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Chapter 19-Back to Normal

Len sat at one of the benches in the train station, he was 10 minutes earlier than their designated meeting time but it was better being early than late, he didn't want to make her mad so soon. But he knew that she would never get angry over him being late, she was too kind and understanding.

"Tsukimori!" An energetic voice called out.

Len looked to the left and was surprised to see Hihara and Yunoki walking towards him, both had folders in their hands. Hihara wore an orange shirt and brown shorts that reached up to his knees, paired with sneakers. Although only taking the train, Yunoki still looked somewhat formal, wearing black pants and a plain white polo shirt and black shoes.

"Good afternoon, Sempai" he addressed to the both of them.

"Could you be waiting for Kaho-chan?" Hihara asked excitedly.

For a moment, he flinched at his intimate way of addressing Kaho but he decided to pass it off. They're good friends after all…


"I don't mean to pry, but are you two going on a date?" Yunoki asked politely with hidden mischief in his voice.

"Hai" he answered straightforwardly. There was no need to say more.

"Waah! I'm late" A voice shouted in panic, a voice which was all too familiar to the three of them.

They looked to find Kaho wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and shorts; she wore sandals that had small blue beads on them. Her hair was also in a ponytail and she had with her a big basket.

"Aa! Hihara-sempai and Yunoki-sempai!" she smiled and that was enough to make those three guys stare at her.

Len immediately stood up from his spot. "Let me carry that" he offered.

"Ohayou! Kaho-chan!" Hihara greeted energetically, grinning. Yunoki smiled casually, "Good morning as well, Hino-san" flashing his fake smile but surprisingly, this was a bit genuine.

"Kaho-chan, what's with the big basket?" Hihara asked out of curiosity as they waited for the train.

"Me and Len are going on a picnic near the beach!" she said excitedly. "After that maybe we'll collect seashells and see all kinds of sea critters" she continued, her eyes sparkling from imagining all the adventures they could have on the beach.

Len was a bit irritated with so many people asking on what they would do today. I hope they don't plan on coming along…he thought as he stole a glance at Kaho's smiling and dreamy face.

"Sounds nice" Hihara said. I would've liked to go to the beach with Kaho-chan as well…" Realizing what he was thinking, he immediately shook his head to get rid of even imagining such a thing.

"I know..maybe the two of you would…" Kaho began and stopped midway. I nearly forgot, this is supposed to be a date between Len and me.

"Well, I do hope that you two enjoy" Yunoki continued, I guess we should give them privacy…

"Kazuki, we should go for lunch" he said as a sort of sign to Hihara for them to go, waving at Kaho and Len.

"Oh, yeah, I am a bit hungry." Hihara replied.

"We'll go ahead, Kaho-chan, Tsukimori!" see you!" Hihara waved as he followed Yunoki who was already going towards the train station's exit.

When they were far away from the couple…

"Ne, Azuma, why don't we try going on a picnic?" Hihara asked him with a small smile. "As friends" he continued.

Yunoki tried to supress a chuckle… "A picnic between two guys?" he said raising an eyebrow, not bothering to conceal his dark voice.

Hihara sweatdropped. "Oh yeah, that is weird" he grinned sheepishly.

On the train…

Kaho and Len were sitting next to each other.

"Ne, Len, is there something that you don't like eating in a bento? I forgot to ask you."

"Anything is fine" He answered quickly, without hesitation.

"Eh, anything is…"

"My parents are always out, so I've never really tried one" he interrupted her.

"Oh." Was all Kaho could say.

"But, I'm looking forward to your cooking" Len said in a barely audible voice.

Kaho smiled. She rested her head on his shoulder. Len turned to her and he smelled her strawberry shampoo. It was an intoxicating scent. He looked down on her face…although…

She was already asleep…

He thought back to the moment when they had their first fight. It wasn't like him to become overcome with his desires, he was always calm and collected. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that she was slightly bending forward…revealing a bit of her chest…

He blushed madly and coughed to regain his composure. Good thing there was no one else on the train, except for a woman and her baby, an old lady and a small boy along with his father, who were both sleeping.

He decided to look outside at the scenery to distract himself…Finally, after a few minutes, the announcer on the train said, "We are approaching, Hanateruma, Hanateruma Station" (I think there is a real place like that but I just came up with it randomly, since I don't know any actual places in Japan =)) )

"Kaho" he said, gently shaking her.

She moaned slightly and opened her eyes.

"We're here" he said.

*Author's note*

Ok, really short, I know =)) No ideas are coming to my head right now :P I just feel glad that I actually managed to update :)) Thanks if you actually took the time to read, much appreciated