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Five years. One thousand, eight hundred and twenty-six days. In other words, a long, long time. Long enough for someone to forget things, even. To forget childhood stories, to forget adventures they had, to even forget people. People that, as children, they had seen in their wildest dreams, but now, after meeting them, pass them off as nothing but a dream.

But not for Wendy.

As John and Michael and the Lost Boys forgot about Neverland, Hook, and even Peter Pan himself, and as Mr. and Mrs. Darling forgot about the night their children disappeared and returned with more, Wendy was the only one in her house that still remembered. The only one that still believed. The only one who hoped with all her might, that Peter would come back for her. She regretted ever leaving Neverland, for life back in London left a lot to be desired. Her brothers thought she was quite strange, still believing in those silly fairy-tales they had "made up" as children. Her parents, even her once loving, caring, gentle mother, had changed. She thought it was high time Wendy became a lady, and to get her head out of the clouds. Her father had become even stricter, if that was possible. She didn't know what had caused this change, but she knew quite well that she didn't like it. And, most importantly, during those five long years without Peter, she realized that she was in love with him. So now Wendy sits, staring out her open window, wishing at a star.

Please, please, I just wish Peter would come back for me.

She began to turn away, but before she could turn around completely, something caught her eye.

The star she had wished upon, The Second Star to the Right, seemed to wink at her.

Wendy looked at the Star curiously. Something seemed to be coming from it. Something was…flying from it.

Right towards her bedroom window.

She dived out of the way just in time. When she looked back at the thing that flew into her room, she gasped.

He was still dressed in his leaf costume, his hair still as wild as ever. His eyes still the entrancing shade of blue. He looked to her, and the same cocky grin spread on his face.

"Hey, Wendy," he said.

That was all it took. Wendy ran toward Peter with an enormous smile on her face. He outstretched his arms in the nick of time, Wendy falling into them as he did so.

"I knew you would come back, I knew it!" She said, still smiling, tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

"We have a lot to catch up on, don't we?" He asked grinning as big as she.

Sitting on the bed, Wendy told Peter everything that had happened in the last 5 years. How the others forgot about him, how her parents had changed so much. When she had finished, he looked at her with sadness in his eyes.

"Oh, Wendy, I'm so sorry. I wanted to come back sooner, I really did, but I…" Peter trailed off.

"Did what, Peter?" Wendy urged.

"Grew up."

Wendy then took a good look at him. He seemed the same, carefree boy at first, but then she noticed that his face was more mature, his body more toned, more muscular. He was right, he had grown up.

"Peter, how…" Wendy was interrupted.

"I think it was your thimble. I think it made me grow." Peter explained.

Her kiss. Her kiss made him grow up. Wendy was overcome with guilt. If she had known…

Peter seemed to realize this, and lifted her chin up, so that she looked directly into his eyes.

"Don't be sorry, Wendy. Please don't," He whispered. "Besides, growing up has made me learn something."

"What's that, Peter?"

"Well, your thimble, which Tinkerbell finally told me was a kiss, made me grow up, because, well, because I knew, deep inside, that I had to do anything at all to be with you. Growing up made me realize that…I'm in love with you, Wendy," Peter finished in a whisper, looking solemnly at his bare feet.

He loved her. He loved her! She looked at Peter, who had raised his head to see her reaction, and whispered,

"I love you too, Peter."

And with that, Peter tilted her chin, and kissed her with all his might. Wendy melted into it, and their lips seemed to fit together like a puzzle that, after five years, had finally been solved. Wendy felt Peter's tongue brush gently across her lips, and she parted them, letting it enter her mouth. He explored it, memorizing every inch of it, and their tongues danced while Peter's fingers ran gently through her silky hair, and she pressed closer to him, as if trying to become one whole being, instead of two. The back of her mind argued that this was most unladylike, but she didn't listen, nor did she care. At this moment, all Wendy cared about was Peter, and all Peter cared about was Wendy. For that is how it is when you are in love, you care about that person more then you care about anything else in the world.

And then, as quickly as it had started, they parted, each catching their breath. After a few more short kisses and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ear, they both lay on the bed, staring at every inch of the other's body, as if trying to preserve it in their minds for eternity.

Peter looked into her eyes, into her very soul, it seemed, and whispered into her ear the very words that she had wanted to hear for five long years.

"Come away with me, Wendy, forever."

She looked directly into his blue eyes, and Peter heard the words that he had wanted to hear since he had fallen in love with her.

"Yes, Peter. Forever."

With that, Peter's face lit up like it never had before, and together, hand in hand, they both flew out of the open window, toward the Second Star to the Right, toward Neverland.

Toward Home.

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