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Her hands were so cold, so cold. They were turning bright blue as the wind whistled over them. She tucked him underneath her arms, trying to keep them from getting frostbite. She squeezed herself into an even tighter ball to protect her body from the gusts of wind that shook her tiny body.

She squeezed her eyes together, soft crystal tears falling down her cheeks. He had told her not to wander off, to stay put. He would be gone for a while, and needed her to stay safe and warm in the small shelter he built her. But she had left.

Rin didn't even remember why she had decided to leave the shelter. All she remembered was getting caught in the dreadful blizzard. She had found a small, hollow cave to shelter her. However, the gale had gotten so bad, she couldn't even see a foot in front of her.

She had sheltered in the cave, squishing herself into a tiny ball to warm her body up. She had managed to sidle up in between a small rock and the wall of the cave. Although the position was uncomfortable, and she felt absolutely squished, the two rocks pressed against her body kept her reasonably warm.

Resting her head on her knees, she closed her eyes and remembered earlier that day…

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Jaken clumsily placed the last of the branches upon the mini shelter. It was tiny, consisting of only enough room for Rin to comfortably sit up, and lay down in a curled up position.

The green demon stood back, admiring his work. "You see, Rin? I told you I could build a good shelter, perfect for the storm tonight!"

Rin nodded. "You were right, Master Jaken. You made quite a good shelter. Thank you, Master Jaken."

Jaken nodded, proud of his work, which really was nothing more then some twigs supported by mud.

Rin smiled as Jaken stared at the shelter. However, the sound of footsteps drew her attention away from Jaken and towards Sesshomaru, who approached with his normal calmness.

"Jaken, are you finished?" He asked, his voice soft.

Jaken jumped, and nodded. "Yes, my Lord. The shelter is all finished for Rin." He replied.

Sesshomaru signaled his approval. He then turned to Rin. "We are going to be gone for awhile. Stay in the shelter, and don't wander away. You might get lost in the blizzard."

Rin nodded. "Yes, my Lord."

Sesshomaru turned, and began to walk away, Jaken right behind him, when Sesshomaru stopped. "Remember, Rin." He said, his tone soft but firm. "Don't leave the shelter."

Rin smiled as she crawled into her shelter. "I won't, Lord Sesshomaru." She whispered to herself. "I promise."

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Rin felt tears pooling in her eyes. She had promised to stay in the shelter, and she had left. She had gotten lost. She had deliberately gone against his orders, and was now trapped in the cave. She felt her limbs freezing, and her heart beginning to slow. Her breath was becoming shallow and ragged, and her head fogging. Fuzziness met her vision, and time began to melt away along with her consciousness.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened with disbelief. Why had she left the shelter? She was now trapped in this blizzard. To any human, it was deadly. He had to find her soon. His heart fluttered in his chest, as worry consumed his limbs. Possibilities of what could have happened to her began to swarm in his mind…

He pushed all of those thoughts away. He would find her in time. His sharp nose picked up her weak scent, and he began to follow. He would find her.

He would.

He had to.

In the back of her mind, she could feel his warm fingers curling around her small, frozen body. In the back of her mind, she knew it was his warm heart that was throbbing through her side as she was clutched against his chest. In the back of her mind, she knew she was safe.

"Rin, what were you thinking?" He mumbled, so quiet, yet so full of a desperate emotion, that it passed through the back of her mind, and into her thoughts.

I'm sorry, Lord Sesshomaru. She thought to herself silently. I promise I won't wander off again. I promise I will obey your rules.

The next thing Rin knew, she was nestled in a warm nest of leaves, and a warm blanket was tucked over her body. Her toes and her fingers were wrapped in a warm fur, and her face was warmed by the fire that flickered in front of her. She was snuggled, feeling her skin crawling with the heat as she listened to the snow whistling above her.

Rin buried herself deeper into the blankets. That snow, that cold, had almost claimed her life. If it weren't for Sesshomaru, she would have died in that blizzard. Another thing she would have to thank him for. Once again, he had saved her life.

"Rin?" A soft voice asked.

She opened her gentle eyes, and moved her face to look up at the calm figure of Sesshomaru. His emotionless eyes stared back at her, boring deep into her.

"Are you okay?" He inquired, his calm voice, tinged ever so lightly with concern, seemed to wrap around her and sooth her troubled thoughts.

Rin smiled softly. That comforted Sesshomaru. That, and the fact that when he found her, her lips had been blue, and now they were a bright pink.

"Yes." Her voice was hoarse and crackled from lack of use and from the cold. She sounded relieved. "And thank you, Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru didn't answer, he just nodded distantly, as if he was off in another world, his thoughts directed away from her.

Rin felt feeling returning to her limbs, and suddenly, a blinding pain took hold of her, gripping her body like the direct hand of the snow was grasping her, and crushing her in it's grip.

She didn't realize she had let out a small squeak of pain, for Sesshomaru was by her in a second. His warm, soft hands gently soothing the pain in her body by caressing her tiny hands in his.

After a few moments, the pain lessened in her body. After Sesshomaru felt her body relax, he moved himself away. He had an extra blanket for her, and tucked it around her small body.

Rin smiled up at him again. "Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru." Her voice was weak and feeble, ready for sleep. Sesshomaru nodded in reply.

"Rest now, Rin. Your body needs to sleep." His calm voice soothed her, and soon she was resting quietly. Sesshomaru's eyes watched her as she slept.

Even though she was only a small, insignificant human, Sesshomaru would protect her, whether it was from a demon, or whether it was from nature itself, he would protect her with all his strength.

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