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"Where am I?"

"Oh, I'm in the basemen where father works"

"I…I'm hiding…why am I hiding?"

"Oh, it's cause I'm not supposed to be here and if father or Mr. Paul catch me they'll be so mad"

"No…I'm listening to something…I'm listening to Mr. Paul talking"

"Someone else is talking, who is talking?"

" Was it Mr. Paul?"

"Yes…no…I think…no…no I remember, it is Mr. Paul and…and…I can't remember"

"I think I saw him…it?"

"Did they see me?"

"I'm scared cause I think they might have…are they coming?"

"Oh no!…the door…I have to…they…they're here!"

"Is Mr Paul wanting to kill me?

"The…what is…no…no…no…it can't be him…please please god, don't make it…HIM!"

"Brother, mother…Father! It's…Him...it's..."

Jeff woke with a start; sitting bolt upright in the bed he was sharing with his brother. He was sweating as if he had just run 30 miles, his heart was pounding in his chest; he could barely catch his breath. The dream! It was a dream, wasn't it? He was confused. He could still feel the fear that gripped him in the dream. He wanted to find his mother, warn her, but it was not his mother, the brother was not his brother, nor was the father his father. It was Glens…no…no not Glen, Kane; he was dreaming Kane's life. No he, he was getting confused. Glen was Kane, or Kane was Glen's real name but Glen did not want to be called Kane. Why couldn't he stop seeing Glen and thinking Kane? It was like something wanted him to, forcing him to, know Glen as Kane. He put his hands up to his head as it started to pound in time with the beating of his heart; it was like the two organs were trying their damnedest to burst their way out of his body.

With a strangled cry the young man rolled from the bed landing on his knees sobbing uncontrollably; the pain almost too much to bare. He could hardly think coherently past the excruciating pain. The ache was so powerful his gut started to churn as nauseas gripped him, adding to his wretched condition. By this point he could not hear past the pounding of the blood in his ears, he could not think past the pain in his head, chest and belly. He was past the point of caring to understand the dream that had led to his current condition, all he wished at this point was that he die, and die soon, so the torment would end. He could not even remember who he was; what his own name was, or where he was, that he had a brother only a few feet away. The brother who was roused from his deep, dreamless, sleep by the pain-filled cry of his sibling; the brother that now held him in his arm trying to fathom what was wrong. Jeff was in so much pain he did not even feel the arms about his body, or hear the panicked questions yelled at him by this very brother.

And panicked Matt was. He could feel violent tremors run through his brother's body as he held him. He called out Jeff's name over and over, but it was as if his younger brother could not hear him, as he moan or screamed in turn. Matt was at a loss as to what to do to help his beloved brother. He turned lost, beseeching eyes to the large man standing above him, praying Glen had an answer to what was happening to Jeff. The look in Glen's eyes held no answers, just despair, confusion and helplessness.

Glen had been awakened from his own rest when he heard Jeff scream. Yet, unlike Matt, he heard the scream both in his ears and his head. The psychic cry was so powerful the pain he felt at it's reception was still a dull ache; an ache that was preventing Glen from being able to focus on the emotions wafting off the youngest Hardy. He felt, with all his being, that if he could read the young boy, he would have an answer to a lot of questions. Till now he could barely get anything from the young man; differing from Mark who could not read the boy at all. The fact he was getting even this sliver of emotion off of Jeff meant something, and the large wrestler knew it. He was frustrated that he was being prevented from getting through and reading him, Glen felt without a shadow of a doubt that this moment in time would not come again, at least not in time. Whatever caused the young man to wake screaming, to be causing all this pain had to have something to do with Mark and, possibly, the mission they were on for his father. It was now up to him to figure it out; and to do that he had to ease Jeff's pain and trying and find out what was going on in the boy's head.

Jeff, his name was Jeff. He was, finally, able to fight past the pain to this extent. He knows who he is; now if only he knew where he was, or why he was in so much agony. Each time he tried to open his eyes there was a blinding light that shot straight to his brain setting the pain to new levels of torment. His throat was painfully raw, no doubt from the screaming. He was sure he was screaming, he just could not hear it past the pounding in his ears, like a bass drummer had set up shop and was practicing for the Macy's Thanksgivings Day Parade. The pain was getting to a point where he was starting to find it difficult to breath. He knew it was getting hard to breath from the feeling of dizziness that was creeping up on him, the only thing he could feel from his chest was a faint constricting pain that mingled into all the other tormenting agony wracking his body.

Something was wrong, very very wrong. Jeff was gasping as if he could not breath and one hand was clutching at his chest. This and the young man's pallid color had his brother over the edge in uncontrolled panic. He could not speak at this point, not even to call to his baby brother, his mind would not function as he shook his sibling, trying to will him to breath, to open his eyes, say something, anything. Jeff was dieing and he knew it.

Glen saw the situation and he knew he had to do something fast or they would lose Jeff Hardy right there in this cheap motel room. He also knew that what ever he did, it would mean ignoring the feeling he had that Jeff held an answer to all their questions. But it was a sacrifice he had to make. His friend's life hung in the balance and he was not going to lose him.

Dropping to his knees besides the elder brother he gripped each side of Jeff's head, completely ignoring the frantic and bewildered look Matt shot him. He did not have time to explain to the elder Hardy brother what he was doing; time was of the essence. He had one shot at this and one shot only. If he made one mistake, one misstep, Jeff would die; or worse. Closing his eyes he allowed his consciousness to slip from the here and now, leaving him unaware of his own surroundings. Slipping into his own mind, deeper, deeper, deeper, till he came to an idealized entrance framing a set of double doors. The large wooden edifice was finely crafted with intricate designs depicting family scenes of joy on one side, and images of death and destruction on the other. At the center, where the two doors met, the scenes seem to mix and mingled into each other, in a maelstrom of contradictory images. At once you would have a smiling woman, being torn apart by a fanged demon with horns and long, stringy, hair. In another a small boy would be tossing a ball to a leering creature engulfed in flames.

Beyond this door Glen holds great treasures and great horrors; memories, both joyous and heartbreaking. Yet that is not all that resides on the other side of this massive portal. Within Glen holds safe access to an ability he has had since childhood. One even his brother has forgotten he possessed. It is this ability for which he has ventured into his own mind to bring forth. It is a power he feared when young and fought alone to lock behind this very entrance when it was not nearly the size it is now, nor as grand. It is a power that nearly drove him crazy during those early days of his life. He remembers the many times, early on, when he would be forced to avoid his family just to maintain his fragile young sanity. It was these times he envied and hated his brother. For Mark, for all his acquired talents of later years, seemed free of anything 'unnatural' while growing up. That did not take away from the fact he was such a strange boy that it took children of strong will to even willingly associate with him, but that was more do to his frequent bouts of melancholy, not to mention his height.

Glen had less trouble with getting friends, but, like his brother, he had just as easy a time losing them.

With an unconscious mental shake Glen brushes away these idle musings as he slips past the portal doors, not needing them to open for his passage. In fact it is his habit of passing through the doors without opening them. Beyond the door wore motes of glowing lights, floating along his mindscape. Glen knew what these motes were and so he made sure to avoid each one till he came to one that was larger then most, and pulsed with an eerie red and green light. With little hesitation Glen's consciousness plunged into the glowing mote, merging, become one as the red and green lights started to pulse faster and faster, till soon it seemed to be but one color…red.

Outside of Glen's body Matt was at a loss as to what to do. His brother's breathing had become a struggle and Glen, had slumped suddenly for no reason. He knew he could do nothing to help his younger brother. He had to hope that whatever Glen was doing, it would save Jeff before it was too late to do so.

Within the mind of Glen the mote's form starts to fluctuate, growing dark red tentacles that squirm about, reaching and contracting as if seeking something to enfold. Slowly they move towards the doorway, seeping easily past the closed portal, moving between cracks and between the meetings of the two double doors. In the living world Glen's body suddenly jerks forward as his hands clamp down on the sides of Jeff's head, a faint red glow encasing, first, his hands then the boys head as well. The sight gives Matt only a moment's pause. If this had been a year ago, he truly would have been disconcerted to the point of fright, but he has seen much in his short time with the brothers, not to mention his time spent on the Darkside, that this sparked only that minuet reaction.

Within Jeff's mind a war was being waged. He was not aware of the combatants or whose side he should be supporting, but it raged nonetheless. All the young man knew was pain, pain and an undefined sense of urgency. All Glen knew was a need to save the young man before him, not that those were conscious thoughts, but it was a driving force.

Slowly, painstakingly so, the red mote that was Glen's power in Jeff's mind, moved forward, and as it went fortifications built up about the subconscious of young Jeff. Memories were pushed aside, thoughts, that were foreign to the young man fell back behind barriers few would be able to breach; and only if they new they were there and how to bring them down. Without knowing, somehow Glen knew that he was shoving the answers to all their questions far down into the mind of the young Hardy, but it was the task he has set for himself and it was past the point of no return. If the answers were ever to be had, they would not come from this source.

Outside of the embattled mind of his brother, Matt could tell something was changing. Jeff was suddenly breathing with much more ease, the tenseness in his body had diminished and the older man could tell the pain was subsiding; whatever it was Glen had done, he know he could never repay. It seemed, to him, he owed a great deal to the Brothers of Destruction. He watched as the glow from Glen's hands slowly dimmed then ceased altogether, as he felt his brother's breathing return to a normal rhythm with a small sigh as if, even unconscious knew his time of torment was at an end.

"He'll be ok now" came the rough, weak exhausted voice from his side. He looked up at Glen, looking into the older man's eyes and feeling a great gratitude and new respect for this man. It suddenly occurred to the older Hardy brother that Mark was not the only one of the two brothers with a sacrificing soul. Over the last year he had seen Mark perform many acts of kindness and compassion many in this world would be shocked the Deadman could be capable of, and now he sees it runs in their family.

"I'll get him back in bed, and you had best do the same," Matt says as he stands lifting his brother onto the bed, as best he could with the near dead weight, "I'll go out and get the stuff we need to find Mark, you need to rest and so does my brother."

Glen sighs, and stands shakily, what he had done had drained him badly and even though he wanted to protest Matt's suggestion, common sense told him the young man was right, besides, he reasoned, what had to be done, needed all of them at full strength. "Fine, I'll make a list, you have to get everything on it, ok."

Glen went to the table to jot down a few things on the pad there, handing the finished list to the smaller man with a sigh as he made his way slowly to his bed and nearly fell down on top of it. "Don't forget anything on that list, we need them all." That was the last thing he said before darkness took him.

In New York Mark, now known as Tani, is busy setting a large box on a shelf as Asha watches him with approving eyes. She pats his large arm reassuringly once he has done his task, "Thanks Tani, been wanting that box out of the way for ages." She turns and heads over to one of the large tables that is currently strewn with books and takes a seat. "Well come on, you said you'd help me with the translations on this one."

"Ok, ok, hold your horses, your worse then Ken sometimes" With a smirk Mark walks over and takes a seat on the chair next to the young woman, "Ok, where were we?" He looks to the passage she is pointing to and nods, "Unei…Sosu…Kojai….Unnijazuk. There is no direct translation to English, but what it means is 'The Stars Fall as the Will sees the sun." He chuckles as he sees the sour look she gives him.

"You call that a translation, it means as much to me as the original words" she pokes Mark in the arm lightly and pouts fluttering her eyes a bit, knowing it really has no effect on him, "Come on Tani, can you make it a bit more understandable for little ol me?"

Mark shakes his head at her, over the top, attempt to cajole him and sighs while tugging at her ear lobe a habit he had developed over the 2 weeks he has been with the group. "You know that won't work on me little girl, and the really really simple translation is 'Once the power in you is strong, then your power over the world well be stronger' and that is really the simplest I can make it fer ya."

Asha loves when his southern drawl peeks out when he speaks, it's not something he is conscious of doing, it seems to emerge when he is most relaxed, which seems to be more and more these days. She tries to ignore the fact that his accent is not the only thing about the man she loves. Though he is much older then her, and according to Ken, even more so then the obvious years that have settled on his face, she finds something about him, an aura that seems to hug him like a second skin that has her wanting to be near him whenever time permits. For a while she was afraid she was under a spell or a curse, that came with their summoning the giant of a man, but then she had to admit to herself that it was just plain human attraction. Nothing would come of it, she was no fool in that department, but still, there was no harm in daydreaming of what it would be like to be in this man's life forever.

Mark quickly turned his attention back to the book as he went about translating more of it for the woman at his side, doing his best to hide the warmth in his cheeks that threatened to reveal he can hear every thought Asha is having. The fact they all are directed towards him is a bit unnerving. It is not that she is attracted to him that has him unsettled, he feels nothing either way in that regards, but that he can hear her private thoughts and no matter what he tries he can not seem to block them out, making him feel like an intruder in a place he does not belong. Her intimate thoughts are her own and he has no rights to them. It is just another aspect of himself that troubles him greatly. From not knowing his own name, to not knowing where he comes from, he finds in his short known life he already feels a stranger. Even the fact he is not devoid of knowledge of the world bothers him. It tells him that he is no stranger to the world, that he must have had a life before he appeared in groups loft, yet he remembers none of it, not a nagging itch, not a odd feeling. There is nothing there to tell him who he is, or where he comes from.

Asha sees the crease settle on her new friend's brow and knows he is lost in his on thoughts, thoughts that tend to be about his origin. She looks down sadly, wishing beyond anything she could help him. Even if it means it would take him away from her, she would rather see him happy knowing who he was, then seeing him torn apart with not knowing. She glances over to a corner where Sam is sitting at a computer, then back to the other end of the table, they sit at, where Ken is looking through the book that brought Tani here in the first place. The three agree they have to find out who he is, while also figuring out how he will lead them to the power they seek; thought, at the moment, all Asha wishes is for Tani to be whole and happy once more.

"Holy Shit!" Sam exclaims from where he sits in front of the computer, startling all the others.

"What is it man?" Asks Ken as he rises to walk over to Sam.

Asha is about to follow then decides they can let her know what Sam had found as Mark give her the next translation, so she does not see the look that her two oldest friends shoot in the direction of the man at her side.

Ken and Sam, seeing neither saw their actions lean close together whispering so their voices do not carry.

"Dude, what do we do now?" this from a noticeably unsettled Sam.

"You're asking me? I wasn't expecting this." He looks once more over to Mark and Asha, "If he finds out he's gone, if we keep it from him and he finds out, we're gone"

"But we need him, you said you were certain of that, from what you read and what he was able to translate for you." Comes back Sam, "If we lose him now, we can kiss the power goodbye"

Ken nods, and sighs, reaching over and closing the page that Sam had opened, "We say nothing" he glances over to Asha, "Don't tell Asha either, I think she's got a thing for him and might want to tell him just to make him happy."

With that the older man walks back to his seat flashing a slight smile to Mark and Asha, as Sam leaves the computer and moves to a couch to watch TV.

"What was that all about Ken" asks Asha as she looks up to see Ken back with his book.

"Huh? Oh with Sam, he uh, hit a link to an occult site that did not lead there, but to a porn site, a very graphic porn site." He hated being duplicitous with the girl, but he had no choice he had to keep 'Tani' with them till he could figure out how World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler The Undertaker was connected to ancient magic powers.