The Beast Within Prologue

The Beast Within


A dark figure stood atop a ledge over looking what seemed to

be a construction sight. The figure's blood red eyes swept the area disgusted by the pathetically weak workers. Then all of a sudden the hum of machines stopped and the workers looked up from their digging. A man came running out from the chaos and towards the figure with red eyes. "Sir! Sir! We found the crystal!" The worker yelled happily knowing now they could finally stop. In his hand was a pair of tweezers that firmly held a glowing green crystal with a leaf carved on the front of it. "Hmmm Cyclonis will be glad to know that she now has her final ingredient to destroy the little pests that continually ruin our plans." The dark figure said. With that he started to laugh evilly the worker joined him. As soon as the worker started the man with red eyes stopped glaring down at the worker. He noticed this and his laugh was reduced to a whimper. "Um…I'll go now." He said weakly. The worker ran off to join the others. The man turned to face the trees as he said "Soon the Storm Hawks shall be no more!"