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Title : The Saviours of the World
Chapter Title : A Dalek Empire on Earth

: Ten, Rose, Donna, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Jackie, 10.5 (new Doctor – he shall be referenced as 'the New-Doctor' throughout this fic), Sarah Jane… and MAYBE Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, Pete… and other characters.
Pairings : 10/Rose (and maybe a bit 10.5/Rose)… and possibly (but not 0 sure) others… def references to some cannon ones.
Rating : K+ - May change to T
Spoilers : Journey's End and pretty much all episodes and seasons leading to it! Also Torchwood Exit wounds and everything before it.
Summary : Rejoicing in the successful savoir of the earth the gang all plan to head back home… but fate has other plans. And it's not long before everyone is lost in another world – a totally different one - fighting for their lives.

AN : I've had this idea for ages, but haven't had the guts to put it up. Hopefully it will be well received. By the way, if anyone is interested in Beta-ing this story for me…? I think I need one for this fic, although I've never had a beta before so be prepared to take on a beta virgin, I have no idea how it works…

Whilst everyone on earth clung for their lives to the nearest object as their planet went hurtling through space, the occupants of the Tardis worked and laughed merrily, lost in their own piloting skills. The Doctor minded them as he walked and inspected their work; all smiles, for the people who meant the most to him were there together, in the Tardis. He had never felt less lonely.

Once earth was finally back in it's rightful place in the solar system, with the moon circling it and the gravitational field just right, hugs and laughter broke out. Everyone in the Tardis pulled into a hug of celebration the first person they came into contact with. They had done it; Earth was safe, the universe was safe. All was well once again.

The Doctor beamed at them all and fingered a lever, knowing well where they were going now, just a few mere miles away; to the planet they were orbiting. He flicked a switched, pulled a lever and aimed to get them the few miles to earth in no time. Sadly, that was not to be.

The Tardis gave a sudden huge jump, throwing almost everyone, save the two Doctor's and Donna, to the floor. With another lurch the Tardis was shifted to the right and screams were audible from a few of the occupants, as the Tardis gained more 'turbulence'. The experts – the Doctor, his clone, and Donna – tried desperately to work the panel, looking for the source of the problem whist trying to regain control, but to no avail.

Another violent teeter sent each person flying again and everyone clung onto the panel, trying hold themselves up.

"Hold on!" yelled the Doctor, as he held the panel with one hand for dear life, whilst his other held Rose tight.

The shaking intensified and the noise around them grew into the sound of breaking parts and clanking metal. Each person stared around in a state of total shock as they clung to the centre panel, waiting for the earthquake like feeling to stop.

Then, as quickly as came, it did stop. The rumbling died to nothing, and the Tardis was silent. Everyone looked up at the Doctor as he let go of the centre panel, although refused to let go of Rose's shoulder.

He swallowed, "Right then… well, that was fairly new."

They stared in silence for a moment before Rose broke in, "Isn't someone gonna check where we are then?"

Seeing as Martha was the closest to the door, she was the one who nodded and turned to check outside. The New-Doctor stopped her though, holding up his hand, "Wait, it could be dangerous."

The real Doctor was staring at the screen and nodded quickly, beckoning Martha back inside. "He's right… we need to get out of here."

Rose looked at the screen the Doctor was looking at, showing the outside world. "Oh, my God," she whispered. "Where're we?"

The screen showed a city of rising skyscrapers and huge buildings expanding through the landscape. But there was more than that. A sickly sight of metal machines, flying through the air and gliding along the ground, plastered the city; it was the daleks. Hundreds of them; a dalek empire. Only it was an empire with a difference, because as the Doctor and Rose inspected further they saw cybermen amongst the metal tin cans. The cybermen were walking amongst them.

The Doctor shook his head, "Impossible." Then as he inspected even further, checking the date and place his brow furred even further, "No way, just…. Impossible."

"As if we hadn't already had enough o' them… but Doctor, where're we?" Rose asked desperately, as the others around tried to get a closer look at the screen.

The Doctor looked up at the expectant faces. Donna and the New-Doctor were still staring at the screen, understanding, but disbelieving. The Doctor shook his head exasperated. "We're on earth."

"What?" Jackie stared at the screen, along with others. "That's not earth."

The New-Doctor shook his head, "Not your earth."

"We're not in our world," Donna looked up at the two Doctor's for confirmation, although she didn't need it; she knew she was right. "The time vortex split open. We're in a totally different world."

The Doctor nodded, "But I don't understand! How did we get pulled here, switching universes is getting less impossible, and that's just not right!"

At that, Rose seemed to shy away slightly, a little guiltily at having already surpassed that boundary of impossible – perhaps, she thought suddenly, this was her fault.

"More importantly," cut in Sarah Jane rather desperately. "Can you get us back home?"

The Doctor looked up. His mouth opened on the verge of speech, yet giving none, he turned to Donna and his doppelganger for help, but they simply shrugged, giving him nothing. He sighed and spoke to his friends honestly, "I'll try."

Jack stepped forward, "You can fix it though, whatever's wrong with the Tardis...?"

The Doctor walked around the controls, his eyes on the panel, "There's nothing wrong with the Tardis."

"It's the universes," the New-Doctor put in. "We can't travel across them because we'll kill them both. It's a miracle we got to this side without them both imploding or something. Clearly someone or something brought us here somehow, and guided us here without destroying the universes, but if we try go back without that help, we'll easily destroy them both."

Donna fingered a hand to her head in thought. "Someone guided us 'ere for something. That means they might be able to guide us back. 'Course seeing as the only living things out there are daleks I'll doubt they'll wanna give us a lift back again." She bit her tongue thoughtfully, until a sudden throb sent her wincing forward in pain. She lent against the panel, concerned faces looking on.

"Donna, you okay?" asked Rose, laying a hand on her back.

The Doctor walked quickly toward her. "Donna…"

"I'm fine." Donna lifted her head up and looked at the Doctor. His gaze met hers. They both already knew what was happening. The New-Doctor watched on sadly, also understanding. Donna looked away and shook her head, "I'm alright."


"I'm fine!" she snapped.

The Doctor put his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eye. "I can fix this."

Donna's eyes went wide, "You can't do – you can't wipe -"

"No!" said the Doctor quickly. "I'm not. Not all of it."

As the others watched on, slightly worried by these new, rather confusing, developments, the New-Doctor stepped forward. "I can do it."

Donna gave another lurch of pain and the Doctor grabbed her arms. He looked at the New-Doctor. "No, you can't. You're part human, and you only have one life."

"What's goin' on?" asked Mickey, as the others along with him stared with confusion.

The Doctor ignored him and placed his hands on Donna's head. She looked fearful for a moment, about to protest, but he smiled reassuringly at her and repeated, "Not all of it." She nodded and her eyes fluttered closed at the same time as the Doctor's. For a moment they stood like that with the Doctor's hands covering her head, until with a small gasp she fell limp into his arms.

"What was it?" asked Rose as he carried Donna through the Tardis, into med bay. Rose followed him, away from the others, "Doctor what was that?"

The Doctor laid down Donna on the bed and turned to face Rose. "That was the result of her becoming the Doctor-Donna… all that knowledge, a human can't take it, can't handle it… it was burning her up."

"So what you do to stop it?" asked Rose, stepping toward him and closing the space between them.

"I wiped it," he replied. "But not all of it. Just the Timelord consciousness, so she still knows where she is, what's going on… just not all the knowledge of a Timelord."

"So, she'll be alrigh'?" Rose asked, watching his face.

He hesitated for a second, then blinked twice and nodded. "Fine. She'll be fine."

Rose nodded, looking down at the floor, before glancing back up and locking his gaze in hers. They remained in eye contact for a moment, and Rose suddenly became aware that this was the first time they had been alone together, not counting Donna's limp form, in such a long time. She smiled at him, and he couldn't help but smile back. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her into a comfortable bear hug. Despite everything that had happened, he had his Rose.

"Doc – oh." Jack stood at the doorway, feeling rather as if he had interrupted something, which caused the Doctor and Rose to break apart immediately. Jack couldn't help but grin slightly mischievously, "Hope this is no interruption but Doctor... your clone seems to have a plan for our situation."

"Right," the Doctor followed Jack out of med bay into the console room.

Jack glanced back at Donna before leaving, "Will she be okay?"

"Fine, just fine," the Doctor replied briskly.

The New-Doctor looked at the Doctor as he entered and began talking furiously, "I have an idea. It's simple! If we can converge a way to fix the wall just as we leave, and just in the right time, then our universe will be safe, we can fix the Tardis up just right, and hey presto! Home before tea! …Well, after we work on the Tardis a little, and set it up right."

The Doctor's brow furred, "What about this universe?"

The New-Doctor shrugged. "They're daleks," he said as if that explained his intentions thoroughly.

"What about the other planets out there though? This universe consists of more than just a dalek empire!" the Doctor insisted, his voice rising. "We can't just destroy this universe!"

"Well, what else is there?!" yelled the New-Doctor. "Would you rather we die here?! There's no other choice!"

The Doctor shook his head furiously and stood against the control panel. "Someone brought us here…" he muttered thoughtfully. He looked at the door, "If someone brought us here, then they want something."

"'Course they do," said Rose, staring at the Doctor. "It's the daleks, they wanna kill you, that's what they want!"

The Doctor looked at Rose and for a second time their eyes locked, exchanging more unspoken words by the intensity of one another's gaze. Then the Doctor looked away and the spell was broken. He turned to the New-Doctor and said calmly, "There is another way. If we find the source of the thing that brought us here – we can use the Tardis for that – then we can go and find it." He increased his speaking pace, becoming more enthusiastic about his plan by the second. "The chances are that that thing can take us back home as well as bringing us here, so if we find the technology then that will be our ticket of here!"

Mickey frowned, "But how do we know where this thing is?"

The Doctor began to walk around the Tardis, pulling lever, pressing buttons furiously in concentration. "Ah ha!" he cried suddenly. "A building in London!" he stared in wonder at the screen in front of him. "We're in London…"

"So, we have to go out there, into the huge dalek empire?" Mickey asked, with eyebrows raised.

The Doctor looked up, frowning, "You lot don't have to do anything."

"We're not stayin' 'ere while you go out there onto a planet full o' daleks," said Rose, laughing at the absurdity of it.

The Doctor shook his head, "If more than just I go, they'll notice us. Now please, I know it's a concept you all aren't familiar with, but please … Stay. In. The. Tardis." He drew out each word and looked around at each of them, speaking rather as if they were children. They all gave him filthy looks, but not one seemed to be in any rush to confirm that they would follow his instruction through. In fact, all seemed ready to protest.

"You're not goin' out there by yourself!" Rose was the first.

"No way! We're coming with you!" Jack was the second.

"You are not getting rid of us that easy Mister," Martha added as the third.

The others, except the New-Doctor, all nodded insistently and glared the Doctor out. Sighing, the Timelord ran his hands through his hair and looked around at them all, "I can't take all of you!"

"I'm staying," said the New-Doctor quickly, fingering the controls on the Tardis. "I'll fix the Tardis up a bit. Ready for when you come back."

The Doctor eyed him suspiciously. "And you won't be doing anything else to it?" he said firmly. "If you do anything to put this universe in any danger…"

"Of course not! You can trust me, you know!"

The Doctor glared at him but said nothing. After the genocide he had committed earlier that day he wasn't so sure this half human clone of his could be trusted at all.

"I'll stay," Sarah Jane told the Doctor. "Someone needs to watch out for Donna anyway. She'll be okay won't she?"

"Yes, she'll wake up soon, just… just reassure her where we are… she won't remember anything from the past few hours. She'll remember nothing since she had the Timelord consciousness…" said the Doctor.

He headed for the door at that and everyone followed. He sighed; clearly he wasn't getting rid of them any time soon. Although, looking at them all following his lead, despite the danger he was probably putting them in… the fact they were there with him… well, he could think of much worse things. He was the first to slip, as quietly and unnoticed as possible, out of the Tardis. The air was cool, and the wind light. The Tardis had landed on a small hill overlooking the dalek London out ahead, and just behind was a large forest. The Doctor turned, amazingly unseen by the Daleks flying above, and headed for the safety of the trees.

Everyone followed just behind when suddenly the Doctor stopped, staring at a place in the trees. It had just moved, he could have sworn it had. Then a shiver ran out through the bushes once again and the leaves shuffled, though there was no wind. He saw a flash of colour through them. Someone, or something, was hiding in there… waiting for them.