ask what you were talking about?"

"I just asked if he could watch someone for me." Luria answered as they walked off the bridge and to the hanger bay.

"Who?" Jaric asked.

"Just someone that means a lot to me." Luria replied, then gave a caring smile to Jaric. "Just as much as you mean to me."

'Could you be any more cryptic?' Jaric thought but didn't press the matter farther. He sensed that Luria was concerned about the subject more than she was willing to admit.

They soon arrived at the hanger bay. They looked around at the various ships that sat in the bay. The Alliance had agreed to allow them the use of a ship so they could split up.

Luria had agreed to go to Dagobah to meet with Yoda while Jaric would go to Tatooine and see Obi-Wan. The agreement came mainly because Jaric couldn't handle a swamp and the various creatures that inhabited the world and Luria wanted to go for the challenge.

Luria took the Interceptor while Jaric took a common Z-95 Headhunter.

After leaving the hanger bay, the Jedi gave the signal that they were clear from the New Hope. Moments later, the Rebel Alliance had taken the ship into hyperspace but not until after they transmitted the communicator frequency to contact them when they were finished training.

It wasn't long before Jaric had jumped to hyperspace and to the desert planet of Tatooine.

Before Luria entered hyperspace, she knew that she would never see her most prized possession for a while. She looked up at the holopicture she placed on the dash in front of her. A holopicture of a small blond hair boy, with chocolate brown eyes.

She could never explain his birth. She carried him, she gave birth, she raised him as long as she was able before she entrusted him into the care of a close friend. She didn't understand what happened. Like her son was born by the will of the force.

'Don't worry, Ron. I won't be gone long.'

Luria was about to enter hyperspace, but stopped. She felt like someone had reached out and said something. She didn't catch what was said, and concentrated to bring what was said to her mind.

She smiled when she realized that it was her son calling out to her. She didn't need a test to figure out if he had the potential to use the force but to what extent, she didn't know. She would have to figure that out when she returned. And with her son in the care of Morrek, she didn't have to worry.

Setting the coordinates for Dagobah, the ship shot forth into hyperspace.

Jaric walked through the desert of Tatooine and made his way toward the Dune Sea. He kept kicking himself for not taking a speeder when he had the chance and now he paying for his mistake.

From what he found out, a strange old man lived beyond the Dune Sea, and have been living there since the end of the Clone Wars. The people didn't think much of it. But Jaric didn't have to think hard of where the old Jedi Master could have hidden himself.

The suns were starting to set and Jaric started complaining when a sand storm started to kick up.

"Oh, great!" Jaric mumbled, holding his sleeve to block the sand from hitting his face or going into his mouth. "Another sandstorm!" Then Jaric looked up to the sky and shouted, "Can't I just catch a break?!"

Through the sandstorm, Jaric heard the unmistakable sound of a speeder. Jaric looked around and saw where it was coming straight for him. Jaric managed to jump out of the way before it hit him.

The occupant was a young man with short blond hair and dressed completely in white clothes. He jumped out of the speeder and ran to help Jaric off the desert floor.

"I'm sorry about that." The young man said as he helped Jaric to his feet. "Sandstorms are very dangerous around here."

Jaric staggered to his feet and found his balance before he started to shake the sand from his clothes. He made sure not to bring anything that would identify himself as a Jedi but kept his Lightsaber hidden.

"That's all right." Jaric replied. "I've been through much worse."

"What are you doing wandering out in the desert?" The young man asked.

"Me? Well, I'm looking for a man." Jaric replied, then stopped. With Obi-Wan in hiding, he wouldn't go about using his name. "And I've heard about a strange old man out beyond the Dune Sea. I'm just wondering if it's him."

"The only old man I know, is old Ben Kenobi." The young man replied. "Is that who you're looking for?"

"Yeah, I'd say so."

"Why are you looking for him?"

"Well," Jaric started. "It's a complicated matter."

"Well, I could give you a lift there." The young man offered.

"Great. Thanks." Jaric said as he hoped into the speeder, behind his new friend. "We haven't been introduced. Names Jaric Stoppable."

"Well, Jaric." The young man said with a friendly smile. "I'm Luke Skywalker."

'Skywalker?' Jaric thought to himself. 'Did Anakin have a son?'

"Well," Jaric spoke aloud. "It's nice to meet you."

Luke reactivated the speeder, initiated the thrusters, and piloted the speeder in the direction of the Dune Sea.

To the homestead of an old and power Jedi Master.

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