The Beast Within

The Beast Within

Chapter 6

"Piper…" Aerrow gently whispered as he leaned over Pipers bandaged face. After Piper had lost consciousness Stork rushed the Condor as fast as he could to Terra Sairaala, a terra made up of almost entirely hospitals. Dread weighed down in the pit of his stomach as if something terrible were to happen any second. He worried when she took another ragged breath that it might be her last. The H.R.M., which was hooked up through a small needle in her arm, beeped slowly indicating Piper was still alive. Aerrow sighed and leaned back into a chair beside the white bed. He yawned glanced over at the clock and nearly jumped out of his seat.

3:02 am. Aerrow hadn't realized he had stayed up so late. He quickly stood up knocking over a small glass of water in the process. He was frozen in silence; the sound of glass breaking echoed through out the room for what seemed like eternity but was only seconds. The heart rate monitor sped up slightly and the symbol of a 'Z' disappeared from next to the B.I.

Pipers eye opened (There's bandages on her right eye) Aerrow leaned down close to her face. "Piper are you okay?" He asked her sweetly. "Aerrow? How long have I been out?" Pipers' voice was weak and strained but her eye still shone with her usual spark. "Three days." He said smiling kindly. Her gaze shifted to the bandages wrapped around his arm. Piper looked away ashamed of what she had done.

"Aerrow I'm sorry I didn't mean to do any of those things. I-" Aerrow cut her off "Piper listen to me it wasn't your fault this happened. You were under Cyclonis's control." Their faces were so close Piper could feel his warm breath on her lips. Aerrow brushed Pipers bangs out of her face letting his hand linger on her forehead.

Piper than realized the position they were in. Aerrow leaning over her, faces only centimeters apart. Her face started heating up, her heart started to go haywire, and her breath came out short and quick. At least that's what the small noisy monitor beside her bed was saying.

Aerrow stood and looked at Piper then up at the screen and back again. Piper blushed madly Aerrow was confused but something jolted in his mind. He smirked a blush showing lightly on his face. Aerrow leaned in closer than before the H.R.M. went crazy. Moving back slightly the monitors' beeps reduced, Pipers face was flushed and warm.

"Aerrow please stop." She said nearly out of breath. He looked a little taken aback as he straightened his posture. Piper closed her eye and sighed Aerrow saw his opportunity.

Piper's eye bolted open as something pressed against her lips. Her heart rate went up until it eventually stopped beeping. Aerrow jolted away from Piper and looked at the screen worry and surprise etched on his face. He was relieved when beeping soon engulfed the room once more as Pipers heart reset its self.

"Aerrow why did you…" Piper trailed off the shock slowly fading from her face. Aerrow's bangs shadowed his eyes as he spoke. "I-I love you Piper! I'm sorry, I got carried away I understand if you don't feel the same way about me." He whispered solemnly

A pillow flew across the room and plowed into Aerrow's face followed by a giggle. Piper by now was sitting up with her legs crossed.

"You moron. I can't believe you're so dense." Piper said jokingly. Aerrow gazed at his friend in confusion. More softly she added "Aerrow you don't get… I love you too."

Aerrow sat down beside her. "Really?" He asked his eyes glimmering. She nodded. They looked in different directions then back at each other. In unison they leaned forward and their lips met half way. They kissed gently; Piper seemed to be keeping her cool. The heart monitor said different.

Piper broke away from the kiss to glare at the small machine. "Traitor" She muttered with mock anger. Aerrow chuckled from beside her.

"Piper you should sleep. We need you back on the Condor as soon as possible." He softly whispered as he stood. Piper glared at him as he picked up the abandoned pillow and placed it behind the navigator.

"What?" Aerrow said noticing the look Piper was giving him.

"Do you really think I'd want to go back to sleep after I've been unconscious for three days?" She said sarcastically. Before Aerrow could respond the door slid open and the remaining Storm Hawks walked in. Radarr immediately ran over to Aerrow and took his usual spot on the red heads shoulder.

"Hey whassup." Finn said. Piper was surprised. What no comment no lame joke? She thought.

"Piper's awake!" Junko cheered excitedly as he picked her up in a bone crushing hug. "Junko that hurts." Piper was able to say through clenched teeth.

"Sorry" He said as he put her down giving a weak smile.

"You guys are up early." Aerrow commented.

"Yes well we suspected that something happened to you. So they" pointing at Finn, Junko, and Radarr "came to investigate and of course dragged me along to this …place." Stork said his eye twitching as he scanned the room.

Piper rolled her eye at the merbs paranoia. The door once more slid open behind them. All gazes shifted to the woman standing in the doorway. She wore a long white coat over blue doctor clothes and her hair was a deep brown and was tied back in a ponytail.

"Sorry to disturb you Miss Piper but it looks like you need to get an Epiditus shot-" The woman looked up from the clip board in her hand. "Oh. It got crowded in here." She said looking at the Storm Hawks with pale blue eyes.

Finn's eyes widened, a smile spread across his face, and he slicked his hair back with his hand. "Heloooo Nurse!" Finn exclaimed. She looked at him thoroughly annoyed at him.

"Excuse me but I'm already married and I have better things to do than baby sit a pervert like yourself and by the way I'm a doctor not a nurse."

The doctor brushed right past Finn without another word. She strode over to the monitor and pulled a long sheet of paper out of a slot. Scanning over it quickly she stopped and her eyebrows raised in surprise. "This is strange. It says that your heart rate jumped all over the place not long ago. Maybe I should give you your Sleep meds early to help calm you down." She looked suspiciously at the female Storm Hawk. Piper and Aerrow both blushed as they realized why that happened.

The doctor seeing the look on Pipers face chuckled quietly, to the others she stated "You guys should let your friend rest she's probably exhausted." She ushered them out so as to let the blue haired girl rest. But before Aerrow was out the door he winked playfully at Piper, she smiled back. Piper eased herself onto the bed careful not to irritate her wounds as she welcomed the comfort of sleep. Hoping to see her Sky Knight walk amongst her mind as she dreamed.

Some of this is based off of Twilight from the series by Stephenie Meyers.

And yes I made up the Epiditus thing and I know Aerrow may have been a little out of character but hey it was love that made him do what he did.

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