Story Summary

I decided that it would be best if I went ahead and posted a summary of how the rest of the story would have gone so that you all can rest easy, haha. Once again, I'm really sorry that I do not have the opportunity to complete this. Let me know how you feel about this story and where I was going to take it verses where you would have liked to see it go. All of your views and/or frustrations are welcome.


In a previous chapter, the Joker was apprehended by Batman (AKA Bruce Wayne), and all of his clown thugs had been taken out. All but one, actually. Harley Quinn had escaped from the scene unnoticed, just as her "puddin'" had ordered her to. Bruce returns to the room to find the Joker gone, just as he had suspected. He had wanted to be captured all along- to prove to Bruce that he wasn't at righteous as he thought. Of course, work and play are always one in the same for Joker. Bruce prepares himself for the chase.

Harley and the Joker are driving down the spine of Gotham, scooting around every shady alley imaginable in a red-hot automobile stolen from some poor schmuck. The conversation begins to take an awkward turn as Harley expresses her doubts.

"Sometimes I think you like him better than me…"

Late at night, Bruce follows the messy trail to a beautiful manor- just outside of Gotham City's limits. It's his own manor, near completion after the previous fire. The tire tracks further out are neater and less obvious, slowly fading out into invisibility. The Joker had led him here.

Batman enters the scene quietly from a window and investigates. A man with a large gun is watching the upstairs. He can hear strange noises occurring from the basement. He delves further down to find Black Mask, otherwise known as Roman, standing over a blueprint along with some masked men. The masked men are alerted of his presence and a battle ensues. Roman and Batman are unaware of an extra presence looming just overhead. Acid sprays onto Black Mask's face, burning his thick, coal black mask onto his face. Much skin is burned away, and even some bone is exposed, and his face has been scarred black. Batman jerks around to find the silhouette of Talia Al Ghul escaping through an open window. He chases after her.

I had decided to use acid on Roman's face rather than have it be a fire because Two Face was supposed to be created by an acid splash to the face, but he instead caught on fire. That was what was supposed to happen to Black Mask. I decided to switch their roles and have Black Mask get struck with acid.

The chase moves on, but he is caught off guard by Catwoman. Bruce grows frustrated by the interruptions. She claims to have insight on where the Joker is headed. Batman reciprocates by feeding her information on recent occurrences, but he still keeps very much to himself. She lets him know that Black Mask is probably nothing more than a distraction for something bigger going on with the Joker.

The Joker is reclining in a large beach chair, spewing forth melodic triumphs as Harley does the dirty work, hauling strange bags and TNT into the sewers. A few scenes entail his first bank robbery and the frustration that grows as he is unable to drag any attention out of the Batman. He decides that he needs to strike a little closer to the belt. Batman wants the mob. Why not a mob bank? That would get their attention. Their attention meant Batsy's attention.

Harley interrupts his musings, growling about Bruce's pathetic state from his loss of his parents. The Joker cuts in, seemingly angry but with a grin on his face, about how some people are just more useful and talented than others. Harley is hurt by the subtle jab but ignores it and proposes a back rub. The Joker shrugs as she provides the comfort.

Bruce runs into Selina Kyle as his driver heads through the streets. She's dashing across the street and almost causes a collision. She looks a bit frayed, although very beautiful, and he invites her in for a ride. The two get closer, and the Joker forces Harley to do a little spy work on the two of them. Harley is apprehensive and doesn't see the point but instead goes about it with a perky grin and a waitress uniform. She serves the oblivious two at a day out and witnesses a kiss. She thinks nothing of it and returns to her lover with the seemingly boring news. The Joker is strangely upset and takes it out on Harley. He begins to plan a destruction of the notorious "Catwoman."

Catwoman has a run-in with Roman after stealing some of his equipment. She begins to regret going it alone, but she denies herself and keeps up the chase. It comes to an end at some cliffs near open water. She's at a dead end. Black Mask approaches, but she pulls one of the stolen guns on him, threatening to kill him. Roman stands there, waiting for her to pull the trigger, but spoken words from Batman defeat her desire.

"No clown or killer should have their lives taken away by us. We need to remind ourselves of what divides us."

She lowers the gun but is caught off-guard when Roman pulls a gun on her and shoots her into the water below. He looks down below and sees nothing but crashing waves. What's done is done, and Catwoman is no more.

Selina misses a date with Bruce, and he grows a little worried. Alfred reassures him that she's a busy woman with a lot on her mind. Joker also becomes interested in her disappearing act and does his own digging. He rants to Harley about his frustration as she comically sits down, wearing her old glasses, writing away his stresses. He vents that Black Mask stole his kill.

"Take my kill, I'll take your life."

The story eventually comes to a place where Harley and her Mistah J set off explosions all across Gotham, creating an earthquake-like effect throughout the city. Gotham is declared a "No Man's Land" and is closed off from the rest of the world. No one is allowed in, and with the recent outbreak of criminals and psychopaths, no one is allowed out either.

The city is a broken madhouse, open to the Joker's laughter and joy. Harley is soon caught by the authorities, and she's distraught when she learns that her darling refuses to break her out. She's stuck alone in a cell in Arkham, angry and ranting about how she's going to make it on her own. She catches the attention of a woman in a cell next to her who has also seen hard times, expressing how no one has any respect for botany and the other life forms around them. Harley is confused but agrees regardless. The woman steps out of a shadowy corner and smiles weakly, pressing her hand up to a separating glass.

"The name's Pam. Pamela Isley."

Chaos is running amuck in Gotham, and Batman is having an impossible time keeping up. Talia does what she can, but she's obviously up to something. A conversation between her and Bruce later reveals that her father is dead, but he had promised Bruce to her. She had tried to keep running his businesses without him, but she eventually abandoned his work once she learned how dirty he had gotten his hands in his insanity. Batman expresses that he can not be with her, and Talia frowns, stating that they could only see what the future brings.

Groups and mobs rise up against each other, leaving no safe place for adults and children alike. Batman learns that this is a part of Black Mask's plan. He is creating an uprising in Gotham. The Joker refuses to allow Roman to become the king of a city that doesn't belong to him, and he eventually comes to Batman, agreeing to help him out. Batman cuffs the crazy man, refusing to allow him to speak another word.

The investigation takes them further out into the city, and they eventually learn of Black Mask's hide out after plenty of "bonding" moments and the Joker reminiscing about their hardcore sex. He tries to pull things out of Bruce, taunting him and telling him that he must've enjoyed it as much as he made it look. Batman growls and grows furious with him. Every once in a while, Bruce sees faint glimpses of "Jack" and finds himself in awe of the random moments of insight between the madness.

They wind up making love once again, but this time it's in the Batmobile. The Joker is strangely vulnerable, and Bruce can see that he's trying to put off his manic composure once again. The moment is strangely tender, but Bruce avoids physical contact afterwards. He's obviously shook up about it.

The two can't seem to find a way in the secured building, but a woman locates them, coming to them to offer her help. Silver St. Cloud arrives, despairing that it's her company's building and that she can offer him a way in through an underground passage way that she claims her company used for emergencies. Bruce finds it odd but trusts her enough to gain entrance. She helps them in. Batman realizes that Talia has been following them, and she saves them from a rear attack.

"You guys go on. I'll distract them."

She takes on guard upon guard all by herself. Joker escapes during the distraction. Batman wastes no time in busting through to Black Mask's "office." Roman turns around with his destroyed face, eerily talking with rough pronunciations because of his lack of lips. He expresses his hatred of Bruce and that he was sure to make the entire city fall because of its failing life. He shows the chaos outside, chattering on to Bruce about how weak and fragile the city is.

Bruce disappears into the shadows during the monologue, attacking Roman from behind. Black Mask stops the blow, and the two engage in a battle. Roman beats Batman to the ground after using cheap tactics and tricks he had hidden throughout the room. As he pulls a gun on Bruce, the door creaks open, and a dagger comes flying, stabbing the ash-faced man in the side. Black Mask falls to his knees, realizing the Joker is standing there with a heinous grin.

The Joker explains his vendetta against him after Roman questions why in the world he would do such a thing after their previous camaraderie.

"Why, of course, Ash Face. No matter how many kitties I kill, I can never make up for the one you took from me."

Black Mask reaches over and grabs the gun during the speech, pointing it at the Joker. The Joker smirks, so Black Mask realizes what might actually get him back. Roman points at the Bat lying on the ground and shoots him straight in the stomach. The Joker grits his teeth as Roman turns the gun back on him.

"I've got you…"

A sly voice creeps in with anger.

"No… I've got YOU."

He turns and sees Catwoman standing in the doorway with a piece from the top of her mask cut off. Black curls are flowing out from the top. Her icy blue eyes glare at him as she fires round upon round into Roman. The crime boss falls to the ground in his own puddle of blood. Catwoman disappears, gasping with a minor limp. Bruce and Jack are left alone in the midst of their own silence…


Of course I can't involve every detail, but there's the basic summary of the story. Now I'd like to get into the three endings. The first two here are alternate endings, and the last one is what really happened. The second is what I feel suits the couple the best, but due to its nature, I chose the final ending as the real one. Enjoy!

What Could Have Happened (Romeo and Juliet)

Song: "Deteriorate" by Demon Hunter/"Miserable Visu" by Anberlin

This ending opens with a ceremony in the middle of Gotham Square. There's a newly revealed statue standing amidst the people, and an empty podium is standing before them. An old, snowy-haired man is approaching the stand with a grim expression. He carries himself strongly, regardless of the fact that he's broken inside. The old man opens the speech amongst the silent people watching him with tearful eyes.

"Master Bruce once told me that life, in all forms, was meant to be cherished…"

It cuts back to the scene of Bruce lying on the office floor, bleeding to death from the gunshot that Roman had fired upon him. The Joker is muttering something bitterly and he tries to open up all of the pieces of the suit. The bullet broke through the Kevlar because it was at such close range. The bullet got in deep, and things are looking bleak.

The Joker and Batman have a short talk about the chain of events that they had both started, and the Joker makes a haughty comment about how life is like a box of chocolates- eventually you eat all of them, and there's no more chocolate. The end.

Bruce rolls his eyes and explains how it's more than that. Jack takes a piece of cloth and wipes the makeup off, taking a batarang out of the utility belt and cutting his wrists with an eerily soft smile. He lays his head leisurely down on Bruce's stomach and lets him know that he loves him, in a very strange way. Bruce smiles weakly, breathing out-

"I know."

The Joker chuckles and laughs until his death. A police force rushes in to find them both lying dead on the floor. An officer cuts Batman's mask off and finds Bruce Wayne. His true identity is revealed. It cuts back to the funeral.

Alfred finished the speech strongly, but only a few find the strength to clap. A boy by the name of Dick Grayson sifts through the crowd, leaving the group all by himself. He convinces himself that someone needs to take up the mantle and commands such of himself. The foggy day washes over his figure as he disappears.

The End.

What Should Have Happened (The Hero and the Villain)

Song: "Be Quiet" by Meriwether

Bruce is alone in his completed manor, staring out the window with a blank expression. Rain hits the window rhythmatically, and not even Alfred's words seem to distract him since the morning is looking bleak, but he can't seem to bring himself to cry or even show a bit of remorse. Too many lives had been taken, and he could never love a monster.

His Kevlar had protected him, but Roman had gotten his shot in, and the Joker was down on the ground with a cruel grin. Bruce ran over to him, taking him in his arms, and staring him down intensely to listen to what the madman might say. The Joker snickers, shaking his head with a hint of sadness.

"No, Batsy. You never loved me. You love the thrill. You can't deny yourself it. I think you and I both know that right about now, you'd prefer chasing that cat of yours."

The Joker dies in his arms, and Batman leaves him there, escaping through a window to do what needs to be done in order to clean up the city in its chaotic state.

The scene arrives back at Bruce in his home. He doesn't feel a thing. With an inward sigh, the billionaire entrepreneur picks up a phone and gives Selina Kyle a phone call. For a moment, he can rest easy.

The end.

What Really Happened (Sleeping Beauty)

Song: "Wake Up" by Coheed and Cambria

(Quick Note: This is the best Batman/Joker song. Seriously. Listen to it. It will BLOW YO MIND.)

Batman is wounded by the bullet, and the wind is knocked out of him. Black Mask's bullet had managed to cut into his Kevlar, but it wouldn't kill him. The bullet hadn't made it deep enough. The Joker hops over to his side and cradles his head with a sadistic grin. For a moment, there was one less villain in the world. Bruce mumbles out a few, exasperated words-

"When this is over, we'll go back to the chase. Because I'll never give in, and you'll never change your ways. Neither of us can compromise. Things will always be just like this."

He falls into a deep sleep, energy sucked out of him and too badly wounded to pull himself out of it. The Joker softly whispers into the flying rodent's ears that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Joker drags Bruce out onto the city streets, into a safe and empty alley. The dark clouds are clearing, and some golden light is shining through to signify the coming of daylight. The Joker sets Batman onto his lap as he leans against the trash can, fantasizing about the chaos he could commit, and how Batman would always be gladly chasing behind him.

He waits for the caped crusader to wake up, but even he can't deny that even just that one second of peace is something likable. Still- no helping impatience. He leans down to kiss the Batman, getting a zap to the lips after brushing up against his collar. The Joker jolts away in laughter.

The end.