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Flickering eyes met the sight of a bright crackling fire, warm like the soft touch of fur pressed against her face. She was curled up upon the dirty ground, her back pressed ever so lightly against Jaken, the sleeping demon that lay beside her.

She straightened up lightly, her arms reaching up atop her head, stretching out her muscles. The small clearing was drenched in moonlight, for it shone bright and full in the black sky. The forest trees stretched on, plotted on the milky ground.

Rin yawned. The sun was about to rise, and the sky against the horizon began to turn a lighter blue. As if on cue, the fire suddenly went out. Cold, she clutched her arms to her stomach. It was as if someone blew air down her neck. She shivered.

His silver hair swept across his back, as he approached the camp. He had been out all night, yet no scratches showed on his body or through his clothes. However, if you looked very very closely, you could see a small, unsteady drip of blood from the very tip of his sword.

But, nobody looked that closely. The animals scampered away from him, scared of his presence. With Rin around, they weren't so scared. The aura from the small girl was a happy, accepting girl, the perfect antidote to the powerful Lord Sesshomaru.

He was a bit puzzled when he approached the camp where he left them. The fire had been extinguished, too small to put up with the morning cold. He frowned. Rin was shivering, cold after the fire had disappeared. He growled to himself. Rin was making him way too soft, but he couldn't ignore her needs.

He bent down, and with a swish of his hand, re ignited the fire. There, he thought to himself. Rin opened her eyes, and smiled sleepily up at him, before turning over and curling up into an over tight ball, squeezing her hands together, already warmed by the now roaring fire.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes, fighting with himself. He had no right to claim this small human as his. She was a close friend, much closer then he would ever think to become with a human.

Still, he was amazed. This feeling, it was overpowering. Hurting. He simply wanted to wipe it away, like the snow that fell, it was icy cold, while the wind was tearing at him. Reaching to his very insides.

He was about to turn away. About to forget this entire thing, and simply walk to the other side of the camp, lean against a tree, and sleep. He took one step. Then two. Simply a few more. Why was walking away so hard? He felt like something had gripped him and was attempting to pull him back.

Then, it was as if he blanked. Silent and swift, like a tiger stalking his prey. He stepped towards Rin, knowing he was way to silent for her human ears to detect it over the sound of the crackling fire and the animals calling.

He bent down, smooth, a vast, rippling river. Calm, a stream bubbling over tiny pebbles. He couldn't believe he was doing this. What had gotten into him?

His hands were lifted slightly for the small bit of balance he needed. With a swift movement, his smooth soft lips met the small girl's forehead.

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