She's in Love

Third of June she said goodbye
I watched her walk into the night
The hardest thing I ever did was let her go
We swore as friends we stay in touch
Best of friends don't mean that much
When that phone call comes to tell you
She's in love

They had been dating "secretly" for awhile now. Not like everyone didn't already know for the simple fact that Quil and Claire both had been walking around with the goofiest of smiles on their faces and couldn't bring themselves to stop. And it's not like Quil could keep it out of his mind when he phased which brought the whole pack into the situation.

He was so excited for this upcoming summer that he was practically prancing around the last couple of days of her senior year. Soon, her graduation and graduation party had passed and they had the whole summer ahead of them….Or so Quil had thought.

He'll never forget the day that his world ended; it was the third day of June, two days after Claire's graduation and he headed to her house to take her to the beach just like they had planned the night before; when they were lying on her bed, staring, just staring; content just to be in each others presence. They would kiss once or twice but then they would just smile and continue looking deeply into each other's eyes.

He walked into her house without knocking; he had stopped knocking two weeks after he had imprinted on Claire. He called her name once, twice, then three times before she finally came down the stairs. He smiled at her but she didn't return the gesture. "Is something wrong, honey?"

Claire winced at one of his many pet names he used for her, "No, well, there's been a change of plans. I got a letter from the University of New York in the mail today."

Quil shook his head, "I don't understand…what does this mean?" Claire took a deep breath, "I'm going to go there for college instead of Washington State."

"Why? I thought that you wanted to be here…with me…" Claire's eyes filled with tears, "I've been thinking about that also and….I think that we would be better off as friends. We were always the best of friends and I don't want to lose that…"

Quil had tuned out the rest of her speech and nodded his head at the end; wincing only once when she said that she was going to start classes this summer and was leaving later that very same day. She asked him to come; he had said yes.

They drove in uncomfortable silence and Claire and Quil both walked into the airport and got her ready to board, "We'll stay in touch. I promise. Quil you're my best friend and I don't want to lose that. I think it was best that we stopped things before they got more serious than just making out and having dates behind everyone's backs…"

Quil had the strong urge to grab and bring her home with him, lock her in his house with him and command that she stay with him. But he couldn't do that; if she didn't want him, she didn't want him…and he was just going to have to deal with that.

Told everyone I'm doing fine
Learned how to get on with my life
I just want what's best for her
So I lied
Found a note on my door last night
Said, "I'll be your friend 'till the day I die"
But you should know I found someone
Now she's in love

He told everyone that he was fine and that he had moved on. But none of them were stupid; you can't get over your imprint. Your imprint is your life no matter what they do to you; you would still think that the sun shined out of their ass. As Paul had so crudely put it one afternoon as they sat in his house staring at the blank TV screen.

But he did learn how to live without her; though it couldn't really be called living, more like a constant stream of movements that took great effort to pull off. First: He got out of bed and took a shower. Second: He left the couch and began to eat properly again. Third: He started picking up calls that had gone unanswered and had unlocked his doors. Fourth: He started to patrol and hang out with his friends and family again.

Things were about as normal as they could be without Claire. They did keep in touch, but only through sent letters; snail mail. Claire couldn't bring herself to talk to him and he didn't really think he could handle it either.

One day, he got a letter, and if he wasn't broken before, his heart was no officially broken the moment he read that letter.

'Dear Quil,

I'll make this short and sweet. I met someone and I'm falling for him in a way that makes my heart rush and my head spin and I really hope you can be happy for me about this. I'll be your best friend till the day I die, but I thought that you should still know.

Love, Claire

PS: His name Will Pier. There is a picture of us also sealed in this letter.

She's in love
She's got that fire in her eyes
She's in love
How her smile lights up the sky
It's like she's walking on air
She's been set free
Still I can't believe
She's in love
Strolling down a one-way street
She's in love
You'd swear her heart has wings
She's in love
Why can't it be me

His friends wouldn't let him go into another depression and the truth was; she looked happy in the pictures; so who was he to stop this new found love of her's? Embry said, "Her imprint dumbass." But he had ignored that and answered, "It's what makes her happy." Then he walked away, hearing Embry scoff behind him.

Her letters got less frequent through a span of five months and then finally after the sixth month; they stopped altogether. He didn't smile much anymore and when he did it wasn't with much enthusiasm. He wasn't Quil anymore; he was just some being that lived but didn't do much of anything else.

A year went by and his phone rang; it was Emily, "I think you might want to answer your door when the doorbell rings." She hung up after she said that and not two seconds later his doorbell sounded.

He got up and went to the door, opening it but not really caring who it was and what they wanted; as long as they said their word and left. But then; he saw Claire standing there with dried tear stains down her cheeks and her chin was trembling as if she was ready to start crying again.

"Claire." Claire held up her hand, "No, please Quil, let me talk first." He nodded and she continued, "When I was a little girl; you were always there. And you were the best father that I could ever have. When I was eight, nine and ten you were the best big brother in the world. But the day I turned eleven you became my best friend and I hung onto that title knowing that as long as I had you, nothing else mattered. When I turned sixteen and you told me about werewolves and imprinting, I knew that I was in love with you. It took me a whole year to admit it to myself and another five months to admit it to you. But when I did, everything changed in all the right ways and I was so happy with you Quil. So, I got scared, so I panicked and I took out the New York letter that I had actually gotten with all the others, but I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to think you were holding me back. But that day, I realized that all I wanted was you and that scared me so much because I never thought that I would ever need someone as much as I need you."

Claire took another deep breath, "But a year away from you taught me that there was never any reason to be scared and that any amount of time away from you will never diminish how much I love you and how much I need you. Quil, I want to come home."

Once she said this, Quil needed no explanations; he didn't really want any. And for the first time in a year; he smiled and he knew that no matter what she was his and it was always him that she was in love with and that, is all he ever really needed.