Chapter 2: Deal with It!

They had finally finished, and now a pretty convincing crime scene was ready for the Beauxbatons students to discover... Fleur was lying on her bed, apparently attacked and dead, and Cedric, Harry and Krum were just standing there, without really knowing what to do next...

"Alright, what is done is done!" Cedric said, breaking a long silence- "Now we have to get the heck out of here!"

Harry was paralyzed by fear, unable to believe that they had just killed Fleur Delacour, and Krum, exploring Fleur's bedroom with curiosity, discovered something very nice on top of a little wooden table...

It seemed to be an old Birthday Greetings card of Fleur's, from a year ago perhaps, and it was white and shiny with huge violet and silvery letters that said: Happy Birthday Fleur!

Krum picked up the card and opened it to read whatever was inside, and then Fleur spoke all of a sudden!

"What are you doing to me?" her voice was saying, and they all jumped in fear and surprise- "What are you doing to me?"

"CALM DOWN!" Cedric yelled- "It's one of those magical greeting cards that can record your voice! She's dead! Calm DOWN!"

"We killed Fleur!" Harry screamed, losing his head- "We killed the Teen Dream!"

"Deal with it!" Cedric replied, furious and pale.



Krum had dropped Fleur's magical card, and then, hearing that some Beauxbatons students were already waking up outside, the three accidental murderers disappeared into thin air!

The activities at Hogwarts seemed to start quite normally that day, and even though the Beauxbatons folks hadn't emerged from the carriage yet (they had obviously discovered the murder) everyone at the castle just didn't care about it...

And there they were, Cedric, Harry and Krum, gathered together in the grounds before going to their lessons!

"Very well" Cedric was saying- "Fleur is in her bedroom, and she's dead... right?"

"Yes..." Harry replied, nodding with a very gloom expression in his face.

"And that's not really good, is it?"


"However, we're going to start our day and we're going to walk in the corridors and intimidate everyone as usual, just like if nothing bad had happened at all! Agree?"

"Agree" Krum said, and each of them took his own way...

Harry, Cedric and Krum were walking through a corridor as usual, wearing their sunglasses with everyone making way for them, and the Beauxbatons students hadn't appeared yet and now there were Aurors lurking in the forest and the grounds...

The terrible news didn't take long to reach the castle!

Harry was taking Potions lessons when Colin Creevey's horrified voice screamed outside:

"She's dead! Fleur Delacour is dead! Murder, murder in the carriage!"

Hogwarts was a chaos now, and later that day...

It was sunset, and Harry, Hermione and Ron were having a light dinner at the Great Hall... Ron looked devastated, shaking and crying his eyes out, Harry was quite nervous and Hermione, staring at him, began to think that something wasn't quite alright here...

"Please attend Fleur's funeral at our castle grounds" said Dumbledore's voice, coming from everywhere at once- "We deeply regret that such a young and promising lady has been murdered, and for Heaven's sake that we're discovering the culprit!"

"She's dead!" screamed Ron, crying again- "Poor Fleur, she's dead, I can't believe it, she's dead, she's dead!"

"Sorry, Ron" Hermione said, patting his shoulder- "Don't worry for Fleur, I bet everyone in Heaven is now drooling for her!"

"Yes, yes... Heaven, poor Fleur..."

And then Hermione and Ron stood up, just about to join the large procession of students that had flowers in their hands and were heading to the grounds...

"Coming, Harry?" Hermione asked, and Ron was already leaving the Great Hall.

Harry, however, was pale and sick and breathing very quickly, thinking not of Fleur and her funeral but of the hundred or so Aurors that were researching outside!

"Harry, you did it!" Hermione screamed, and Harry almost jumped in surprise- "How could you, how could YOU! You did it, you killed her! How...?"

"I didn't!" Harry screamed- "I didn't kill Fleur, I didn't kill Fleur! It's just that I'm shocked, and horrified, and petrified at this... tying her up, raping her and asphyxiating her with a gumball- Who could have done such a terrible thing?"

"How do you know all those things?" Hermione screamed, and then, bursting in tears, she ran away and left Harry alone at the now deserted Great Hall...

"Do you REALLY think Harry did it?" asked Ginny, teary and pale- "Hermione, that is a really terrible thing! Harry is not wicked, Harry is not a murderer..."

They were exploring in the forest, trying to find clues, and just a thousand feet away Dumbledore was speaking at the funeral and telling everyone how beautiful, intelligent, talented, promising and incredible Fleur had been.

"I know!" Hermione said- "I don't want to believe it Ginny, I have no idea why on Earth would Harry want to kill Fleur, but I know he did it, he did it!"

"For Heaven's sake..."

"Ginny, look..." Hermione said- "What do you think these are?"

They had found the shattered fragments of Harry's polaroid camera, and they had no idea, bless them, that they were mere feet away from the shocking image evidence!

"Who knows..." Ginny muttered- "Some broken muggle thing, I think..."

They kept exploring, a team of Aurors analyzing some footprints nearby, but a few minutes later, unable to find something else, Hermione and Ginny abandoned their search and went to attend Fleur's depressing funeral.

And there, lying hidden in the bushes, the polaroid picture still showed Fleur's blood-crying and terrified blue eyes...

To be Continued!