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Hi, everyone! Thanks for your words of support because of the flamer. I really appreciate that.. Anyways, I've had a burst of inspiration and decided to make this a two-shot .IMPORTANT MESSAGE: LISTEN TO THE SONG, Walking in the Air by Chloe Agnew to add to the dramatic effect of this chapter! Also, I won't be updating as much, as school is very time-consuming! Thanks guys!

Chapter 2: Walking in the Air

Walking in the air…floating in the sky…

Floating in the air…

Wendy took hold of Peter's hand as he led her out the open window. As they ascended, Wendy remembered her first experience flying, so many years ago. Looking down, she saw the many lights that came from the windows of London.

We're walking in the air,

We're floating in the moonlit sky,

The people down below

Are sleeping as we fly…

She looked at the sky, and the moon that lit her and the London rooftops a silver color. She turned her head to face Peter, who was staring ahead with a smile on his face. She grabbed both his hands tightly, and began to dance in the air, laughing.

We're holding very tight,

I'm riding in the midnight blue

I'm finding I can fly,

So high above with you…

Peter danced with her, spinning her as if she were a ballet princess. She saw that they were now flying above a forest, and she caught a glimpse of herself and Peter in a stream. They lowered slightly to touch the cool water, and flew into another village. It wasn't very late at night, but two small children, around 8 years of age, were getting ready to go to sleep. They looked out their bedroom to see two people floating in the air. Now these children were firm believers in Peter Pan, just as John and Michael used to be, and had heard many tales of Wendy's adventures with the boy who refused to grow up.

Children gaze, open mouth,

Taken by surprise

Nobody down below

Believes their eyes…

"Mummy, Daddy, come quickly!" Wendy heard the children shout. Their parents came walking into the room and, following their children's excited eyes, gasped in astonishment when they saw a young man and woman, one in a blue nightgown and the other in an outfit made from leaves, floating in midair. Wendy laughed as Peter waved to the dumbstruck parents and their excited children, and guided her away.

We're surfing in the air,

We're swimming in the frozen sky

We're drifting over icy

Mountains floating by…

They flew over the village and the higher they went, the colder it became. Wendy saw her breath in front of her face as she sighed in contentment. Shivering, she got closer to Peter, who smiled and put an arm around her. Peter then gave Wendy his famous childish smirk, and suddenly dived down, heading, straight down, toward the lake underneath them. Wendy screamed in excitement, and Peter laughed, and as they were about the touch the water, Peter swooped up into the air once again.

Suddenly, swooping low, on an ocean deep

Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep…

Wendy suddenly felt like a child again, laughing gaily with Peter as they headed toward the Second Star to the Right. She closed her eyes, and after a few moments opened them again. She gasped as she saw the familiar tropical island that inhabited her dreams almost every night. They flew to Mermaid Lagoon, to Skull Island, and to where the fairies reside. Every creature that was around during Wendy's first journey to the enchanted place waved as they passed. The couple stopped over a canopy of trees, floating.

"Welcome home, Wendy," Peter whispered, and they kissed deeply under the moonlit sky of Neverland.

We're walking in the air,

We're dancing in the moonlit sky,

And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly…

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