I've decided to get a move on with my stories. I barely finished my Unwanted Visitors series, and now I've decided to try this out.

Summary: He was Lord Sesshomaru. He was powerful and untouchable, physically and emotionally. So what was it about her that broke down his walls so easily?

Pairing: Sesshomaru/Rin

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Sesshomaru or Rin or Inuyasha, or any of the characters, but I DO own this story, and if anyone copyrights it I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL!

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Oh, and P.S., these incidents never happened. So don't try searching for them in episodes or in the manga.

He closed his eyes, resting his head against the base of the sturdy tree trunk, allowing his body to rest, and willing his wounds to heal. But, however tired his body was, his mind was active at work. He had done it! He had destroyed Naraku! That pesky half demon brother of his, Inuyasha, had decided to see it fit to interrupt Sesshomaru, but that didn't matter.

Sesshomaru sighed inwardly. He opened his eyes, to watch Rin and Jaken eating near the fire. That morning, before the fight, Sesshomaru had sent her to catch fish so she wouldn't get involved in the fight. She was completely ignorant to the battle that took place, and although she seemed upset when they returned, she maintained a chipper attitude, happy as always to see Sesshomaru and Jaken safe, and Naraku dead.

Now, she jabbered on to Jaken, her voice light and happy as she told him about her day.

"The fish was this big, Master Jaken!" Rin exclaimed, stretching her arms as wide as she could. Jaken rolled his eyes.

"And you couldn't catch it, you worthless girl? That fish would have tasted so good…" Jaken began drooling.

Rin shrugged, not put off by his withering tone. "It was way too big to catch, Master Jaken. How was the fight with Naraku?"

Jaken sniffed. He always acted so superior around her. "Well…" Jaken went off, rambling about the fight. Rin was listening in rapt attention. However, her gaze was riveted off of Jaken and onto Sesshomaru as the dog demon shifted in his spot. She had noticed that he had a few wounds, one long cut on his arm, a short one under his left eye, and one on his shoulder. She hoped that was it, and hoped they weren't too serious of injuries.

Sesshomaru felt the strong gaze of the little girl, and quickly met her eyes. Embarrassed, she lowered them, and turned back to Jaken.

Sesshomaru felt relief that he had decided not to bring Rin along. The impulsive young girl would quickly put herself in danger if she thought Sesshomaru was in danger. However, whenever she did, she always managed to either get kidnapped, or to nearly get killed, and Sesshomaru was always there to save her. Although Sesshomaru wouldn't admit it, he had grown attached to Rin, and refused to let anything bad happen to her.

A sudden screech broke into Sesshomaru's thoughts. Rin had leaped to her feet. A spark of the flame had landed on the hem of her kimono, setting it on fire. Jaken was hysterically running around in circles, not sure what to do.

Fluently, Sesshomaru was at Rin's side. He used one hand to gather her small wrists, keeping her from flailing around, and perhaps making the fire stronger. He used his other hand to wipe away the sparked fire, as if it was only a small bug.

Rin breathed a sigh of relief. She had survived with only a small burn, and minimal damage to her kimono.

Sesshomaru turned his calm gaze upon her. "Rin, are you okay?" He asked. She smiled brightly and nodded.

"Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru." She replied, her eyes glittering in gratitude. Sesshomaru nodded and stood up, releasing her from his grip. He wouldn't tell her how his heart fluttered lightly when he saw her on fire. Luckily, he had had enough experience in his life to react calmly. The last thing he would want to do was panic her if he wasn't his usual self.

Rin watched as Sesshomaru calmly situated himself back against the tree. She smiled. Although many thought that Sesshomaru was heartless, she knew different. He had saved her countless times, counting that night. She situated herself comfortably on the ground, covering her tiny burn. It didn't hurt that bad, and she didn't want to worry Sesshomaru over something so small.

Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru.

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