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Chapter Five:

At Last We Meet


Here it is, the moment I have been waiting for. I watched as Bella made her way from Jasper's table to mine. She was truly a vision. I was so happy that it was now my chance to talk to this beautiful woman. I had heard quite a few things about her already. Each tidbit I was given only made me want more. This was going to be a very important five minutes. I was all of the sudden finding myself very nervous. This was strange; I came here just to get the guys off my back. I am never going to live this down. But if all goes as I am now hoping I really do not think that I will mind the lifetime of teasing.

I quickly stood as Bella came within feet of me. She looked me straight in the eyes and smiled as a slight blush came to her lovely cheeks. I stuck out my hand and helped her sit as I introduced myself.

"Hello, my name is Edward."

"Bella." She said as she sat. She kept her eyes locked on mine as I too sat.

"So, Bella, tell me about yourself. "

She then took a deep breath and let it out. "Well, let me see, my name is Isabella Marie Swan. I definitely prefer Bella though." She smiled then and kept talking. "I will be celebrating my twenty-eighth birthday in about three months. I currently live with my two best friends." She smiled a beautiful dazzling smile and let out a little laugh before going on. "They are actually the reason I am here tonight. They don't seem to approve of the men I tend to go out with, not that I really date that much anyway." Her face suddenly turned very red and she stopped talking. Her eyes got really wide and she slapped her hands over her mouth.

I waited for her to calm down before I spoke. She had dropped her hands and her head. I reached over to lift her face. I found myself not liking not being able to look into her eyes. She looked me in the eyes again and her face was not quite so red. "Are you okay, Bella?"

"Yes," She said with a shaky voice. "So, Edward, what brings you here on a beautiful night like this?" She was trying to get past the nervousness of accidentally revealing too much.

"Let's see." I said as I dropped my hand from her face and onto the table. My name is Edward Anthony Masen. I just celebrated my thirtieth birthday. I also live with my best friends which are also my college buddies. Also like you, I am here because of said friends. They seem to think that I do not date enough either. However, how am I supposed to what with work and volunteer work? I rarely have time to work on my compositions as is."

"Compositions?" She asked with wide eyes. "What do you play?"

"I am actually a pianist." I raised my eyebrow at her enthusiasm.

"Really?" She said with that bright smile back on her face. "I always wanted to learn how to play the piano." Her face was slowly turning pink again. "I have always been too scared to though."

I didn't mean to laugh at her. But that was one of the silliest things I had ever heard. "What do you mean you were too scared to?"

I was definitely noticing that she was very easy to make blush. But man did she look beautiful when she did. I found myself to be hanging on her every word at this point.


Finally I had gotten to him, the one that Carlisle seemed to approve of. Not that I was ever the kind of person to date someone because my father approved of him. I was never really the one to date period. I was never really able to find someone that gave me the desire to spend more than a few dinners with them. Alice and Rosalie always said it was because I never go out with men 'worthy' of me. Where they get that idea I do not know? I am a plain girl. How in the world do they actually expect me to go out with the kinds of guys they do? After all, I am sure that the only guys here that I am worthy of will not be on their list. But that certainly did not mean that I could not look, or talk to the others.

I couldn't help but fall into his beautiful emerald green eyes. I somehow managed to make it all the way across the room without tripping, while staring straight into his eyes. He had stood up to meet me when I got to his table. He then took my hand and helped me sit. My heart was now pumping very hard in my chest. I was almost certain that the entire room could here it.

He then introduced himself. Which was a good thing. I didn't want to slip up and let him know that I already knew who he was. I didn't want him to think that I was a stalker. I then introduced myself and he asked me about myself. I really have no clue what the heck happened. All of the sudden I couldn't shut up. The worst part is the fact that the things that were spilling from my mouth was my very embarrassing total loserness, or lack of dating. Now I seem stupid, desperate, and inexperienced. Please just dig my grave now.

When I was finally able to stop my embarrassing vomit of life I asked him about himself. He basically told me back all of the same things that I had just told him. I thought it was quite amazing that someone who looks as amazing as him could possibly have trouble dating. That had to be an exaggeration. There is no way that we could possibly have so much in common. Then he said something that completely knocked my breath away.

"… I rarely have time to work on my compositions as is." Could it possibly be? Could I have possibly found someone that could help bring out my secret wish?

"Compositions? What instrument do you play?" I enthusiastically asked him.

"I am actually a pianist." He said with a raised eyebrow.

I could not even try to hide my enthusiasm now. "Really, I always wanted to learn how to play the piano." I said as I felt the heat rise to my face yet again. "I have always been too scared to though."

He then started to chuckle as he asked me. "What do you mean you were too scared to?"

Well this was going to be the clincher. I could tell. Once I told him about my complete and lifelong handicap any inkling of a chance I had is going to go right down the drain. I took a deep breath and plunged forward though. "I am in no way what you could call graceful. I am actually immaculately clumsy. Pianos though, are so big and beautiful, not to mention expensive. I would be too scared of tripping and hurting myself and or the piano. That would be a total devastation."

"I would keep you safe." He said as he stared deep into my eyes. His words were so sincere and his gaze never faltered. I had to get his eyes off of me though. I was starting to become self-conscious again.

"How did you learn to play the piano?" I asked him hoping it would work. Lucky for me it did. He looked down at the floor for a second before grabbing his drink. He took a sip and then seemed to look more past me than at me.

"I was really young. My father was a lawyer and my mother a stay at home mom. To help her pass the time she would teach the neighborhood kids how to play. One day, for her birthday, I played her a song on the piano." He then looked down at his hands that were folded on the table. I took one of his hands in mine as I wiped the tears from my eyes. "She seemed to think that either I was too young or that I wouldn't want to learn after being forced to hear it all day long. She was wrong though. I always saw how happy playing made her. I always wanted to be a part of that so I secretly watched what she taught the others so that I could do it myself. She was so happy when I played for her. I don't think she ever cried so much when happy before."

I once again made a swipe to dry my face of my tears. He must of heard my sniffling because his head shot up and he made to wipe away my tears for me. He gave me a beautiful crooked grin that made me smile too.

"Why in the world are you crying?" He asked with another slight chuckle.

"Your story was so passionate and meaningful. I don't think I have ever done anything in my life for such a wonderful reason." I made to grab his hand from my face but he beat me to the punch. He then stared deep in my eyes and smiled again.

"I am sure that that is not true. You have this presence about you that just screams passion." My face instantly heated up again. Did I imagine his double meaning there? God I hope not.

"So I was wondering," I started as I bit my lip. "Since we both were roped into coming, completely against our will. Would you like to team up with me and get back our not so wonderful friends?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"That is the thing. I have nothing. I was hoping that you could help with that. Aren't guys supposed to love pranks and revenge anyway?"

"I would say that I am always up for a good prank. Let's see…" He then started to tap his chin with his index finger as he stared over at Emmett and Jasper. I looked over that way and saw to my amazement that Alice and Rosalie were sitting with them.


I must admit the idea of getting revenge for this night of semi torture was a good one. And knowing that Bella was the one that came up with the idea was even better. She seemed so laidback once she was able to get past her nerves. I couldn't help my eyes falling to the focus of our impending torture. But what to do. I could think of a couple things to get the guys. But did she need help with the girls. I am sure I could think about a couple good ideas for them too being that I had actually learned some pretty good things about them.

I suddenly looked back to Bella as I heard her giggling. It was a lovely sound. I followed her gaze and noticed that she was looking over in Emmett and Jasper's direction. Rosalie was sitting with Emmett and Alice with Jasper. I hadn't even noticed who was sitting with them a moment ago. I joined in her laughter and was more than happy when she leaned forward and put her hand on my arm. It tingled and there was a slight shock going up it.

Bella slowly looked down at her hand on my arm. I was pretty sure that she had felt the shock too. I then jumped as the final bell went off. I got up and helped Bella to her feet. I then moved a strand of hair from her face to place behind her ear.

"Perhaps we should get together when we leave here to come up with that very deserving revenge. Not that the night was a complete waste." I smiled as she blushed again and bent down to kiss her cheek. I was more than happy when at the last second she turned her head and my mouth landed on hers. When I pulled back she blushed before saying her good byes.

"Until later Edward."

"Definitely, Bella."

She then turned around and went to hug Carlisle and talk to him for a second as Ben got our attention.


I could not believe my boldness. I knew that it was now or never though. He was leaning down and I could see that he was going to kiss my cheek. But I was not having that. I needed to feel those oh so soft looking lips on mine. So that is what I did, I turned my head at the last moment. It wasn't me trying to be coy, not really. It just took my mind that long to decide if I had the courage to actually do it. I was very proud of myself that I did it though.

After I said goodbye to Edward I moved over to Carlisle's table as Ben came to the center of the floor.

"Thank you so much Carlisle." I whispered in his ear from behind. All of the sudden I heard a very familiar laugh. I looked up and saw Esme sitting across from Carlisle.

"Esme!" I cried as I went to go and hug her. "Did Alice and Rosalie con you into attending tonight too?"

"No my dear. I came at Angela's request." Esme said with a smile.

"So, what, pray tell, are you thanking me for?" Carlisle asked.

I quickly looked back at Edward then back to Carlisle. "He really is a great guy. I actually made planes with him for when we get out of here."

"I am so proud of you. Make sure you let me know how that goes."

"I will," Before I had a chance to say anymore Ben finally started to speak.