Your Bullet Be Not By My Hand

Title: Corrupted Love

Rating: "T" for now. :0 May become "M" if, in the next installment (with the Joker's childhood/growing-up) becomes far too disturbing.

Pairing: Batman/Joker. This is a SLASH story (boy/boy) please TURN BACK NOW if you do not desire to read anything of the sort.

Ch. Summary: The Joker loves to play with Batman. Even if it involves his own demise.

Disclaimer: SPOILERS FROM THE END OF THE DARK KNIGHT! I do not own Batman (the series/character), and all of the dialogue (other than the salty thing and the hello boys deal, haha) in this chapter is taken directly from the movie. Also, the views of the characters in this story mostly do not support my own. I am into sociology and studying the minds of others. : Lol.

Suggested Listening: "There is No Mathematics to Love or Loss" by Anberlin

Notes: It was a really weird moment when this came to me, hah. I was sitting in my chair, thinking about the basis for Heath's Joker. He just pops out of nowhere, no background story, and decides he's going to prove the dark heart of humanity. I loved the concept, but it also gave fans ( like me :) ) plenty of room for creativity. I'm usually not one for Batman slash, but exploring this pairing would prove to be very interesting. I love the comics, but I'm going to jump for "The Dark Knight" movieverse. :) Just because Heath Ledger was that hot. R.I.P. to an amazing actor that put us all in awe at his skill and finesse.


Silence. It was as if the world had fallen beneath him, washing away the fears of those in the water beneath. Something was calling to him. He had not been so wary before, but that playful Bat's hand was a bit too free for his tastes. A simple flick of the wrist, and he knew that something unfortunate would occur on his behalf. He adjusted himself, straddling the Bat beneath him and pinning him beneath the bar, all movements restricted. There was no way out now.

Never in his life had he felt such excitement and freedom. The Batman had given him something new to live for. Something new to laugh at. The cool air furiously whipped at his paint-caked face, ripping away any beads of sweat that had planted themselves around his strong jaw line. There was something new and appealing in the air that night. It was some sort of new, liberating sensation that had never before slipped into his grasp. Everything looked, smelled, and felt different.

The dark eyes of the Bat beneath him flicked in frustration, flashing back and forth in an attempt to escape. No! He couldn't… The Joker wouldn't allow it. Not with how everything felt. Nothing in his life was more exciting than planning for Batman's arrival and seeing what Batman would do next. He wanted Batman to chase him and his plans forever! And he would make it happen. All for the sake of his new obsession.

Chaos and destruction… They were never fun unless there was someone there to challenge him. Otherwise, the blade he had against the throat of Gotham City would dull and crumble between his fingertips. And to think that he had once wanted to kill this man! What a mistake that would have been!

He was truly, "deeply" happy that the Batman wasn't Harvey Dent. That would have ruined all of the excitement! OH, how the plot thickened. The Bat was in love with the girl? And- BOOM! She was gone! Just like that pencil.

He didn't mind one bit. In fact, he LOVED the idea of, instead of chasing after damsels in distress, the Bat might play with him some more. Everybody would die someday… Just some sooner than others. Death was such an extraordinary sight. It always seemed to reveal a true person's character. There were few, true heroes in the world. Heroism was a true joke. Harvey Dent was proof enough (OH, how the mighty have fallen! HAHAHA). As long as it was a joke that the Bat would believe in order to have fun with him, the Joker was content.

Looking down at that head that the cold ground beneath them held, the Joker stared amusedly at the glistening skin around Batsy's mouth. Batsy… That's what he would call him. Shimmering sweat lay flat, hiding beneath the creases in his skin. The Joker leaned in, his senses blessed as he took in the sweet smell of the Bat's aroma. It was the smell of a true, hardworking man.

Who was he anyway? Joker wasn't even sure if he wanted to know. What if it ruined their fun!? Now, that would just be wrong… And dreadfully boring.

The scent tempted him further, pleading for continuous investigation. Joker curved his neck in, his pink tongue sliding sinfully out from behind his yellowed teeth. It glided slowly over the Bat's jaw, every taste and sensation absorbed. Batman cringed and grunted, his entire body stiffening at the sick joke. The Joker's saliva felt like acid on his skin, burning away every piece of dignity left within him.

"Ah… Salty," the Joker cooed, his observation suddenly overwhelmed by his own, cackling laughter. Still, the laughter could not ensue within the revelation the Joker had about those lips. The forbidden fruit that lay before him, sprawled out and seemingly hopeless. Closer… closer… He brushed his lips against the Bat's. They needed each other. Batman for the sake of that line and knowing where it was. Joker for the sake of his life, what he had built it up to be. They needed each other for purpose. They were the freak show of Gotham, and nobody knew it better than Joker.

"Ya' know where I got these scars?" he mumbled, peering into the eyes of his adversary.

"No, but I know where you got these!"


The Bats lifted his arm almost in rhythm with his words. Coal black blades flew onto him, throwing his nerves into complete shock. 'He-e-ere we are, Batsy!' his thoughts sang, basking in the pain.


The Joker felt his body thrust into the air, collapsing upon gravity like never before. Laughter corroded his being as it flung down the building's side, amused and excited by the possible death before him. The unpredictability of life was what made it so enthralling.


His being was yanked to a halt, carefully lifted inch by inch by none other than the Batman himself. That notorious grin flipped up upon his face as the blood painlessly flooded to his head. Grunts ensued. The wind battered his green head, pushing his body side to side. The boats down below were still unharmed. That was the thrill of Batman. Plans never seemed to work out.

"Oh… You. You just couldn't let me go, could you?" the Joker remarked, his teeth gritting ominously. "This is what happens when an unstoppable force… Meets an unmovable object. You TRULY are incorruptible, aren't you? Huh?" he muttered, his mind dancing between the unstoppable Batman and the destroyed Harvey Dent, "You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness." Batman was panting, tiredly listening in on the Clown Prince's rant.

"-And I won't kill you because you're just too much fun," he grinned, his voice calm and unshakable. Simply disturbing, as always. He let out a raspy cackle, his tongue creeping out and licking over his lips as it had a habit of doing. "I think you and I… are destined to do this forever," his tone drove into a more eerie place, striking a nerve with Batsy. Still, he had a deranged point (as always).

"You'll be in a padded cell forever," the caped crusader let out a gasp, words roughly toppling out, correcting the Joker's statement, assuring him that forever was never going to happen.

"Maybe we could share one," the clown countered, licking his cracked, ruby lips once more. He thought upon the citizens losing control as the death rate kicked up as much as crime, reassuring Batman that nothing was ever so easy, "They'll be doubling up the rate this city's inhabitants are losing their minds!"

"This city," the mouth beneath the cowl growled, "just showed you… that it's full of people ready to believe in good." His eyes seemed to grow darker, twisting with words of hope and justice.

"Until- their spirit breaks completely!" the clown reveled, pointing a finger justly as he swung upside down. "-Until they get a good look at the REAL Harvey Dent," the Joker bit cruelly, unraveling his hideous plan. That man was fun, sure, but he held no comparison to Batman. If Harvey died, things may be a little less interesting, but as long as the Bat was around, he was sure to get his share of smiles. "Hah. And ALL the 'heroic' things HE'S done. You didn't think I'd risk losing the battle for Gotham's SOUL in a fist fight with you? No… You need an Ace in the hole. Mine's H-harvey," the Joker proudly pointed to the Batman, quickly feeling woozy from having such a debate upside down.

"What did you do…?" Batman replied, Joker joyfully watching as the hero's tough demeanor fearfully fell from its crutch. This was too good.

The Joker continued to swing his arms around, hoping he would be able to continue facing the Batman in order to finish his speech. "I took Gotham's 'White Knight', and I... brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard. You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity," he grinned, thinking curiously upon the analogy he was about to give. "All it takes- is a little PUSH," he emphasized with his gloved hands, wheezing out laughter as best as his broken ribs would allow him.

Off went Batsy again. Must have left to kick someone else's ass. Presumably, it would be Harvey "Two Face" Dent. They'd have another day to play.

Groups of S.W.A.T. men clustered by his window spot, the Joker dangling in a fit of giggles at the sight of them. Where would they take him? Dumb bastards. A little creativity would take him a long way, no matter how tight security was.

"Hello, boys!" he teased, the pressure on his head making his vision increase in dilation. He knew they would chop him down and haul him off, just like any other robot before them. Anarchy was key in his life. He was anarchy in a painted human body. Everyone's lives were a damn joke. No matter how hard they pleaded their worthless cases, they meant nothing.

'Note to self:'

Worthless. That would be the word of the day. People's lives can be tossed around- they're worthless. Trying to ignore Batman is like trying to ignore the earth blowing up into tiny, bite-sized pieces. It's worthless even if you try.


:D Yes, the Joker will have a little note-to-self moment at the end of every chapter. He's so freakin' creepy- it's really a great character to write, haha. I remember tensing up every time he appeared on screen as I sat in the theater. I'm going to travel to a dark place in the next chapter- my version of the origin of The Joker. It's going to be messed up, but hey- it's the Joker, lol. This chapter was simply introductory- shorter than the next. :) All right. Enough of my ranting! Read and review, please. :)