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Chapter 4 - Vital Information

2 Years Later

Since rejoining the Rebel Alliance after their training, Jaric and Luria went on numerous missions to aid in the war against the Empire. It was exciting for Luria with the missions she went through, such as raiding an Imperial outpost or even assaulting a shipyard, trying to destroy as much of the Empire's ships as possible.

Jaric on the other hand managed to get into the most boring missions, which involved protecting someone who was never even assaulted in anyway. He didn't want them attacked but he wanted SOME excitement. And there was never really any form of missions with a battle, like the one he was currently on. And that was sitting in a YT-2400 freighter, waiting for someone to show and transmit intelligence about the Empire. Information the Alliance needed in their struggle.

Everyone was busy and Luria had reasons that made it difficult for her to go on most missions, so that left Jaric with no one to talk to but himself, an R2 unit and a very annoying golden plated protocol droid, whom he considered shutting down after the first few minutes before making the jump to hyperspace and heading to the hyperspace route that connected to Hoth.

The droids were chosen as they were deemed to be the best, which Jaric didn't think much before the mission. Now he was kicking himself over the choice to bring the protocol droid. He thought the Imperial scientist, Lipsky, loved to talk until he met C-3PO.

"And I never understand why Captain Antilles was so eager and quick to volunteer me for this mission." The protocol droid whined. "I'm sure my talents could be more useful elsewhere."

"I couldn't agree more." Jaric barely said above any audible sound. The Jedi was very thankful the droid's hearing wasn't high enough to catch even the lowest sound.

"I can see why R2-D2 is here." C-3PO continued his hours long rant that almost seem like his whining was getting worse. "But this is just a routine mission to pass information to the Alliance. I am not needed here."

"Now, that we can agree on." Jaric angrily thought. He was going to have a long talk with Captain Antilles when he got back. Very long.

R2 rolled to the cockpit of the freighter. "Beep Doop," R2 chimed.

C-3PO turned and then spoke directly to the droid.

"Be quiet, R2." 3PO said in a stern tone. "Can't you see that you are bothering Master Stoppable?"

Jedi were trained to be very patient and nothing could break them, no matter how hard anyone tired. Apparently no Jedi had ever thought anyone like C-3PO could ever exist. It took every ounce of willpower to not take his lightsaber to the droid. He had plenty of excuses to explain any incident that involved the golden droid laying in pieces but Jaric resisted the urge. Instead he turned to R2.

"What do you have, R2?"

"Beep Deep Dooop!" R2 chirped, which 3PO interpreted.

"He says a ship dropped out of hyperspace, and begin transmitting a signal."

"About time," Jaric griped as he gripped the controls and piloted the ship. "We've been waiting for hours. Why do these contacts always have to be late?"

Jaric weave through the asteroid field, flying to avoid being smashed into the rocks until he emerged, flying in the direction of the ship but stopped short of entering weapons range. Jaric didn't want to take any chances in case anything went wrong.

Flipping switches, Jaric transmitted his signal. "Let's get this delivery over with."

Jaric waited for the information to be transmitted, so he could head back to the Alliance and to Luria. Before returning to the Alliance after their training, they secretly married. Then Luria laid the biggest surprise on him. During the year she had disappeared five years ago, she had a son that she left in the care of someone she could trust, and since left in the care of Morrek Sunrider.

Jaric was pulled out of thought when he heard a beeping coming from his console. He flipped a switch to see what was up but was jolted from his seat.

"What's going on?" Jaric got back to his seat and checked the scanners before looking out the cockpit window. "Oh, great, this can't be good."

"What's going on?" 3PO sounded alarmed but got his answer very quickly.

Circling back around to attack the freighter again was a squadron of Tie fighters, and close by was a Star Destroyer. The ship Jaric came to meet was now scrap metal in space.

A small part of the information Jaric came to get was in his computer systems but the rest was lost.

"Well some is better than nothing." Jaric turned the ship around to preform a strategic retreat, as he would call it. His ship wasn't meant to be in combat.

Despite his best flying, the freighter was getting pounded. What concerned Jaric wasn't his death. It was the reason why the Star Destroyer wasn't firing on him and why the Tie Fighters didn't seem to try to destroy his ship.

"We're finished." 3PO was frightened by the turn of events of the mission. "They'll destroy us."

"If so," Jaric kept his attention on his flying but he wanted to reach back and shut off the droid. "Then why isn't the Star Destroyer firing on us? How come the Tie Fighters don't blast us into space dust?"

"But the odds that we would..." 3PO begin but never finished.

"Never tell a Corellian the odds." Jaric shouted at the droid. "No matter what!"

The ship shook from another barrage from the Tie Fighters, which alerted the systems of power failure. The console started to flash and with continuous beeping.

"Sir, if the ship is hit one more time, then we lose our shields."

Jaric quickly thought for a second, trying to come up with a way. The asteroid field wasn't close and he wouldn't make it. What little information he had, he could still get to the Rebellion but not if the Imperials destroyed his ship.

Then the ship was hit again, and his shields failed, along with his engines. "Great, there goes everything."

Jaric looked up through the viewport and watched the Star Destroyer descend upon his ship. His suspicion was confirmed.

They intended to capture him

"I should really be careful for what I wish for." Jaric mused, flipping every switch on his console, desperately trying to get his engines online.

Nothing, he was dead in the water. If the Imperials got that information, it would be destroyed and Jaric was not about to let that happen.

"R2, get over to the terminal!" Jaric ordered. "You know what to do."

The astromech droid rolled to the terminal, and plugged in. As the droid started his work, 3PO took this as his opportunity to object to Jaric's idea.

"But, sir," The droid said with alarm. "The Imperials will just check R2 and wipe his memory."

"Just don't worry about it." Jaric replied. "I got everything under control. Mostly."

Jaric grinned as the golden droid went into a frenzy about how they were going to die and there is nothing they could do to get out of the situation alive. R2 turned his dome of a head to Jaric and pulled away from the terminal.

"Good job, R2." Jaric said as he flipped some switches and pressed a few buttons. Something filled the air that he recognized. "Oh, gre..." he stopped and started to cough from the gas in the air. "R2.. 3PO..." He struggled to breathe as the gas slowly filled the entire ship and seeped into his lungs. "You know... what... to..." Jaric slowly lost conscious and dropped to the floor.

"Jedi," spoke a deep sinister tone. "Time to wake up."

There wasn't so much as a movement for the Jedi, as the gas had worn off but he was still a little weak and out of it.

"Get up!" The Imperial ordered as he kicked Jaric into consciousness.

He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, and attempted to focus on his captor. He was a tall man with deep black and short cut hair, and medium build body.

"Oh, great." Jaric moaned, struggling to move but found he was once again, bound and unable to move or use the force to escape. It felt like that same device he and Luria encountered several years ago. "What do you..."

The Imperial kicked him in the stomach much harder than before. "I ask the questions here. Not you."

Jaric groaned from the pain but attempted to use his some force techniques to lessen the pain. "Who would've figured?"

The Imperial's expression didn't flicker as he turned to the large group of Stormtroopers. Despite his lack of vocal communication, the Troopers knew his orders and kept their blasters pointed at the Jedi.

He turned back and stepped toward the Jedi but he didn't get too close. Jaric looked around the room but remained on the ground. There was enough Stormtroopers to kill him and with his lightsaber taken from him, he wouldn't be able to take out much before he was killed.

"Where is your friend?" The Imperial demanded. "You two embarrassed me two years ago."

Jaric didn't speak. He had no intention to answer any questions to the Empire. His lack of a response didn't deter the Imperial. Instead, he turned away and walked over to a table filled with various tool for torture. He picked up a long metal rod with the two jagged points on the end. He activated the device and electric sparks burst from the jagged points.

"Now answer me!" The Imperial ordered as he came forward. "Where is she?"

"Go kiss a wookiee!" Jaric spat out.

The Imperial jabbed the rod into Jaric's stomach. A bright light shined from his mouth as he screamed in pain. After a second, the rod was pulled away and Jaric slumped as close to the ground as the chains would permit him to.

Jaric took deep breathes, and hoped to regain the feeling in his stomach. The pain felt worse than he ever expected or experienced. It almost felt like being cut up by a Lightsaber.

"What were you doing here?" The Imperial continued with his interrogation. "Where are the Rebels? Tell me!"

"I could..." Jaric coughed. "Not going to."

The Imperial didn't show any expression. He didn't care how long the interrogation would take. He would enjoy torturing the Jedi for all the trouble he caused him. The rod was jammed into Jaric, and he screamed.

Jaric figured he could handle the torture. What he had to wonder is where the droids could be, or if the Imperials actually found them. The freighter was especially designed for the purpose in the event something like this happened.

"What did you find?" Commander Ardonel inquired as he stood over Lieutenant Lorus' shoulder looking over the console within Jaric's capture freighter. It has been several hours and no report has been made regarding the freighter's memory core, or even so much as a crack in the encryption.

Lieutenant Lorus turned from the console to face Commander Ardonel. "We can only know that a transmission did take place but was severed prematurely."

"Is there any information there?"

Lieutenant Lorus shook his head. "He must have heavily encrypted the ship's memory. I can't get through."

"How long would it take you to crack it?"

"I don't know." The Lieutenant Lorus replied. "A couple of hours?"

"Get through the encryption." Commander Ardonel ordered. "We need to know what information the rebel came for."

Commander Ardonel turned and departed from Jaric's freighter. They learned of the Imperial traitor that took some information while destroying everything else. They weren't sure what information was taken but it had to be important enough for the double agent to cover his tracks the way he did, destroying a lot of other irreplaceable information.

Ardonel had cleared the hanger bay when he heard droid movement coming from behind. He turned to see a golden protocol droid and an astromech droid. Nothing would seem out of the ordinary but these two droids seemed in much better condition then anything they had ever received from the Empire.

"Where are you two going?" The commander questioned, in an attempt to learn more before jumping to a conclusion.

The astromech droid spoke with beeps and whistles while the dome on his body seem to spin almost out of control. The golden droid faced the commander. "My friend seems to be malfunctioning and missing some parts. He needs necessary repairs."

'That explains everything. We always get the junk droids.' Ardonel angrily though, then waved for a passing Stormtrooper. "Take these to be repaired."

If C-3PO was human, he would've breathed a sigh of relief that they got pass the commander but he was also worried. That was almost a close call but not as much as when they opened the door to the hidden compartment they hid in to find that Jaric was gone, taken prisoner no less.

The droids managed to sneak out of the ship and to blend into the corridors but it was that one Imperial that spotted them. With how much of a pile of junk the other droids seemed, R2-D2 came up with an idea that would get them out of there without giving the Imperial much idea of who they really were, if he didn't actually put much thought into it.

Now they had someone to escort them. Thing weren't really going according to plan.

The Imperial has spent the better part of an hour trying to break the Jedi. He got nothing and was ordered to leave before he killed the Jedi before they acquired any information. His anger kept building from what he deemed to be his failure to obtain any information.

First they embarrassed him with the incident with the self-destruct, now he's withholding the information the imperial needs to regain his honor and his former position. Having deep connections didn't seem to help his position when he first encounter the Jedi.

Now Darth Vader was summoned to personally interrogate Jaric. That didn't make him feel any better. He wanted to get that information and kill the Jedi, before finding and killing the other.

The only other matter he could attend to was the ship Jaric came in. The core memory was encrypted with a heavy encryption that no one has been able to hack into.

He let out an angry growl as he made his way across the extreme length of the ship.

"This is going to be a long day."

The leading scientist on board, as well as the best robotic on board, was a wreck. His brown hair hadn't been clean in nearly a week since his reassignment, and to top it off, he hasn't had a decent meal in two days. It seemed like he couldn't leave his station for more than a few minutes before he was needed to fix a broken system, repair a droid or even build a weapon. He may have been the best scientist on board but that didn't mean he had to do all the other work, which the other scientists left for him while they did all the easy labor.

He looked at the datapad with the long list of tasks he needed to finish before he could even sleep but he nearly fumbled it when a Stromtrooper interrupted him.

"We've got a droid that needs repairing."

Dr. James Timothy Possible sighed, knowing one more bit of work was added to his incredibly long list. "Bring it here."

R2 slowly rolled toward the scientist with 3PO right behind him. They were cautious and needed to keep the scientist from looking too close with R2's memory core.

The Stromtrooper turned and departed from the lab without so much as a though of the condition of the scientist, who looked exhausted and hungry but determine to finish his work.

"Come on," Dr. Possible said with almost no energy, directing R2 over to the repair station. "Let see what the problem is."

His mind still dwelling back to the Jedi, and his anger boiling to the breaking point. He just wanted to go back and end Jaric's life but if he did, then the chances he would live after that wouldn't be long. The Jedi was their only way to learn where the Rebels were.

This was the first time since the formation of the Rebel Alliance since they had a Jedi in their grasp. Not only do they want to destroy the Rebel Alliance but to find any other Jedi that might still be around and make sure the last of the order was gone.

The Imperial entered the hanger bay where they kept Jaric's captured ship. He wanted information that could lead him to the rebels.

He wanted the Jedi. He wanted both of them.

Inside, only one other person was there and he was still trying to get into the core. And failed for the umpteenth time.

"Wouldn't using a droid be easier?"

Lieutenant Lorus turned and shook his head. "We tired that but every droid was fried each time. This is the only way."

Lieutenant Lorus went back to the decryption. The Imperial watched for a moment then looked around the ship. He suspected that the passcode could be anything but if he knew the Jedi, it would be something that meant much to him.

He made his way to the cockpit and took a seat. He tried to put himself in Jaric's position. Tried to get into his mind. He thought for a few minutes but nothing seemed to be coming to mind.

In anger, he kicked the side of a terminal and was about to leave but that's when he heard something. It sounded like something opened, and the sound of a metallic object hitting the floor. The Imperial looked around the ground close to the terminal and saw a cube-shaped object.

"What's this?" He picked up the cube and examined it.

The slick black metal cube felt light in his gloved hands. His finger found the activation button and he pressed it. A clear holo-picture appeared, hovering above the device. It was of several people. He knew two of them. Jaric and Luria but the third he didn't know. It was a small boy with messy blond hair, chocolate brown eyes and a goofy smile.

A smile climbed his face when he recognized the similarly between Luria and the boy. "It looks like the Jedi had a son." He then example the boy more closely but saw no real similarly with the boy and Jaric.

"Who could that boy be?" He wondered out loud, then a thought seem to come out of nowhere. And every second he thought about it, the more he liked it. "And where could I find him?"

Dr. Possible continued his analyses of the droid but nothing seemed to match up. Everything seemed to be functioning with the droid properly. He figured it had to do with the lack of sleep and meals but nothing seemed right.

He barely managed to keep his eyes open. He decided he needed to just close his eyes for a few minutes.

"Don't... go any..where." Dr. Possible said in-between yawns, lowering his head. "I just..need a...little..."

He didn't finish speaking, and soon the room fell silent, followed by snoring. It was several long and tense moments before the droids realized that the scientist had fallen into a deep sleep and wouldn't wake up for a while.

R2 took the opportunity to head over to the terminal jack, pushing junk out of his way, and started searching for every possible docking bay so they could escape when they found Jaric. Locating the cell that held Jaric was the easiest part since he was the only prisoner they had on board.

Getting there, however, would be the hard part since there were a lot of personal onboard. They were mostly Stormtroopers.

R2 turned and whistled for 3PO to follow him as he headed out of the lab.

3PO followed, nearly shouting, "Who gave you the authority to order me around?"

"Deep Deep." R2's short and to the point reply irritated 3PO.

"I seriously doubt that Master Stoppable gave you the authority." 3PO complained as he hurried after his counterpart.

Never in his entire life did James Possible ever felt relaxed. At least not since he joined the Empire but to him, it felt like he was forced into the Empire.

Dr. Possible was the best scientist of his home of Corellia where he was approached to help out with studying and building better weapons, to which he had no knowledge what his research was being used for.

His friends, Professors Ramesh and Chen, were studying the stars and other planets when they made a discovery about their research and what the Emperor was doing. They went to their superiors to complain, and were found dead. It was ruled an accident but James knew better. He knew they were building devastating weapons that killed thousands across the galaxy.

James then made sure everything he did was either sabotaged in a way that no traces of sabotage could be found or to not work correctly. His plan worked to a point and he was transferred to the position he held now.

The only problem he had was keeping up with his work, and of those he worked with. Every day the list became longer and longer. And as the work load grew larger, the less sleep and got. Which is how he ended up falling asleep as he worked on the R2 unit.

He jolted up when he realized how long he was asleep and found that both droids had disappeared.

"No, no, no!" He groaned, holding his head in his hands. "This is not good."

Raising from his seat, he started to head out only to notice some junk moved away, like someone pushed it out of the way. The area was pushed clean and toward a terminal jack.

Curiously came over him and he quickly searched the data logs from his console to see what they were searching for. It didn't take long before he found the information that was accessed. Escape routes from the ship and the routes to the holding cells.

It didn't take long for him to figure out what the droids were up to. He heard about the Jedi that was recently captured. He figured they must of had orders to rescue him, since they were out in the middle of nowhere and they wouldn't really be able fly a ship. Droids heading to a holding cell would barely be suspicious.

He had to get to the cells before the Jedi escaped and he hoped he knew what needed to be done.

"Doesn't that just creep you out?" A Stormtrooper spoke to another one standing next to him.

Jaric just sat and stared at the troopers, keeping a blank expression. That did nothing but unnerve the troopers. Jaric's attempts to use the force were unsuccessful. So he did the next best thing and that was try and creep them out

"I can't even look away." The trooper replied, his attention still fixated on the expression on Jaric's face, or lack-there-of. "I'll have nightmares for weeks."

The orders to keep an eye on the Jedi also meant not to bring harm to him in anyway. Jaric counted on that. He knew R2 had his orders and they planned out as much situations that might come up but this one was completely unexpected but Jaric always had a trick up his sleeve.

Jaric tried to keep his senses opened to the force, waiting for the right moment to strike. He didn't know how long it was until he felt more connected to the force.

Then it happened, and he felt the time had at least arrive.

Jaric struggled to his feet. His joints felt cramped after sitting with his legs crossed for many hours.

A Stormtrooper moved forward, pointing his blaster rifle at the Jedi. "Sit back down."

"You have no authority over me." Jaric glared down the Stormtrooper. "And it's payback time."

All seven troopers took aim with their rifles to open fire, only to have them ripped from their hands. Their attempts to reach for their spare blasters were equally meaningless, as they were scattered throughout the room.

One brave Stormtrooper attempted to rush Jaric but only found himself thrown against several of his own people. The others didn't last as long before they were thrown against the wall, slamming hard enough into the wall to knock them out.

"That takes care of that." Jaric held up his wrists, examining the binds to his wrists. "Now for the next problem."

Jaric turned to the door as it opened. R2-D2 rolled on through the door, while C-3PO tried to keep up, with not much success.

"Master Stoppable." 3PO said. "It's good to see you well."

"Well, I wouldn't say that I'm well." Jaric replied. "But it could be worse."

R2 rolled closer and a compartment opened up, with a small cylinder handle sticking out. Jaric took his lightsaber back.

"Thanks for the help." Jaric ignited the weapon and cut the chains from his wrist. "You found a way out?"

"Breep Deep Boop Deep Braaaap!" R2 replied in the confirmative, and turned around to lead them out of the room.

Jaric started to follow but stopped and put his attention to 3PO. "Oh, don't tell Luria anything that transpired here."

"Does that include the Imperials taking you prisoner, again?" 3PO inquired.

"Actually that's what I want left..." Jaric was taken off guard when R2 seemed to rush back into the room, skidding on the floor, screaming in his droid language.

Jaric was about to question R2 about his urgent rush back into the room when a man in an imperial scientist uniform rushed into the room, holding a blaster.

Anyone would be alarmed. Even afraid. But Jaric, on the other hand, wasn't. He took notice that the Imperial couldn't hold the blaster straight enough. His hand was shaking, but barely enough for his fear to show through.

"Hold i-it right t-there." Dr. Possible stammered.

Jaric looked him up and down, and then shook his head, clicking his tongue. "The Empire never learns."

With a quick gesture of his hand, the Imperial was thrown back into the wall, losing his weapon in the progress, which slid across the floor.

James fell to the floor, and then quickly looked up to stare into the eyes of the Jedi. His expression was blank, as if he had yet to decide what to do with the Imperial.

James didn't want his life to end since he had very young children that needed him, but at the same time, he didn't want to continue to work with the Empire. Leaving the Empire would be a death sentence to those that left.

"Just get it over with." James sounded as if he was pleading. "Kill me quickly."

Jaric thought about it as he strolled around to stand behind him. "I'd sooner destroy a stain glass window then a man such as yourself. However, seeing as I can't have you warning anyone either."

Then everything went black for James as Jaric struck the back of his head with his Lightsaber. He slumped to the floor, unmoving.

"Let's get out of here," Jaric said to 3PO. "Before more Imperials show up."

"I couldn't agree more, sir." 3PO followed R2 out the door.

Jaric stopped in his footsteps, and turned back to the Imperial he left unconscious on the floor. Getting out won't be easy and if he would to go along with what he felt he should do, it might be harder.

He just wanted to leave, according to his better judgement. But almost as if by the will of the force, he went back to pick up the Imperial.

"If I get myself killed," Jaric moaned under the weight of the scientist. "Then it'll be on your head!"

"I'm through." Lieutenant Lorus called triumphantly to the cockpit.

The Imperial was stirred from thought and looked up from the hologram of the Jedi, and stood from the seat. He marched into the back and looked over the Lieutenant's shoulder. Lieutenant Lorus quickly opened up some screens.

"Now we should be able to..." All power shutdown within the entire ship. Lorus scrambled to reacted power but nothing.

"What's going on?!" The Imperial demanded.

"I don't know." Lieutenant Lorus sounded so unsure. "Somehow everything just shutdown."

"How did that happen?" The Imperial mused to himself. "The Jedi must have done something. He must have..."

Not one second later, the screen lit up with a light glow. A sequence of words and numbers appeared, with the numbers beginning to countdown, and it counted down very quickly.

When he realized what it was, horror crossed his face as he shouted, "It's a count down!"

The route to the hanger bay was straight and to the point. The hard part was carrying an Imperial Officer that Jaric didn't think he had any business helping, while fighting off the Stormtroopers that believed they were trying to save Dr. Possible. It didn't take long before everyone started to believe that Dr. Possible was defecting to the Rebellion.

Then their orders were chanced and they were ordered to kill the both of them on site.

His excuse for taking James with them to the droids? Nothing 3PO would accept and R2 believing it to be a human thing.

Needless to say, they didn't question him any further. Their only concern was getting off the ship without getting killed in the process.

Getting into trouble was always Jaric's specialty. Unfortunately getting out was always Luria's, which is how he managed to survive as long as he did. And since she wasn't there, Jaric was unsure if he could get out. He would never tell that to 3PO, otherwise he'd never shut.

"How much farther is the hanger bay?"

'Again?' Jaric thought. 'Didn't he just ask that several minutes ago?'

Jaric wondered how much he should bother to answer 3PO this time. He knew it wasn't much farther, as R2 knew the way and had said so when 3PO asked the last time.

Jaric kept wondering if his decision to drag James Possible with him was wise. He wouldn't if it felt like the will of the force that he needed to do this.

"Master Stoppable, look." 3PO pointed out a window that over looked the hanger bay.

Jaric looked through the window and down into the hanger bay. He watched as everyone that was inside was running away from the ship, in a great hurry. "I had a lot of fond memories of that ship."

In an instant, the ship was engulf in an explosion, large enough to severally damage the hanger bay but not to destroy anything vital. The shields remained on the hanger bay doors, keeping the bay pressurized. Debris was thrown into every direction, damaging the hanger bay even further. Much of the debris was engulfed in flames.

"Guess that means they got through the encryption, then." Jaric turned away from the window. "Let's go."

The closest hanger bay with ships, and undamaged, wasn't far. The small group traveled down the corridor for nearly thirty meters and into the massive room. The largest ship that could carry all of them was a Lambda class shuttle, with only a few troopers on guard duty, who attempted to stop Jaric but he made quick work of them.

R2 boarded the Lambda class shuttle with 3PO in tow. Jaric dumped James into a chair, then got into the pilot's seat.

"Here goes nothing." Jaric piloted the ship out of the hanger bay and into the open space.

Jaric felt a full sense of relief after the escape but a look around told them that they were at one of the most dangerous places in the entire galaxy. Corcusant.

"The capital of the Empire," Jaric said. "how lovely. Never thought I'd ever be here again."

What concerned him was why didn't they transported him to the surface? What was the point of keeping him on the ship when they could've sent him down to the planet?

The only reason Jaric could think of was that the Emperor or Vader himself was going to conduct the interrogation.

"But let's not stick around." Jaric then input the hyperspace coordinates and jumped to hyperspace.

The explosion nearly destroyed the hanger bay, with debris scattered everywhere. The cleanup team were having difficulties getting through to the ship. Their first impulsion was to vent the contents of the entire hanger bay into space, but upon checking for life signs they discovered one and went to work on digging him out.

They received reports from passing ships and the commander center about the explosion that was detected. They had no information to give on what exactly happened or what caused the explosion.

They got through much of the mess, eventually coming across the bodies of two Imperials. Lieutenant Lorus was dead but to their utmost surprise, the other was clinging to life.

"Get him to the medical bay!" Commander Ardonel ordered.

Two Troopers carefully pulled the Imperial out of the wreckage, so as to get him out without killing him. They didn't expect him to live much longer with the condition he was in.

"Get that medical capsule over there," Commander Ardonel ordered to other Stormtroopers. "Immediately."

Two Stormtroopers brought over the medical capsule and loaded the Imperial onto it. They had to be very careful not to aggravate his condition.

His sudden groans of pain and rage startled them and they nearly dropped him into the medical capsule.

"How could he still be alive?" Boomed the mechanical voice of Darth Vader.

If it wasn't for the mechanical breathing, they wouldn't have heard the Sith Lord approach them from behind.

Commander Ardonel approached the Sith. "We don't know, Lord Vader."

The Sith Lord surveyed the area. The debris of the ship was obviously that of a smuggler's ship but the feeling in the air was much different. It was... familiar. The more he reached out with the force to try and remember where he sensed it, the more familiar it became.

"Is something wrong?" Commander Ardonel wondered.

"I sense something, familiar." Vader simply answered, as he continued to sense where... then he remembered. It was nineteen years earlier at the Jedi Temple. Two Younglings that he knew well. Darth Vader was greatly impressed. 'So Jaric Stoppable and Luria Tryonel actually survived? The force must be strong with them.'

Vader came out of thought and watched as they brought the wounded Imperial out. He didn't look in the best condition. He seemed to be worse than when Vader was defeated by his old master, Obi-Wan, on Mustafar. He would've considered the Imperial to be a lost cause but something within jumped out at him.

"Stop." The Stormtroopers stopped and held the medical capsule right where it was. Vader approached and looked down at the man. His life was slipping away but at the same time, it seemed to energize his life. Vader had never felt so much hatred in his entire life, like he felt inside this broken man.

What had actually got his attention was how strong the force he sensed within the Imperial. He sense the great hatred, with his connection to the force had managed to keep him alive as long as it did. But not even the force and his hatred would keep him alive for long.

Soon he would die but with the discovery of the Imperial's force connection, Vader wouldn't allow that to happen. After what happen with his previous apprentice, Vader learned that he needed to truly betray the Emperor, since he learned that his life was meaningless to Darth Sideous. He couldn't just go out and kill him until he had a real apprentice to help him.

Galen Marrek was to lure out the Rebels. This one would help Vader to overthrow the Emperor.

"Take him to the surface." Vader ordered. "Be sure to acquire the best doctor in the galaxy."

"Right away, sir." The Troopers departed on a ship, leaving Vader to contemplate his plans.

He would train him to be his new apprentice, destroy the Emperor and to rule the galaxy.

Nothing would stand in his way now.

James groaned as he sat up. He placed his hand on the back of his head where he was struck. It didn't hurt for long but he still felt a small bump.

"Where..." James opened his eyes and took in the sight around him. It was mostly grassland and hills as far as he could see but in the dark, it was hard to say where he was. The only light came from the distance, blocked by a hill. "Where am I?"

"Don't you recognize your own home?"

James turned around and looked directly at the Jedi, standing on the boarding ramp to a Lambda class shuttle. He just stood there for a moment, then reached into his robes and relieved a blaster and tossed it to him. James grabbed it but nearly dropped it.

"What are you doing?" James stammered, looking back at Jaric.

"You'll need it when you get home." Jaric turned and went up the ramp but stopped before he entered the ship. "You better hurry to your family, before the Empire arrives. You've been declared at traitor to the Empire, along with your family."

Jaric quickly closed the airlock and headed to the cockpit, taking the pilot's seat. He needed to head back to the Alliance, he had made enough detours already, and the first one wasn't even his fault but he didn't expect Luria to accept it.

R2 had downloaded the information to the terminal, and Jaric managed a quick look on their way to Corellia to drop off their passenger. All he acquire was information about a planet called Danuta and information about the Death Star. Everything else was lost when the ship was destroyed.

"Some is better than none." Jaric set the hyperspace coordinates. "We might actually have the location of the Death Star plans."

"That is good, sir." 3PO spoke up. R2 chirped in agreement. "It could help the Rebellion."

"Yeah. Now we better return before they assume the worse." Jaric engaged the hyperdrive, heading for Alderaan.

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