Title : The Saviours of the World
Disclaimer : I own nothing.
Chapter Title : Danger Brews

Characters : Ten, Rose, Donna, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Jackie, 10.5 (new Doctor – he shall be referenced as 'the New-Doctor' throughout this fic), Sarah Jane… and MAYBE Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh, Pete… and other characters.
Pairings : 10/Rose (and maybe a bit 10.5/Rose)… and possibly (but not sure) others… def references to some cannon ones.
Rating : K+ - May change to T
Spoilers : Journey's End and pretty much all episodes and seasons leading to it! Also Torchwood Exit wounds and everything before it. Nothing is safe! Beware!
Summary : Rejoicing in the successful savoir of the earth the gang all plan to head back home… but fate has other plans. And it's not long before everyone is lost in another world – a totally different one - and fighting for their lives.

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Aboard the Tardis, the New Doctor was tinkering quietly under the grating of the Time Machine, trying to gain a signal to follow so he could find out what exactly had brought them to this new universe. He worked quietly, listening to the hum of the ship. He frowned; not 'the' – 'his', his ship, he thought. Sighing, his hand went into his jacket pocket, only to be taken out again a second later after he realised the sonic screwdriver was no longer in his possession. He scowled as that fact settled in his mind. How little he was able to do now…

His head popped up from above the grating, he searched the area for life, his hair bopping on end. No one was in the console room apart from him. Sarah-Jane was in med bay waiting for Donna to wake up.

When he thought about it, it would probably be better if he were there when Donna woke, rather than someone she had never met, or rather didn't know she had met. Donna would easily recognise the New Doctor as the Timelord she had travelled with for so long, and would never guess he was a clone. This thought made the New Doctor smile; at least Donna would think he was the real thing, and wouldn't send him cautious untrusting looks like many of the others did.

Of course he knew Donna would find out eventually or rather, she would find out a bit of it, at the very least but until then … His thoughts trailed off. He would tell her the bare-minimal; it was a delicate enough situation as it was. The Timelord consciousness had been removed from her head, but it was very important that she remembered none of the time she had experienced whilst it was still there. The safest thing – the New Doctor knew – would have been to remove everything; everything she had ever experienced with the Doctor. All of it, gone from her memory.

He was very pleased his other self hadn't done that though, and he hoped it might never really come to it. He couldn't deny it was likely it may have to be done. It may have to be done at some point but it couldn't happen whilst they were stuck in a different universe for the moment though.

Blinking out of these thoughts, the New Doctor pulled himself up onto the console floor and headed off down the corridor, to the medical bay. Sarah Jane was standing by Donna with her arms folded, staring at the wall opposite with a far away look in her eyes. She didn't move when the New Doctor entered, and took no sign that she knew he had gone into the room.

"Everything alright?" the New Doctor alighted her to his presence.

Sarah-Jane looked around sharply. She relaxed when she saw him. "Oh, yes. She hasn't woken up yet."

The New Doctor nodded, walking to Donna's other side and watching her sleeping form.

"What are you going to tell her when she does wake up?" Sarah-Jane asked, watching him curiously.

"Not a lot," he admitted. "It's delicate enough as it is. I'll just tell her we're in another world, another universe, and that," he looked up at Sarah Jane, "you're a friend that hopped onboard before we got here. I'll tell we defeated a few aliens, you know the drill, but before we did they took a few of her more recent memories. That'll do for now."

"What about when the others get back though? I think she'll notice if there's two of you," Sarah Jane pointed out.

The New Doctor shrugged, "I'll hand it to the other me then. He'll think of something, no doubt." There was some certain bitterness to the last sentence that he couldn't help but add to his tone. He felt Sarah Jane cast her eyes upon him, and he frowned at her. "What? I can't tell her I have a clone running around outside – it's way too close to the truth! She might pick up on something. And her picking up on something would be bad; very, very bad."

Sarah Jane nodded, "This is all very dangerous then."


There was a silence as they both stared at Donna, whose face remained impassive; she was not dreaming, but deeply asleep. The New Doctor looked back up at Sarah Jane, who had gone back into her deep thoughts. "What about you?" he asked quietly, "Are you okay?"

She smiled, surprised, "I'm fine. Just thinking."

"About your boy?"

"Yes," she admitted.

"He'll be okay," the New Doctor amended sincerely, though, of course, he couldn't know that.

"Yes," she said, but still appeared unsure. "I just –"

But she was interrupted suddenly by a quiet but well audible moan from the woman laid between them. Their eyes darted to her as her hand twitched and her head lifted. She was stirring awake.

The cybermen had all disappeared, though not before killing half of the runaways beforehand. Those that were left were all stood or sat on the dense forest floor, among the trees, faces pale and terrified.

The Doctor was becoming more anxious by the second. He had been searching for his friends for almost an hour and found no one. No Jack. No Martha. No Jackie. No Mickey. No Rose …

"Doctor!" a voice cried out to him from his left, from among the crowd.

The Doctor spun round, searching through the crowd of terrified, but immobile people for the sound. He soon saw her. Jackie ran towards him, taking his arm urgently with a look of relief plastered on her face, "Doctor!"

"Jackie," said the Doctor at once, "Finally; someone! Do you know where the others are? Have you seen Rose? Mickey? Jack? Martha?"

"No," Jackie now looked quite deflated, "I was hoping you had!"

"Well do you –"

He was interrupted by the upcoming, calling figure of Captain Jack Harkness, as he bounded up to the both of them, breathing heavily. "Doctor!" he gasped, "They've got them!"

"What? Who?! Who's got who?!" the Doctor asked, grabbing Jack's arm urgently.

"The cybermen; Rose and Mickey," he swallowed and shook his head, "The cybermen … they've got Rose and Mickey."

The Doctor paled; his face contorted in sudden horror. He felt an icy terror fill his hearts as they fell to his stomach at those words. His breath caught, "They've got Rose?"

Jack nodded grimly, "And Mickey. I saw it. They were surrounded; the cybermen said something about them being necessary, and they were forced to follow them towards the city. I tried to stop them, but … well, I ended up on the forest floor," he admitted.

Jackie stared at Jack, ashen faced. "They didn't want you, or kill you?"

"Oh, they killed me," Jack assured her.

Jackie frowned, confused, at Jack. The Doctor barely noticed, "Where'd they go?" he demanded of Jack.

"Like I said – the city," Jack pointed in the direction of the Dalek Empire, frown playing his face.

"Right," the Doctor said immediately. He began to walk in the direction Jack was pointing, through the forest, his pace fast, almost a jog.

"What?" Jack caught up to his side, "Doc, you can't just go bounding in there! They're cybermen; Daleks!"

The Doctor merely increased his speed, "Why not? I'm the one they want, that'll be the reason they took Rose and Mickey!"

"Well," Jack gritted his teeth in frustration, struggling for a good argument. "What about Martha? We can't leave her here!"

Amongst the numbing fear, the Doctor felt a twinge of guilt, realising he'd forgotten all about their medic. He turned to Jackie, who was a few meters behind the men. "Jackie, find Martha. Go back to the Tardis. Tell the others what's going on!" He turned to Jack, "You, you can either go with her or follow me, what'll it be?"

"Neither!" Jack hissed. "We're going back to the Tardis to come up with a proper plan! The other you could have found out what brought us here by now; we can follow the signal, and find Rose while we're at it!"

"We can't waste time!" the Doctor snarled back, "Rose and Mickey could be in real danger right now! "

Jack groaned in frustration, "You can't help them if you don't know exactly where they are! And it's likely that the same thing that brought us here has Rose and Mickey!"

The Doctor opened his mouth to argue but no words came out. His shoulders slumped, and his anger evaporated as he stared at Jack with sincere and troubled eyes, "I can't lose her again." It was barely a whisper.

"You won't," This time it was Jackie who spoke. The Doctor turned to her, surprised. She stared at him thoughtfully. Her eyes, so much like her daughter's, shone with deep honesty, as she continued, "I know you Doctor, and I know Rose. And from that I just know she'll be alright. Neither of you'll ever give up without a fight. You watch – she's a Tyler – she'll be fine."

The Doctor smiled, nodding as he sent a thoughtful pair of eyes on her. "I'll always keep my promise when it comes to your daughter, you know that don't you?"

She nodded sombrely and assured him, "I know. Now let's find Martha and go to that damn ship of yours."

Martha found them before they found her.

She was comforting the grieving. There were no injuries among the runaways, as the cybermen had simply killed whom they could, and those who had escaped had got away unscathed of any physical pain, so her medical skills were not needed. However, with half the runaways killed, there were many who had lost loved ones, and Martha had taken it on her to comfort those unlucky ones.

She was comforting a widow crying over her dead son and husband when she heard, before she saw, the raised voices of the Doctor and Jack. They were arguing by the sound of it. She raised her head and cast her eyes through the forest and saw them as they walked through the trees towards the city. The Doctor's pale face was illuminated by the high moon above, looking stricken, before he, Jack and Rose's mother disappeared out of view.

Martha sighed as she rose from the foot of the tree where she had been keeping an arm around the grieving woman. She looked at the widow sadly, not really able to shake the feeling that all of this was partly at the fault of the Doctor and his friends (herself included).

"I'm sorry for everything," she said softly, and had no choice but to turn and run in the direction of her friends.