Chapter One: A Private Jet? Really?

"I'm telling you, I don't think she did it." Gibbs said for the fifth time since he had started the argument. They were in the elevator, stuck between the second and third floor, and he was staring down the Director of NCIS, Jenny Shepherd.

"And I'm telling you there are no other leads, and Dinozzo and Ziva had better bring her in without complications. We can't leave any stone unturned, Jethro." The fiery red head retorted.

"She saved the world, Jen."

"She had help, Jethro. This isn't like you, you normally like to meet people before you fit them in a neat little box. You're judging her a little early, aren't you?" The woman raised an eyebrow.

"You forget, I have met her. And when I did she was backed up by five members of the NYPD with unblemished records, as well as an Assistant District Attorney and an FBI psychiatrist. And my gut says she didn't do it."

"I don't care what your gut says. You will interrogate her as though you believe she did it. Don't go easy on her Jethro, if she did it, she won't be easy to crack." The Director warned.


"So they're sending a private jet to pick us up?" Sarah glanced at Casey as she repeated the same question she had asked at least three times prior.

"Yes." Casey answered, slightly impatient. "It should be here soon."

"So, if they have private jet money," Sarah began, "Why the hell can't you all afford proper soundproofing on the interrogation rooms at the SVU? For that matter, why is the SVU sharing a building with the fourteenth precinct? I mean, I know the one six was blown sky high, but have they even commissioned a new building yet? I just don't get it. What, they award money based on how little fun the workers at each office have? Cause I mean, that must be one rich agency, with Special Agent Gibbs there to rain on everyone's parade."

Casey snorted. "That's the way it is. I know, bummer huh? Oh, I think I see them." She turned to face two of the three agents that had visited them at Fort Lincoln. "Special Agent Dinozzo, Officer David." She nodded at them, ignoring Sarah's almost imperceptible groan.

"Well hello, ladies." The male officer bowed low over his arm, voice very smooth, a grin on his face that was supposed to melt her in her shoes. "If you'll just head in this direction, we can fast track through security and be on our way."

Officer David rolled her eyes. "Ignore him. He thinks there's romance to be had anywhere, even the airport terminal. He's just looking to strike with one of you."

"The term's score, Ziva. And I would never, never try that on such lovely ladies." His smile was charming, Sarah had to give him that. "Even if one is suspected for murder. And for your information, Officer David, there is romance to be found in an airport terminal. Did you ever see 'The Terminal'? Tom Hanks-"

"No. I didn't. Neither did they. Can we just get moving?" The Israeli gestured impatiently in the direction of the security checkpoint.

Sarah and Casey exchanged glances. "Well, I guess their funding wouldn't be that great, under that new finance plan we developed." Sarah muttered to the attorney, who slapped her on the arm.

"Stop joking around. You're in a lot of trouble if we don't get your name cleared." The older woman hissed in Sarah's ear.

Turning pale, Sarah shut her eyes and breathed slowly through her nose. When the pain had passed, she held up her heavily bandaged right arm. "Can I say, ow?" The burns had been inflicted by the Queen of Chaos herself, and didn't heal quickly. "I have burns all over this one, and a hole in my other shoulder. So no slapping of the arm, thankyou. If you must hit me, whack me over the head. A little extra damage won't make a difference."

"Sorry." Casey winced as she remembered how Sarah had received the injuries. "But you need to be more serious. You're being investigated for murder."

They followed the two NCIS agents to the security checkpoint and passed through without any problems – Casey had convinced Sarah that bringing knives would be a bad idea, and made her leave them at the SVU squadroom. Instead the younger woman was weaponless. Completely weaponless.

Following the two agents once again, they made their way to a private gate and walked across the tarmac to a small jet with the boarding stairs down. Climbing the stairs, Sarah whistled as she got a look at the interior. "Now this is nice. Is that real leather?"

Dinozzo just grinned. "Now, I can't offer you champagne, or at least, not with your attorney present," He flashed a grin at Casey, who narrowed her eyes, "But if you'd like water, or a soda…"

Sarah shook her head and took a seat. "You aren't charming anyone. And thanks, but I'm not thirsty. How long will this flight take?"

"This baby flies at Mach 6, it'll only take a few-"

Officer David cut him off, carrying three bottles of water, two of which she passed to the other women. "He doesn't know what he's talking about." She explained with a smile. "This jet doesn't even make Mach 1; the flight will take about seven hours. And the bottle is for when you do get thirsty."

A man's voice came over the speaker. "Please be seated and fasten your seatbelts for takeoff." The plane began to taxi.

Sarah clipped on the safety precaution, mirroring the actions of Casey and Officer David. Dinozzo, slightly miffed at Sarah's comment about his charm, moved across the aisle to a spare seat, just as the plane lurched. He almost ended up flat on his ass, and Sarah grinned at Casey. The attorney didn't smile. "What? Oh, come on Case. You should lighten up."

"You're on your way to be interrogated about murders. You should stop acting so cheery." The older woman replied.

"What? I know I didn't do it. You know I didn't do it. I honestly could care less what Special Agent Stick-Up-His-Ass thinks. And eventually, when the times don't add up, or hey, if someone else is offed while I'm being questioned, they'll realise it wasn't me and let me help get the guy doing it." Sarah shrugged. "Until then… well, this is a nice jet."

Casey shook her head and turned to Officer David, to discuss details of the case, and Sarah nestled back into her chair uncomfortably, closing her eyes. Eventually she drifted off, restlessly sleeping for the rest of the trip.


"Alright. I'm here. Let's do this." A voice behind Gibbs made him turn around. There was Suspect Number 1, Sarah Gibson, standing with her arms crossed, sling and all, looking incredibly bored.

And standing next to her, in her best powersuit, was the woman he recognized as Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak. "Delivered them, just like I promised, boss." Dinozzo appeared behind the two.

"Dinozzo, shut up." Special Agent Gibbs snapped as he made his way past. "Ziva, you're with me. Let's take this down to the interrogation room, shall we?" He gestured ahead of himself, and Sarah and Casey exchanged glances.

"This is going to be fun." Sarah muttered to the ADA sarcastically as they followed the greying man's hand and walked ahead of the two agents. "What's the bet someone ends up dead in the time between now and when I finally convince the tight ass that I'm innocent?"

"Shh." Casey prodded her in the ribs to keep her quiet. When they reached the interrogation room Officer David split off, entering a room before they were gestured to another door. When Sarah noticed the large mirror, she grinned at Casey.

"I'm sorry. It's just, this is ridiculous." She grinned at the attorney, who shook her head.

"You see, this is why I prosecute. You don't need to tell your client to shut up."

"Sit down. What can you tell me about the murders?" Gibbs threw the manila folder down on the desk; it spilled open to reveal the same photos she'd already seen.

"Well, like I said the other day. Powerful, lacks control, anger management issues. Are there any new bodies?" She asked, shoving the photos back to the older man.

"No." He replied as he shoved the photos back at her. "But you knew that."

"No, I didn't." Sarah replied, pushing them back across the table. "Did they all occur in the same area?"

This time the photos stayed on Gibbs' side of the table. "You don't know?" His voice was even; his eyes never left her face.

"Oh stop playing games, Special Agent Gibbs." Sarah snapped. "No. I don't. I can help, if you let me. Now, where were the bodies found? Spread out… all in the same place… found at the corners of a pentagram?" She shrugged, looking for an answer.

"A pentagram?" Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

Casey stared at Sarah too. "Hey, you never know. Someone wakes up, gets pissed off, blasts someone, realises they have abilities others don't, and looks for a religion to follow. Trust me, it's easier to learn all about the Gift if you've got a set of rules to follow, even if the rules are wrong. Rules come from a religion; since you lot don't have the Great Gods' involvement in this dimension, it'd make sense for them to look to other religions. Like Satanism."

"The pentagram comes from Paganism, not Satanism." Gibbs corrected her. "And no, they weren't found on a pentagram, or any other discernible pattern."

"Hmm…" Sarah leant forward and peered at the photos. "That's interesting."

"What's interesting?" Gibbs asked, and she heard the restraint in his voice. He wanted her to hurry up and confess to the murders.

"The bones. It might just be the pictures… but the fuse is smooth. I'd expect it to be more… I don't know, raw, with an untrained individual. But this… this is like it's been sanded down or something." She cocked her head. "Wow, you lot have a real psycho on your hands."

"You know, Sarah, it might be best if you didn't say anything else." Casey advised her softly.


"Watch. He's about to break her." Tony grinned through the glass. "Gibbs can break anyone. He's getting ready."

"You enjoy this way too much, you know that Tony?" Ziva shook her head at the taller field agent. "Besides, I do not think she did it."

"Why not?" McGee, the third and final figure standing behind the glass frowned. "She's the only known person on this entire planet with the ability to use this 'Gift' of hers."

Ziva nodded slowly, a small smile on her face. "Exactly McGee. She's the only known person on the entire planet with the ability to use the Gift. And she's obviously trained – why kill someone in a way that identifies you so easily and deny it when you could just as easily snap their necks?"

"Uhh… maybe because she got angry?" Dinozzo replied sarcastically. "She said it herself, they have anger management issues. Maybe she just lost it and blasted them."

Ziva shook her head. "I don't think so." She replied in a sing song voice, before returning her attention to the scene unfolding behind the glass.


"Just admit it!" Gibbs snapped, his voice almost a yell. "You might not have meant to do it, it might have been an accident. You might have just lost control, but you did it."

"I don't lose control. I'm sitting my Mastery exams in a couple of months, and even Adepts don't lose control." Sarah clenched her fist under the table and winced as she fought to keep her voice even. Gibbs was wasting time accusing her while the real murderer was out there, probably killing another person as they argued, and it was starting to piss her off.

"Oh, you don't lose control." Gibbs was sarcastic. "Well then I guess that just leaves murder. Go ahead, deny that you've killed people."

Sarah stood, bringing herself to her full height as she narrowed her eyes at the NCIS Agent. "I'm not a liar either. I have killed people. I've killed raiders, Scanran invaders, immortals, Death Eaters, members of the Imperial Remnant, a few alien invaders." She emphasised the last to remind him of the all too recent alien invasion that she had helped stop. "But the thing is, Special Agent Gibbs, I only kill in the defence of myself or others. I am not a cold blooded murderer. I did not kill those people in the photos. And if I had, I wouldn't be so cowardly as to use the Gift to it so thoroughly. I would have run them through with a sword instead. Now back off."


"She didn't break…" Dinozzo sounded stunned. "But Gibbs can break anyone."

"Wow. There's a first for everything, I guess." McGee frowned in confusion, peering at the girl through the glass in interest.

"I told you she was innocent." Ziva grinned.

"This doesn't mean she's innocent." Tony argued. "It just means she's a tough nut to crack."


Sarah hadn't returned to her seat. "If you want my help finding the killer, then I'll help. If you don't, I'm leaving. I-"

A voice inside her head interrupted her rant. Messenger.It was the Great Mother Goddess. The Solo children need your help. They are about to be kidnapped.

What?! Sarah's mental voice was shocked. Who? Where?

We cannot tell you everything-

There are rules, I know. Sarah replied silently, before sighing. Thanks for the headsup.

You are most welcome, my daughter.

When Sarah returned her focus to the interrogation room she noticed a hand on her arm, steadying her. "Sarah? Are you okay? You turned pale and zoned out for a minute there." Casey was saying as she tried to lead her back to her seat. "Sit down, you're still recovering-"

"No time, Case." The knight shook her head. "Three kids I'm rather fond of are about to be kidnapped."

"What? How could you possibly-"

She interrupted Gibbs' confused question with a shake of her head. "I'd love to get into the nitty gritty of the Gods' involvement in my life, but I really don't have time. Suffice to say that the Great Mother just paid me a huge favour in telling me. Now, thanks for the charming hospitality, but I gotta jet."

Sarah shook herself free of Casey's supporting arm, taking a step back.

"You aren't going anywhere." Gibbs replied, narrowing his eyes, and Dinozzo and the other man blocked the door as Ziva came closer, drawing level with Gibbs.

"Sorry, but it's important. Life and death, literally." Sarah rolled her shoulder experimentally, and winced in pain. Not good.

"You're safe here."

"Not my life and death, you twat." She replied, losing patience. "The life and death of those three kids I was talking about? Geez, for a fed you're pretty slow, aren't ya?"

"Who's going to kidnap them?" Casey asked with a frown.

"Dunno. The Great Mother couldn't tell me, it'd break one of the 'rules'. Anyway, no more time to stay and chat. Later."

Just as Sarah turned the inner circle on the pendant Mithros had given her, three people leapt forward, two in an attempt to stop her escape, and the third in support even as the young knight staggered lightly.


"What the hell?!" Sarah yelled as they reverted to reality in the corridor outside the Solo's apartment. "You idiots! You don't know what you're getting yourselves into! And now we don't have time to get you all back to Earth. Damnit." She muttered, ignoring Ziva, Gibbs and Casey as she turned to the door, banging loudly. "Leia! Open up! Threepio! Someone!"

After a moment, the door whooshed open to reveal the middle-aged Chief of State, a confused frown on her face. "Sarah! What are you doing here-"

She strode down the hallway, leaving the earthlings in the door way as Leia hurried to catch up. She saw datapads strewn along a coffee table, a cup of caf abandoned – obviously Leia had been working from home today. "Where are the kids?" She asked without preamble.

"They're in the study. Why?"

"They're in danger." Sarah answered as she moved quickly to the door to the study and hit the switch to open the door, ignoring the stunned earthlings, who had caught up and were examining the living room. Just as the door opened there was a loud explosion, and a force knocked Sarah off her feet.

"Sarah!" Leia and Casey each called; the mother ran into the study as the attorney knelt by Sarah's side.

"Stun grenade." She gritted out through the pain in her shoulder as her vision cleared and the ringing in her ears slowly subsided into a dull hum. Sarah sat up just in time to see a man shove Leia painfully against the wall and the long brown hair of the oldest Solo child being forced into a speeder. Ziva and Gibbs rushed into the room too late; the younger agent raced across the room, but as she reached the edge of the gaping hole in the wall, she windmilled, trying not to fall the thousands of storeys to her death. Gibbs grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her backwards, to safety.

Sarah glanced at the receding form of the speeder. "Shit."

Leia spun her around. "Sarah, who just stole my children?" She demanded.

"I have no idea." The knight frowned, hands clenching and unclenching as anger washed through her. "Damn it! We were too late!"

Leia had pulled out a comlink and immediately ordered all transport on and off the planet suspended, before calling Han to prep the Falcon. Then she turned to Sarah, whose eyes were flashing dangerously, promising a swift punishment to those involved in taking the Solo children – and not a very pleasant punishment. "You have some explaining to do on the way to the Falcon. Come on."

Sarah gave the woman a nod and gestured to the earthlings to follow as they rushed out of the room. "Where's Winter?"

"On a mission for General Cracken."

"Is Chewie with Han?"

"Yes. Now, how did you know that was going to happen?" Leia glanced briefly at the younger woman as they rushed down the hall to a turbolift.

"The Great Mother Goddess told me it was about to happen. Leia- I should have been faster. I'm so sorry-"

"You tried. That's all I can ask. Right now, we need to find them." Leia cut her off firmly.

"Right. A couple of humans with three human children. Can't be too hard to find on a planet like this, right?" Sarah asked, trying for levity. The expression on Leia's face told her it hadn't worked.

"Can the Great Mother-"

"Nope. Against the rules." The knight shook her head.

"Wait a minute." Gibbs laid a hand on Sarah's uninjured shoulder, spinning her around. "'Planet like this'?"

"Yeah. We've kind of got a dead line. Quick run down, we're in a dimension where there's a galaxy spanning government. Leia here-" She jerked a thumb at the anxious mother, "Is the Chief of State. Speaking of, where are those creepy little Noghri guards of yours?"

"They aren't creepy." Leia replied absentmindedly. "Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar thought it would be a good idea if I didn't use them unless it was absolutely necessary… because they used to be the willing servants of the Empire."

"So they told you to send them away. They told you that, for the sake of public image, you need to get rid of the best damned bodyguards in the galaxy." Sarah shook her head in disgust as the doors opened. "That's ridiculous. Idiots."

They rushed out of the turbolift and down the corridor, before opening a door to an open-air platform. They saw Han yelling up the ramp. "Chewie, hurry up and reattach that negative power coupling! Traffic control said three dozen ships got out before they shut down the shield!"

Rushing to the ship, Sarah beckoning with her right hand, waving the earthlings onboard. "Come on, we'll deal with the problem of you lot being here later. Right now we've gotta jet."

"In that?" Casey balked at the sight of the ship.

"Yes, that." Sarah leapt up the ramp behind Leia. See-Threepio greeted her at the top of the ramp.

"Mistress Sarah, it is a pleasure to-"

"Yeah, you too. Make friends and get this lot strapped in." She jerked her thumb at the three staring law enforcers before following Leia into the cockpit, where Han was sitting with a headset on, yelling to Chewie.


"Hello, my name is See-Threepio, human cyborg relations. I am fluent in over six million forms of communication…" The prissy gold droid continued for a few moments as Ziva, Gibbs and Casey stared, slackjawed.

"Ah, great." Casey was the first to regain her voice. "Aren't you supposed to be getting us strapped in, or something?"

"Why certainly, Mistress. Please, take a seat around the Dejarik table…" Casey complied, as did the two NCIS agents, sitting around what looked like a round chess table. The droid secured them with what looked like elaborate seatbelts, before sitting next to Ziva and strapping himself down.

"So, you are an android?" Ziva cocked her head as she stared at the golden droid, interested.

"Why, yes, I am."


"Have you reattached the coupling? What d'ya mean, you can't find it? Listen, you overgrown furball, if you don't- Good job Chewie, now get up here." Han flicked a few switches, and the ship roared to life.

"The hyperdrive had better be working this time Han." Leia warned. "Did traffic control track the hyperspace coordinates of the ships that got out?"

"Yeah. Can you sense the kids anywhere nearby?" Han replied.

Leia just shook her head as she flicked on the ship's comlink and requested permission for the shield to be released. "They're gone. No where nearby."

Han pulled up a list of three dozen systems. "D'you think the Force will guide you if you pick out a system?"

Leia didn't answer, instead her face was terse as she scanned the list. Her finger shot out. "That one. What's in the Firkan system?"

"Nothing. Binary system, no inhabited planets, no mining colonies, no scouting missions for the last twelve years. The fifth planet from Firkan Prime is inhabitable – the only one in the system that is. And even then, you need pretty good radiation shielding – Firkan Four and Firkan Six are both gas giants that are pretty close the Firkan Five for most of the local year. The radiation isn't deadly, but it's not good for you either. There are caves on Five that used to be pretty useful for hiding, you know, when the Imps were on your tail with a hold full of Corellian whisky or Corusca gems, but last I heard a group of pirates were scaring away any smugglers that became too interested in the planet." His eyes narrowed. "If they're headed there-"

"They're either pirates, or they'll be blown out of the sky when they get there." Sarah finished for him helpfully, before wincing. "Sorry."

Leia glanced backwards briefly before turning to Han. "Gun it."

When the ship had cleared the gravity well of the Capitol of the New Republic, the man pulled the hyperspace lever, sending the ship hurtling faster than the speed of light, following the kidnappers.


The ship hit a hyperspace eddy just as Sarah left the cockpit. She staggered, before straightening with a grimace. "Oh boy. I suppose you all want an explanation as to why grabbing me when I was just about to leave was one of the stupidest things you could have ever done."

"Just maybe." Gibbs replied sarcastically. "And could you tell us what that is?" He jerked his thumb at Chewie, who growled dangerously in reply.

"That is a Wookie. He'll rip your arms off and beat you to death with them, and that isn't an exaggeration. He's also intelligent and his own person. So don't refer to him as a 'that', refer to him as a 'he'. You xenophobe." She glared at the earthling, daring him to argue.

Casey winced at the tone of Sarah's voice, but kept her silence. The knight noticed the expression on the attorney's face and sighed. "I'm sorry, Casey. I wasn't calling you stupid. I meant Snatchy and Grabby here. Anyway. You've just managed to stumble into a more dangerous situation than you've ever dealt with."

"Because drug lords, arms dealers and terrorists aren't serious." Officer David seemed to take offence at her tone.

"Not as serious as space pirates." She countered.

"Ah, yes. Do they have peg legs and toucans, too?" Ziva asked lightly, and Sarah blinked.


"You know, those little coloured birds that sit on their shoulders-"

"Parrots, and no. Take this seriously. The kidnappers might be associated with space pirates. If so, we're about to fly into a nest of them that are going to try and shoot us to smithereens. If not, they're about to fly into a nest of them that are going to try and shoot them to smithereens. Either way, it's not looking good for the kids, so we have to save them. That means you shut the hell up and behave, got it?"

She met Officer David's gaze evenly; the door to the cockpit whooshing open interrupted her staring contest with the Israeli.

"Alright, I want an explanation for these three." Leia said as she entered the entertainment area.

"Casey's alright. These two think I've murdered a bunch of people – they were interrogating me when the Great Mother warned me." Sarah replied without preamble. "They won't believe that I don't just 'lose control' of my Gift."

"They think…" Leia trailed off. "Well, they're fools. How did they come to get transported here?"

"They grabbed me in an attempt to stop my escape." Sarah answered.

"They are sitting right here." Officer David piped up.

Sighing, the young knight turned back to the earthlings. "Casey, same rules as when the White Martians attacked. Jump when we say jump, duck when we say duck, fire in the hole means you get the hell out of the way." Looking to the NCIS agents, her tone turned icy. "You aren't the boss here, Gibbs. Here, you're an annoyance. You don't do as we say, I chain you up in the hold with a pair of stun cuffs. I'm not about to let your arrogance affect our chances of rescuing the kids."

Leia's eyebrow quirked at Sarah's words. "Well you're certainly in a bad mood."

"I've had a bad time recently. Don't ask." She warned.

"Had a bad time murdering people?" Gibbs quipped.

Sarah took a deep, calming breath. "Okay, you're getting cuffed in the hold. Chewie?"

"Sarah." Leia's voice was gentle, reproachful.

The Wookie wuffed a laugh and mussed her hair. "No, I don't think you quite realise how close to kicking his ass I am." She glared at the older agent, who glared right on back. "He has been on and on about how I 'murdered someone', how I'm a killer. I'm sick to death of it. He's getting damned close to an ass whooping."

"Yeah?" He stood nose to nose with her, but Chewie forced him back down to his seat.

"Sit down. Shut up. Bad luck for you, we're hurtling through hyperspace at faster than the speed of light, or I'd have you back at NCIS faster than the blink of an eye."

Leia tugged Sarah along, to the living quarters. "Spill."

"No, Leia, don't worry about me. You've got enough on your plate. I'll vent to Casey later." Sarah glanced down guiltily. "I'm not handling the situation very well. I'll get my head in the game."

"Sarah, look at me." Leia commanded firmly. "What happened?"

The younger woman sat on the bunk and pinched the bridge of her nose, staving off a headache. "It just seems like longer than a month since I was helping out with the harvest in Greenstone. I've been on two missions for the Gods, as well as helping out with an alien invasion in their dimension. I- I failed the first mission."

Leia pulled her into a tight hug. "And?"

"People died." Sarah replied bluntly; she wasn't going to break down at an inopportune moment, like the night before the White Martians had attacked.

"It wasn't your fault."

"I know." Sarah whispered. "That doesn't make it any better. But that's not important at the moment. What's important is that we have to get the kids back."

Leia plucked at the soft cotton of her sling. "How badly injured are you?"

The young knight sighed. "Third degree burn on the right arm that stubbornly refuses to heal, I was speared through the shoulder about a week ago, that's what the sling's for, and I've got healing gashes down my back."

"It'll be too dangerous for you to help out in the rescue." Leia pointed out softly, and Sarah scoffed.

"Me'n the kids escaped Runorlan with me worse injured." She pointed out. "And if I'd been just a bit faster, we wouldn't be hurtling towards a pirate strong hold with three very inexperienced earthlings to rescue them. What support do we have coming, anyway?"

"I gave the coordinates to Luke. He's bringing Kam, Kyp and Mara to help. Yavin's closer to the Firkan system than Coruscant; they should be arriving about the same time as we are." Leia answered. "Maybe you should get some rest."

"How long until we get there?" Sarah asked.

"About two days. I-" Leia's voice cut off, and her eyes grew distant, her face troubled. "Jaina's scared. Terrified."

"More than she was when she was kidnapped?" Sarah asked.

"Yes. They've felt like they're in fear since they were taken. But it just… just… spiked." Leia's voice was soft.

Laying a hand on Leia's shoulder, Sarah gave it a brief squeeze. "We'll get them. And we'll find the kidnapping bastards, and get them too. They'll be okay."

Nodding, the Chief of State moved to the door. "Get some rest. We'll have to sleep in shifts anyway, there aren't enough bunks."

"There are if we make Gibbs and David sleep on the floor." Sarah muttered.

"They really think you murdered someone?" Leia asked.

"Yeah. I went public in their dimension, and a few days later some Marines turned up dead with what looks like fused bones. Someone blasted them with their Gift, and since I'm the only person on the planet known to have the Gift, I must have done it." Sarah sighed and sat on the edge of a bunk, removing her boots.

"You'll clear it up." Leia reassured her.

"That's what Casey's here for. I met her and a bunch of other nice people in their dimension about four months ago. She's a prosecutor for the People, but she said she'd be my legal representation for the situation. She's really nice, tell Chewie to lay off of her, would you?" Sarah flopped backwards, letting her eyes flutter closed.

She heard footsteps approach and felt Leia's hand brush the bangs out of her eyes, before the older woman left the knight to rest.