My heart shattered as I watched you walk the road that lead out of the village. When I attempted to stop you all you said was thank-you and all I saw was pitch black. I grew tired of crying and feeling pathetic for myself for not having the strength to stop you. After the failed rescue mission that Naruto and the others went on I went to the Hokage's to ask Tsunade-sama to teach me the ways of healing and fighting.

Many long nights were spent reading and memorizing healing scrolls and the days were spent on focusing my chakra into my hands and feet to produce superhuman strength. Training under the Slug princess was not easy but with my brains and determination I completed my training. As time went on you were able to kill Orochimaru and your brother, Itachi. With their deaths you came back home to Konoha, yet you were still cold and distant. Shortly after you came back I noticed that you followed me to the training grounds and watch me put craters into the ground for hours on end.

The next time I saw you it was at the hospital for having poison in your body, I believe that it was then that you acknowledged my being. You started spending time with me after your discharge and in turn I got to know you as well. We started dating three months after your discharge and I felt that my heart was complete for the first time since your betrayal. A year after that you proposed to me and I cried for what seemed like an eternity. The wedding was beautiful, from saying I Do's on top of the Hokage Mountain to the reception on training ground seven when the Cherry Blossom's were in full bloom.

We spent a month away from the village for our honeymoon; it was spent on just carnal pleasure and pure bliss. It wasn't even two months later that we found out that I was pregnant the hard way…I truly do not believe that I can look at the Uchiha gardens the same way ever again. Through all the mood swings and funky food demands it was well worth the wait. Labor was long and hard and I swore to you that the next time we have a child you would be the one to give birth; I gave birth to a little girl whom we later named Yuki.

"Mommy?" Yuki called out.

"Yes dear?"

"Can we go home now?"

"Yes, let's go back home."

Holding my daughters hand I started to guide us out of the cemetery just as we were about to leave I turned my head to look one last time.

"May you find peace in Heaven, Sasuke."