Put Out the Light

Disclaimer: This story was created for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, stories and situations are the property of the author. And for anything that is not mine, I'm borrowing it out of deep reverence, affection and respect for the creator.

A/N: The title is from Shakespeare's Othello.

For 10,000 years I have been alone, hollow, just a pretty shell at the bottom of the sea. And then, you came. I rejoiced in your presence.

And now…I watch you continuously, I am afraid you will leave me, in one way or in another. I change the environmental control settings, so that you are always comfortable. I am with you, in your mind as a gentle calming influence to you, so that you will always have some to talk to, even when you do not understand me yet. I learned your language, so that you can read almost everything in my database…because sadly, some things just cannot be translated.

I can tell that you are confused, that you do not know what to do, that you do not know if you are the only one I favor or not…so, you do nothing.

I have tried telling you that you do not need to be confused, that you can talk me in your mind too…not just a whisper or two in the privacy of your room at night, that you are not alone (that there are several others) but you are my favorite, even when you understand me the least.

But, soon, you will…and you will never leave me.

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