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Kagome could only stare at the boy, who couldn't be that much older than herself. He was now looking away from her, his handsome face was rather emotionless. Kagome frowned internally, seeing that this new detail would completely ruin any kind of hope for escape. Just how could she ever escape when she would be living with royalty?!

The female simply smirked, nodding to the armoured fire-guard who had just stepped behind her. "Take it off." The cruel-looking girl seemed to order, motioning to her blue kimono-like robe. Kagome and even the male both looked surprised at the order, the miko grabbed the shoulders of the clothing protectively. There was no way in hell she would ever take off her clothes in front of these strangers…

"Azula, that isn't necessary." The teenage male said, Kagome remembered the female calling him 'Zu-Zu.'

"Oh, Zu-Zu," The female now identified as 'Azula' simply shook her head, tsking as if he did something wrong. "We have to 'see' the merchandise. We can't be taking home damaged goods, now can we?" Azula turned back to Kagome with that sadistic, cruel look. "Take it off." She ordered again.

Kagome opened her mouth to reply with something snarky, but was completely unprepared for the guard behind her to put his hand on her shoulder, roughly tugging down the kimono-like robe down her shoulder. "What the hell?!" The miko snarled, not caring that she was in the presence of royalty. She turned around, a light flush on her pale face as punched the unprepared guard right in the face. The armour obviously did not help him as he went down in one blow, Kagome sneered at him, kicking him once for good measure.

"Do not move another step." The female named Azula was behind her before she even knew what happened, her mouth right beside her ear as her hand glowed an eerie blue. Kagome furrowed her brows, never seeing that before. All the Fire-Benders she had seen so far had red-orange flames, not blue. Perhaps these royals were in another league altogether?

"You're lucky that you're so 'pretty,' otherwise I wouldn't hesitate in burning you to a crisp right here for going against the Fire Nation." Azula purred lowly, yet threateningly in her ear, stopping when the male grabbed her, ripping her away from Kagome.

"Stop it, Azula!" The male demanded, he kept avoiding looking at Kagome for the whole time. Kagome merely frowned internally, fixing her blue robe. She could already tell that she would not enjoy being in this 'Azula's' presence at all. "She's fine! I don't really care, let's just leave." The brown-haired male said quietly, Azula sneered at him.

"Hmph, fine, Zuko!" Azula backed down, crossing her arms over her manly armour. "We can't have you tarnishing the Fire Lord's image with a damaged concubine, that's all." The girl said with obvious disinterest, kicking the guard herself in an attempt to rouse him. "Get up! We're leaving!" Azula ordered coldly, looking back at Kagome, giving her an infuriating smirk. "And tie the whore up! We can't have her attacking anyone, now can we?"

The guard quickly stood up, obviously not wanting to be on the bad side of the Fire Nations's princess. Kagome didn't bother to struggle when the large guard roughly tied her arms behind her back – it would be not-so-good for her to try and escape anyway. She had no doubt that this Azula wouldn't break her promise of frying her to a crisp.

"Zu-Zu, you can 'sample' your new toy on the way back, make sure she's 'good' enough." Azula said with disinterest, examining her fingernails. "I'll take the first carriage back, and you can have the second one." She waved off, leaving the room with the guard quickly.

Kagome looked to the male she was 'given' to with her blue eyes from underneath her messy, long bangs, seeing that the male named 'Zuko' was completely avoiding looking at her. She smiled a bit bitterly, seeing that the male didn't seem half as bad as the princess.

"Let's go." Zuko said in a tight voice, making sure that she was following him to the carriage; Kagome blinked her unusual blue eyes at the strange creature pulling the carriage. It wasn't anything like she had seen before – even her adventures in Feudal Japan. It was, perhaps, some sort of cross between a horse and some sort bird.

She sighed a moment later, 'Should I really be so surprised? This is a different world, after all,' She thought, getting in the carriage after the prince with some difficulty, as her hands and arms were tied behind her back. 'Though the people here are just as disgusting as in the Feudal Era.' The miko rolled her eyes, thinking back to some encounters shd had in her past. There just wasn't any kind of count as to how many times people had tried to violate her – though to no success.

'And it looks like that luck might just be over.' Kagome thought with some fear, she certainly didn't want to have any forced sexual relations, but that probably would happen in the near future. She closed her eyes, desperately thinking up some kind of plan, perhaps to get out of being this prince's personal whore.

Zuko looked out of the window of the carriage; he still couldn't believe that this was actually happening. On the 'insistence' of his father, he had to become a 'man' by purchasing a brothel maiden, and using her to his content. The 'insistence' had seemingly become more urgent when the rumours of a strange, rare blue-eyed girl had been captured by a brothel in a small Fire Nation village. She supposedly was a master in bed, but Zuko, taking a good look at her, really did have hid doubts, not that he intended on actually using her. He just wasn't that kind of male, he had no desire to sleep with any random female – even if she was beautiful and rather exotic-looking.

'I doubt that she's a Water-Bender.' Zuko concluded after secretively observing her features, especially her blue eyes. The majority of Water-Benders had blue eyes, but the girl did not share any features with either the Northern or Southern Water Tribes. They had a darker shade of skin – while this girl had very pale skin, almost resembling the Fire Nation's people's skin colour.

Also, there weren't any kind of reports from the brothel owner that she could use any kind of bending – further proof that the girl was not a Water-Bender. 'I should keep an eye on her.' He thought, sitting back against the seat of the carriage, well aware of how the girl was studying him rather intently, probably his scar, he thought bitterly.

Kagome was actually kind of desperate to say something – anything – to break the rather tense silence in the space, but she couldn't come up with nothing. What could she really say? She appeared as a mere 'pleasure' servant and he was supposedly her 'master,' there was nothing she really could say, other than…

'Never mind that thought,' Kagome sighed internally, also looking out the window in the opposite direction. The silence was awkward and tense, deafening to the two.

The ride was very long, and rather uncomfortable for both the miko and the prince. Zuko frowned angrily, seeing that the castle was not far fro sight. 'Damn it!' He thought, remembering that Azula had said something particular. She had said that he should 'try the merchandise' on the ride there, meaning that it actually was his father who wanted him to try the girl on the way back, he probably only had Azula to mention it to him.

'How should I do this?' Zuko thought with anger, now obviously staring at the girl, and not-so-secretively either, at least, judging by the nervous look that appeared on her pretty face. He certainly didn't want any sexual favours at the moment, and he doubted that she wanted to perform any thing at the moment – but he really didn't have any choice.

He definitely didn't want to get on his father's bad side again by disobeying orders – even indirect orders. The last time he was on his father's bad side… he didn't even want to think about it.

"Girl," Zuko spoke coldly, causing the girl to jump at his voice. She turned to him, and to his surprise, she was actually frowning at him.

"My name isn't girl," Kagome said lowly, already annoyed. "It's Kagome."

Zuko merely raised a brow, somewhat impressed with the girl's bravery. Not many would speak back to a royal, in fear of losing their life. It was lucky that it was him that the girl was speaking to him; he didn't kill for no reason. "Kagome," He nodded in respect to her name. It was a rather strange name; he wondered what country the girl hailed from, though that was something for another time.

"Do me a favour," He said, motioning her closer to him. Kagome flinched back, unsure of what to do. She was currently formulating a plan to get out of this pathetic 'job,' though she thought of nothing solid as of yet.

'If I want to get out of this alive, or unburned, I have to cooperate – for now anyways.' Kagome closed her blue eyes in frustration, doing as he asked and moved slowly closer to him.

"Yes?" She asked gloomily, not looking to his scarred face, though she did have to wonder where he would have gotten such a prominent scar. Scars were a sign of strength, at least in the Sengoku Era they were.

Zuko opened his mouth to say something, but was completely unprepared for the carriage to stop, and for the door to open. He did the first thing he could think of.

He reached up, put his hand on Kagome's head, and forcibly pushed her down.

Kagome squeaked as her face actually landed between his legs, too shocked and surprised to actually retaliate. She merely sat there, her face right between his slightly spread legs. Her face flushed a bright red, especially when that particular female voice could be heard.

"Well, I see that you are… busy. I'll just leave you two alone." Azula's smirk could be heard within her words, looking down on Kagome. "Get used to that position, girl."

Zuko let go of Kagome's head as soon as Azula left, allowing her to leave her spot from his body. "What the hell was that?!" Kagome screeched, desperately wanting to slap the bastard, but held back for her own sake. She really would like to keep her life.

Zuko chose to say nothing; it's not like he wanted that either. "Just follow me." Zuko said, almost sighing. His father, with no doubt, would want to see Kagome and examine her, just to see if she was worth 'serving' him, the prince of the Fire Nation.

"Tch," Kagome snorted, she would definitely need to think up a plan to escape, there was no way in hell that she could ever accept being a 'pleasure' servant. No way.

Her blue eyes flashed slyly, and the miko allowed a small smirk to appear on her pale face as she followed the prince up to the majestic-looking castle.

She had a plan, it might not have all its details yet, but she was sure that it could work. From what she could tell, these Fire Nation people liked power – something she had an abundance of.

The plan would need to go slow, and perfectly, but she was sure that she could get out of her 'job' and this alternate world. She did learn from the best after all, Shippou was a fox, and kitsune were the ultimate deceivers' ad tricksters.

She really needed to get to him, and her own world…

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