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Also, each title will be named after a song.

Run away, Run away
I'll attack
Run away, Run away
Go Change yourself
Run away, Run away
Now I'll attack
I'll attack, I'll attack
I will attack

-Attack, 30 Seconds to Mars

Chapter One


"Logan Black!" I growled as a huge water balloon fell from above only to break smack dab on my black hair. "You're seventeen! When are you going to grow up?"

I glanced up, shielding my face with my arms in fear of being hit with another gigantic water balloon.

He grinned cheekily at me and prepared to drop another.

Fortunately for me, my father came to my rescue by taking me into his arms and moving out of the way. He glanced upwards into the tree, much like I had done except his look was far more vicious. With my height, I wasn't as intimidating as I could be. I was only four-foot-nine. Mom often called me 'Pixie', in referral to her best friend, Alice.

"Logan," my father snarled. Logan's eyes widened in fear and quickly he climbed down, Caleb, his best friend, trailing behind him.

"We were just having some fun," Logan said, brushing some black hair out of his face.

We were twins but the only things we had in common were our dark black hair and brown eyes. I happened to inherit my mothers pale skin while my brother got my father's beautiful russet color. Logan was a jock. Me? I preferred all things dark, like vampires, and… cheerleading. But hey… it was a good source of exercise.

"I send her to get you and you respond by soaking her?" Dad scolded. "We were supposed to be at your grandfather's thirty minutes ago. We've been waiting on you."

"Mister Black, it was really my fault," Caleb defended. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Caleb Uley was a year and a half younger than we were but you'd think he was older, except for the occasional pranks.

"Caleb, go home." Dad was way beyond angry now. Anyone who wasn't blind and with half a brain would understand that. "Crysta, go change and tell your mother we'll be right in. I need to have a talk with our son." Logan's shoulders slumped and I smirked, nodding to my father before running into the house.

Man was it hot in here…

I sighed, turning the a/c lower before hunting for my mother. "Mom?" I called out. "Logan got in trouble again."

Laughter came from the kitchen. It was something that always happened when Logan got into trouble. For some odd reason my mother always thought it was highly amusing as did my dad's best friends who just so happened to be sitting in the kitchen. "What?" I asked, trying to keep the smile off my face. "No Claire or Emma this time?"

"Claire's visiting her parents today," Quil answered after taking a sip of his beer. "It's her sister's birthday."

"And… why didn't you go with her?"

"Her sister is afraid of me."

Quil's comment earned a quiet laugh from Embry. "That's only because she walked in –"

Rather abruptly, Mom cleared her throat and shot a glare at Embry. "There is a child present, Embry."

"Sorry, ma'am," Embry replied. It was entirely obvious that he was embarrassed with the way his cheeks were reddening. My mother always enjoyed harassing Dad's friends. She claimed that they had always teased her when she was younger even though she was older by two years.

"And I assume that Logan is the reason why you're dripping on my floor?" Mom asked, sipping her water. I nodded. "Go change."

"Mom… do you mind if I… stay home today and not go to Grandpa Charlie's? I'm feeling a little… strange."

Mom, Quil and Embry all glanced at each other, believing that I didn't see them.

"Are you feeling alright, honey?" She stood from the table and walked over to me. Her hand touched my forehead but quickly retracted. "You're burning up…" Her voice was now barely a whisper but even when she turned back to look at my father's friends, I continued to feel weird.

I couldn't describe it. My insides were churning but not in a nauseas 'I have the flu' way. It was more of a 'my whole life is changing' way. I could feel the sweat forming on my brow and I began to feel clammy.

"Crysta, go upstairs," Mom ordered and I knew not to argue with her when she spoke to me in that certain note. Without responding, I turned and walked to my room and ignoring the whispering coming from the kitchen.


"We knew there was a chance that this could happen, Bella," Quil told me. It was a feeble attempt to try to calm my nerves. My hands shook so much that I couldn't even hold my water without spilling it.

"Why my children?" I asked. "Why does this have to happen to them?"

"The question is who set it off," Embry said, casting a glance at Quil. "Think it could be the Cullens?"

"But why would they come back?" I questioned.

Sixteen years ago, after I married Jacob, I had met with the Cullens in the meadow Edward and I had once shared. They had informed me that they were leaving and they were going to be living somewhere in England. I had wished them luck and Edward gave me a sad smile, knowing that the chances were slim to none that we'd ever see each other again.

Since then, not a day went by that I didn't think of my vampire family. Jacob could sense it and even though he didn't like the Cullens, he'd hold me while I cried myself to sleep. But now there was a chance that they had returned and they were changing the lives of my children.

I suddenly felt the anger boil within me. They had no right to even return here. They would be recognized if they went into town. I had aged and they hadn't. But why was I even angry with them? There was a good chance that they wouldn't return for another seventy years.

"Bella?" Jacob's voice brought me out of a daze and I glanced up at him. His eyes bore into mine. He knew I was worried but he didn't know why. "Everything okay? If we're –"

"We're not going to Charlie's," I responded in a monotone voice. "Something came up."

Jacob turned to his best friends but they shrugged. I would have to be the one to inform him of what his daughter was becoming.

"Jacob, Crys—"

The words never escaped my mouth as a loud crash came from upstairs. Standing quickly, I knocked my chair over and raced to the sound of the noise.

"Bella, no," Quil ordered, grabbing firmly on to me before I opened the door. He pulled me away as Jacob slowly opened the door.

It looked like a tornado had hit. Clothes were thrown about. The desk and lamp were completely destroyed. Logan cowered in the far right corner, hands and arms protecting his head as a large white wolf descended upon him.

"Crysta!" Jacob shouted. The wolf glanced at him and a flicker of recognition crossed her eyes. "Crysta, calm down. That's your brother, Logan. You two love each other."

A whimper escaped the wolf's lips. Slowly, Jacob approached with an arm outstretched, showing that he meant to harm. Quil and Embry followed.

"Mama?" a small voice called out. I glanced to my right and down the hall to see my youngest, Ava, staring at me with wide fearful eyes. "Is Crysta going to be okay?"

I smiled and approached her before kissing her forehead. "Crysta will be just fine, love," I answered. "But she's very ill and we think Logan will be catching it too. Would you mind if we sent you to Grandpa Charlie's for a while?"

"Will you come visit me?" she asked and my heart broke for her. She was only eight and so attentive but the fear was there in her nearly black eyes. She was afraid we would abandon her.

"Of course we'll come visit," I said. "Crysta and Logan will be unable to but I'll have them call you. And do you remember how I told you about my friend, Alice Cullen?"

Ava nodded enthusiastically. Her eyes lit up. "She was the one who sent me that box of stuff for Christmas."

"Right. Well there's a chance she and her family are in town. Now, your father isn't particularly found of Alice and her family but if she's here and it's okay with Daddy, you, me, Alice, her mother, Esme, and her sister, Rosalie, will take a weekend trip to Olympia and shop. Does that sound good to you?"

Ava continued to nod and began to jump up and down. Her excitement reminded me of Alice. I sighed, hugging Ava.

Jacob was so going to kill me…


Finally after some extreme coaxing, Crysta finally phased back. Her eyes were filled with horror and tears began to overflow. Quil and Embry tended to Logan, making sure to keep their eyes off of my naked daughter.

I looked around the room, finding a blanket before covering Crysta up. That's when she broke down. With the blanket securely wrapped around her, she began to sob and cling to me almost as if I was her life line.

She knew of the stories, having been to many fires on the beach before but like me, she had believed that they were simply stories. Now both Logan and Crysta knew the truth.

"Shh," I soothed. Gently, I ran a hand through Crysta's hair. "It'll be alright. I promise you. Everything will be alright. I'll help you through this. We'll all help you through this."

Crysta nodded, her cries subsiding.

"Get dressed and stay calm," I told her. "I'm going to talk to your mother."

Cautiously I let her go and before I turned to leave, I searched her tear stained face. She attempted to smile but it failed. I gave her one last hug before walking down the stairs in search of Bella.


"Will they like me?" Ava asked as we sat on my bed. She was laying in my arms as I read her a book.

"Will who like you?"

"Alice and her family."

"Of course," I replied with a shaky laugh. "Everyone will love you."

"Bella?" Jacob's voice sounded from outside.

I closed the book just in time. Jacob appeared in the doorway and smiled when he saw Ava. "Ava, why don't you run outside to play? Don't bother Crysta and Logan."

"Yes, Mama," Ava said, climbing off the bed and running past her father after he hugged her tight.

"Everything taken care of?" I asked.

Jacob nodded. He lied down next to me and pulled me into his arms. "I think it's the Cullens, Bella," Jacob said. "The pass few times they have been the ones to set things in motion."

"I thought it was a bad thing at first," I confessed. He looked at me like I had just grown two heads but I chose to ignore it. "I was angry for all of five minutes but then I saw Ava. She was so worried about Crysta. It changed my look on things. For fifteen years I've been around you and the pack, Jake. I miss the Cullens. If they're here I want to see them."

"But I don't understand why they might come back. They can't just go out into public."

That's when it dawned on me. Alice's gift.

"Jake… what if…" I stopped, biting my lip. "What if Alice saw something? She obviously can't see the pack but when we're not together, she can see me."

"You could be right, Bells." He placed a kiss on my forehead then sighed. "You can see them. But not the kids…"

"I already told Ava that… if they were here, she and I would spend the weekend in Olympia… shopping… with Alice, Rosalie and Esme."

Jacob's body began to shake furiously. I sat up and looked down at him. His eyebrows were narrowed and his lip was curled upwards. Jacob's shaking didn't scare me anymore like it used to. Not after we got into a fight two years ago, causing him to phase and attack. I was lucky though. My scars were on my stomach, hidden by clothes each and every day. It was easier to forget. "Jacob Black," I growled. I straddled his body and glared down at him. "You should know by now that they are perfectly harmless." He nodded reluctantly. "Now, I don't need you telling me who I can or cannot see. Ava adores Alice even though they've never met. If she wants to see Alice then she can. Got it?" I didn't allow him anytime to respond. I placed my lips firmly against him, running my tongue along his bottom lip. His mouth opened in a moan and his shaking was no longer of anger.

In defeat, he wrapped his arms tightly around me and our tongues fought for dominance before he flipped me on to my back without breaking the kiss.