Wanna see how a gumball ruined the Triwizard Tournament? Check this out!

By Sheila Welkar

This is only a fanfiction, written just for fun and based on the characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling

Chapter 1: A Birthday Surprise

The infamous first task of the Triwizard Tournament had passed, and everyone in Hogwarts was still talking about it and admiring the brave champions that had beaten the dragons...

Now the Yule Ball was drawing closer, and in those happy days, while everyone was trying to find a date, it was getting more and more usual to see Harry, Fleur, Cedric and Krum walking together in the corridors wearing cool dark glasses!

They would walk proudly side to side, everyone making way for them, and they would feel so sophisticated and cool...

Oh, but something unexpected was just about to happen!

It was a sweet morning of Winter, December 16th, and the soft light of daybreak was coming inside through those blue and velvety curtains...

Fleur Delacour had been dreaming with the dragon again, still recalling how she had been able to make it fall asleep to steal the egg, and that morning, as she was yawning and stretching out her arms, she suddenly remembered that today it was her 18th birthday!

What a happy day it was going to be, Fleur was thinking with her beautiful blue eyes gleaming... but in that instant, just as she was getting ready to get out of bed, three dark and hooded figures appeared from thin air all around her bed!

They had ropes and muggle duct tape, and Fleur, terrified, opened her mouth and tried to scream- and just in that instant, one of the figures stuffed a huge violet gumball in her mouth and quickly covered it with the silvery duct tape.

Fleur was fighting but they were too strong for her, and she was quickly tied up with the ropes and put inside a very large bag of black velvet...

The mysterious hooded figures closed the bag with a cord, and then, having completed their mission, walked out of the bedroom with Fleur and began their travel to the forest!

The forest was so foggy that morning, with snow all over the ground and the trees... it was very cold, and there, walking through the forest with their hoods still on, the three figures with black robes were carrying the bag and laughing out loud.

"I wish I had friends that would do this for ME!" Harry Potter said, finally taking off his hood- "Fleur's not going to believe it!"

"Yeah" Cedric muttered, taking his hood off as well- "She's not moving much anymore, by the way... Harry, have you got the camera?"

"I have it here" Harry said.

Krum was carrying the huge velvety bag with Fleur inside, and now they had finally arrived at the spot they had chosen the other night...

"Why did I have to carry her all the way?" Krum complained, and he was using a spell to speak with perfect English accent- "Alright, let's open the bag and give her the surprise!"

They had stopped and Krum put the bag on the ground, and now, as Harry was preparing the polaroid camera, Cedric took a broom out of thin air and proceeded to hit Fleur softly with it.

"That one is for being cute!" he said, hitting Fleur with the broom- "And that one is for being rich, and for being veela, and for being a Triwizard Champion, and THAT one is for being Fleur!"

"Why do I have to take the picture?" Harry asked.

"Because you're the only one who knows how to use that muggle thing!" Cedric said.

"Krum, open the bag!" Harry said, fighting to control his urgent need to laugh- "Now let's see that face, birthday girl!"

And Krum opened the bag, and Harry took the picture and then...

Harry's hands were frozen, his camera falling to the ground and breaking on a rock, and the picture, showing an image too horrible to see, fell to the ground too and disappeared into the bushes...

"Oh no..." Cedric whispered, covering his mouth with his hand.

"What the...?" Krum said, and they all couldn't believe what they had done!

Fleur was pale as snow, with blood coming from her eyes and the gumball stuck horribly in her throat, and her wide open blue eyes were frozen in the terror of asphyxia...

She was dead, Fleur Delacour was DEAD!

"This isn't happening, th-this isn-isn't happening!" Harry was crying, terrified by this- "Th-this isn-isn't happening!"

"What is THAT stuck in her throat?" Krum asked as soon as he had found his voice again- "What...?"

"A gumball that I bought in London the other day" Cedric replied.

"You gagged her with a GUMBALL!" Harry asked, horrified.

"I didn't want her to scream!" Cedric yelled- "She would have waken the entire carriage up!"

"Th-this isn-isn't happening, th-this isn-isn't happening!"

"What do we do now?" Krum asked, nearly as pale as Fleur.

"We ha-have to tell someone, it w-was an acc-accident!" Harry said, shaking like jelly- "We didn't want to KILL her!"

The forest around them looked so ghastly and lonely, and they were hoping that no one else would hear what had happened with Fleur in this sweet December morning...

"You nutter, Harry!" Cedric screamed- "We're not ending up in Azkaban just because we were clever enough to play a little nice joke on our friend for her birthday!"

"Then WHAT?" Krum asked.

"Come" Cedric said, closing the bag with the cord- "I have an idea..."

They were back at Fleur's blue and violet girlish bedroom, deep inside the Beauxbatons carriage, and now poor Fleur, pale, asphyxiated and dead, was lying on her bed...

Luckily the Beauxbatons students seemed to sleep till late, and Harry, Cedric and Krum had enough time to prepare the fake crime scene that, they hoped, would save their lives!

"Alright, this is the point" Cedric explained, pointing at dead Fleur- "Last night Fleur was lying peacefully on her bed when some maniac attacked her, breaking the window and coming inside!"

And then Cedric walked towards the window, which offered a very cute view of the creepy and snowy forest outside, and he broke it with a kick!

"And then WHAT?" Harry asked, staring at Fleur and feeling utterly sick.

"Fleur tried to fight!" Cedric said, now tearing Fleur's sweet and violet sheets like she had torn them with her nails- "But the bloke was too strong for her, and he had gagged her with a gumball, and Fleur had no choice but to face her sweet and sugary death..."

"And then WHAT?" Harry asked again!

"And then the maniac raped her!" Cedric invented, now taking Fleur's cold and stiff legs and opening them wide.

"You know, they're not going to think she was raped just because you have opened her legs!" Harry commented.

"You're right, Harry!" Cedric replied- "We have to make it look like she was really raped... someone rape her"

"WHAT?" Harry screamed- "So it's not enough to kill her, and now we have to RAPE her?"

There was a long and freezing silence, and they could hear the other Beauxbatons students snoring in their bedrooms and muttering in sleep...

"I'll do it" Krum said, now walking towards Fleur.

Harry and Cedric were just staring as Krum was getting ready, and then, a few seconds later, he looked furiously at them!

"What are you looking at?" Krum screamed- "Leave us alone!"

"US?" Harry said- "Krum, she's DEAD!"

"Whatever..." Krum said, and he slowly proceeded...

To be Continued!