So I guess that this poem can be for may different things I decided to say it's Ceres Victoria's unconsious thoughts on the night she becomes a vampire. Only ment to be a one-shot poem but if I get request to do something with it I might. Hope you like it!

Summary: Her life was no where near perfect, but Ceres Victoria found her place on the force. Now everything she gained disappears leaving her with nothing, or so she thought. Poem.

Warming: Rated T for thoughts of depression, suicide(I guess you couldsay that), and mentions of violence.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Hellsing. But I DO own this poem and any future plots that form from this poem.

A Vampire's Tale

Tears drown my cheek,
As dark fills the night.
Braveness I seek,
As I cry out in fright.

Lonely and cold,
All hope seems to die.
Abducted and sold,
By my fears come alive.

Running can't save me.
Hiding wont work.
All I once thought loved,
Left me here hurt.

I dream of escape
Wishing for this to end.
Please, no more betrayal,
I can't live through it again.

As I lay broken,
My body goes numb.
Is it Death who has spoken?
I welcome him to come.

Silently, I feel an approach,
Not Death in his horse run coach?
I beg my eyes to lie to me,
It is he who has bestowed my immortality.

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