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Ages: Kagome: 15, Aang: 12, Zuko, Sokka: 16, Katara, Azula: 14

Pairing: Zuko/Kagome, Katara/Aang

Bright blue eyes glanced up, slightly narrowed and annoyed at the visiting customer. She sighed, it was the seventh one this week, a particularly high number, she had noticed. Her hands twitched unconsciously, ready to work their magic. The man was disgusting, large and old. She did not like how he was looking at her like that, lust within his murky amber eyes.

'Fire-bender…I suppose.' Kagome unconsciously thought, shifting a bit on her comfy pillows. In the few months that she been in this place, she had noticed that all Fire-benders seemed to have amber or gold coloured eyes, effectively and painfully reminding her of him. Her long legs curled to her chest, the bottom of the kimono-like robe falling open and baring the soft and pale skin of her legs. The lust only seemed to increase at the sight and Kagome almost wretched.

'Isn't my life just lovely right now?' Kagome thought sarcastically, her blue eyes flashing angrily. Ah yes, her blue eyes. They were what got her in this mess in the first place simply because her master thought they were a rare shade that much like a gem. She didn't see what the big deal was about her blue eyes. Sure, a human having blue eyes in the Sengoku Era was unheard of but in this place, it wasn't. She had seen other people with blue eyes, though they were rare in this particular land.

The Fire Nation, her now unfortunate home.

She really did hate it here, having landing here not on her own will. It was that damn Naraku, even after his death, he still haunted her. He had changed the well passage somehow, even when he was imprisoned in that damn Shikon no Tama. The jewel was now gone, the residual powers locked within her.

She was simply trapped here, in this alternate…world as you could say, with no way of getting back home. She had to find a passage much like the well's, but she couldn't so long as she was stuck here.

And that brings her to her current job. She had been captured by these Fire-benders (well, not so much captured then picked up, she was unconscious when the fire soldiers found her) and due to her unusual blue eyes and good looks (though she really didn't think so), she had been put into a brothel.

Apparently, rumours seemed to be circulating about her, about her legendary skills in bed. She snickered some at the thought, noting the man creeping closer out of the corner of her blue eyes. She was sickened at the large and creepy grin on his ugly face. She smirked slightly, adjusting the thin robe that the brothel had kindly provided her. It was dark blue with white trimmings, complete with a black obi-like sash.

Despite the fact she was currently living in a brothel, she was actually a virgin. People, mostly Fire-benders, had tried having their…way with her, but she could defend herself in a way that people didn't even question it. She first simply let her clients in close, making them drop their guard and then she struck.

She had figured a way to cancel their Fire-bending, taking it away from them. A few pokes to a few certain pressure points simply allowed them no use of their skills and then a simple poke to a pressure point to knock them out cold. To make things better, their Fire-bending wouldn't come back until she poked another set of certain pressure points, which she had no plan in doing (surprisingly, the benders were sort of similar to mikos and monks in that aspect, as their holy powers could be suppressed in the same way).

And because of that, they simply had no memory of what happened. They had thought they been knocked out because of her and the so-called immense pleasure she could cause (which was really her miko ki to distract them). She was known as a hell-cat in bed and that was how she seemed to become famous in this little section of the Fire Nation.

Luckily for her, she was still a virgin, untouched by these disgusting old men.

She sighed again, now glaring at the old man leering at her, who was practically shoving off his crimson-coloured armour. She didn't dare move from her spot, knowing a bit better. She had thought of escaping when she first arrived here, but that plan was brutally shot down when she witnessed a similar plan from a female Earth-bender.

The girl had tried to escape with her bending, but was brutally murdered in front of everyone (including herself) as an example to others. Try to escape and that would be your fate, a brutal death. Though she was about one thousand times stronger when she first fell into the Sengoku Jidai, she knew her limitations. There was no way in hell she could escape successfully without being burnt to a crisp. There were just too many Fire-benders in this place, she was no match for that hundreds that occupied this rather large village.

Besides, she didn't want to reveal her miko powers (though she wasn't even sure that these people even knew what a miko was) and she wouldn't anytime soon. At least not until the right time...

"C'mere girly…" The old disgusting man said drunkenly and Kagome winced, disgusted that she would even have to touch the man. She stayed put, fluttering her long lashes in an attempt the man closer to her so she could go through her bending suppressing plans.

It worked like a charm as the man stumbled over to her comfy cushions, almost crushing her with his weight as he fell in front of her. Kagome tried to smile seductively (it probably failed miserably, but the man didn't seem to notice) and beckoned him closer with her finger.

Again it worked, the man eagerly crawling over to her. She winced internally at what she was about to do but it simply had to be done. She said nothing during all of this, merely putting her arms around his neck, hugging him closer. She shivered in disgust as he started to kiss her neck eagerly but allowed her miko ki to flow to her fingertips.

The man seemed to hiss in pleasure as she lightly rubbed his back with her glowing pink fingers, crushing her closer to him and almost restricting the life out of her. Maybe the rumours were true then, the blue-eyed girl really was legendary in bed. She was only touching him on the back and he already felt on the verge of climax.

Kagome smirked a bit darkly, seeing that her distraction technique was working. Her fingers poked him lightly in the pressure points, the old man not noticing because he was too enthralled with her buzzing miko ki. Her smirk grew as she hit the last pressure point, effectively blocking his Fire-bending (though not his knowledge…yet).

Her finger roughly pushed into another certain pressure point, blocking the blood from flowing to his brain and knocking him out cold a few seconds later. He slumped against her, almost crushing her with his large weight again but she merely pushed him off her person with disgust.

It was only a matter of time before the old man's time was up and the 'master' came up to haul the man out or make him pay for another hour. Kagome sat in the corner, messing her long dark hair up and letting the shoulders of the robe to slightly slide down her shoulders. A few moments before the hour was up, she held her breath for some time, allowing her face to turn into a pale shade of pink, making her looked flushed from doing… things she didn't even want to think about.

The 'master' came barging in a few moments later, an irritated expression on his greedy face. "Time's done." He said uselessly, looking at the out cold man with a raised brow. He smirked at the glaring Kagome, obviously happy with her 'performance.'

'If he only knew…' Kagome snickered in her mind, watching with detached blue eyes as the 'master' ordered some guards to drag the man away. She expected the 'master; to leave also and wasn't expecting for him to turn back to her, the greedy look on his face turning into something dark and sinister. She was very wary of such a look, it couldn't mean anything good…

"Heh, it seems your legendary skills in bed—" Kagome visibly bristled at him. "have caught the attention of some very important people." The owner of the brothel said, the greedy look deepening. "And judging from what I've heard already, I'm going to get a very high profit of selling you off." The 'master' said and Kagome glared at him, though her blue eyes were slightly curious. Just who were these 'important' people? She didn't dare to say a word though, knowing better to question 'master's' actions. Despite him being a weak Fire-bender, she didn't need to draw any kind of attention to herself.

Kagome watched as the owner smirked at her again before he walked out. The miko sat in silence, slightly worried now. If she really was going to be sold, she really doubted that she could keep her act up any longer. Especially if the person was 'important.'

She sighed, adjusting the robe back up onto her shoulders. Man, she really hated her life right now. 'Stupid jewel…I am your guardian and have been for fifteen years and this is how you repay me…?' Kagome thought rather bitterly, her 'legendary' blue eyes darkening.

Kagome tensed, glaring up at the lock door and it suddenly opened. She blinked momentarily, not expecting the sight. It was a girl, a very cruel and arrogant-looking girl dressed in men's armour. Kagome was wary to see that the girl looked to be younger than herself. The female was smirking.

'The 'master' didn't even warn me of her arrival…' Kagome thought, now bored as the girl stared at her arrogantly, as if she was better then she. 'But anything is better than this…' Kagome thought while she silently sighed. Seeing a female wasn't that unusual, though how young the girl did look slightly surprised her. Due to her 'so-called' legendary skills in bed, it did draw some females to her. Not that she treated them any different from the men that she saw on a daily basis, also taking away their Fire-bending.

"This is the girl? She is the one who is so good?" The female said haughtily, as if Kagome wasn't even worth her attention. Kagome only glared slightly but not bothering to say anything. She didn't need to…

"Hmmph, a waste of money really, but father did insist…" The female said with disinterest, though it seemed more directed to herself than anyone. Kagome snapped to attention as the girl smiled at her with a cruelty that almost reminded her of Naraku, if that was even possible.

"You better hope you live up to your name, your life depends on it." The female said coldly yet with some dark and twisted humour, as if finding the thought of burning Kagome to death was funny. Kagome only glared lightly, though the female didn't notice as she turned around to call for someone.

"Oh Zu-Zu! Come and see your new whore!" The female snickered insanely and a large shadow came up behind the girl.

Kagome only stared at the male, surprised to see that he was rather good-looking and young. Most of the people who had come to see her were old perverted men and a few older woman but never this young. The male had shaggy brown hair and was wearing crimson robes only meant for royalty.

But what caught Kagome's complete attention was the rather large scar covering his eye on the left side of his face. The male looked emotionlessly at her, as if he didn't want to be near her.

Kagome did not like how her heart seemed to pound painfully within her chest as she locked her blue eyes with his amber eyes.

But what she liked even less was the slight pity that could be read in his golden orbs.