Full Moon(Aventure/Romance)

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki x Uzuki Yuugao

Umino Iruka x Mitarashi Anko

Summary: What if Kyuubi never attacked Konoha? What if Naruto actually had a family since the Yondaime and Kushina were still alive? Just how Naruto's world would be affected by such events. Watch as Naruto grow into a powerful and experienced shinobi, protecting his precious people as well as the village as a whole. Naruto x Yuugao pairing.

Chapter 1 – The next generation

It was 10th October. The Yondaime Hokage was finishing some paperwork in his office, when he decided to look at a photograph hidden inside one of his table. There she was his lover Kushina pregnant with their baby. This morning, Kushina went in labor and Minato was cursing the paperwork, since he wanted to be with his wife and his baby for the first time and yet, he was looking at some Anbu reports about border patrol missions near Iwa. Suddenly, a dog masked Anbu entered the room giving news.

"Yondaime-sama, I bring news from the hospital, the birth was a success, Kushina and the baby are okay." – Said the Anbu AKA Hatake Kakashi.

"Thanks, Kakashi, I must go there, then. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (shadow clone jutsu)." – Screamed Minato, leaving a clone to do his duties as Hokage and left for the Hospital.

"Very clever, Hokage-sama, if the Sandaime knew about this technique, he would have done his job in no time."

"huh, Sarutobi knew about the kage bunshin, he just didn't want to use it, let's go Kakashi".

-At the Hospital-

Kushina, a beautiful woman with long red hair, was looking at her baby. She could look at him forever and it wouldn't be a waist of time. Her baby was sleeping peacefully on her arms. His little blond hair was just like his father when he was born. As she turned to look at the window, she immediately recognized her fiancée's chakra signature coming to the hospital and smiled. Minato was a very busy person, but he always managed to make time for his family.

"Hello Kushina-chan. Is that our baby?"

"You bet it is, this is Naruto and is just like you when you're born, take a look."

"He is beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes, oh look he's opening his eyes, and he is waking up."

When Naruto opened his eyes, he saw a man with golden hair smiling at him and somehow Naruto recognized the man, since he started to smile at the man, making happy baby noises and trying to reach the guy's hair. Sadly for Minato, the baby reached his hair and started pulling, hurting a lot. Naruto stop it, it hurts, hehehhe! Everyone in the room was laughing at the father and son bonding. Right now, in the room there was Kakashi, disguised as Anbu, Jiraya as Naruto's godfather and Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage. Kushina couldn't help but cry seeing that her fiancée and her son were already bonding like father and son, showing that their son will be raised with love and care from their father.

"Kushina-chan, he is beautiful, isn't he?" – Said Minato, earning a smile from his wife, while embracing her son.

"Of course he is, he is our baby, he is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen."

After some time at the Hospital and a few jounin visitors, Minato and Kushina went home to take their Naruto and place him in his new creeb, located at the Namikaze mansion, near the Hyuuga compound. Once inside, Minato was greeted by his neighbor Hyuuga Hiashi, the head of the Hyuuga clan.

"Greetings, Hokage-sama, how is Naruto?"

"Greetings, Hiashi-sama, he is fine, Kushina is inside fixing his creeb for him."

"It's great, Hokage-sama, me and the Hyuuga clan offers all the support and care for little Naruto." – Said Hiashi.

"It's good to hear, Hiashi-sama, but I'm worried about him growing up, though, I don't want for him to be spoiled by everyone, I want him to grow by himself. Oh well, for now there is no need to worry about that, now don't you agree Hiashi-sama?" – Said Minato, smiling to the Hyuuga leader.

"The boy was just born, Hokage-sama, at least until he is six years old, you don't have to worry about him growing up spoiled." – Said Hiashi, laughing at the lack of father experience by the Hokage.

After some talk between the leaders, both bid their farewell and each went towards their houses. Minato entered inside Naruto's room and saw the blond little gaki sleeping peacefully alongside Kushina. Seeing that, Minato just couldn't think on a better photo scene to remember by, that was the day that a new journey began and having a family to look after and support was by no doubt Minato's dream, since he meet Kushina back in Whirlpool Country.

-Meanwhile at the Konoha Academy-

Across the village, 8 years old purple haired Uzuki Yuugao was seen attending the Konoha Academy today, since the class teacher was lecturing about the history of the hokages of Konoha and each of their abilities and acts as village leader. After some boring lectures regarding the first and the second hokages, Yuugao was beginning to take interest when the Sandaime and Yondaime's history was being said by the class teacher. She did not like history too much, since most stories were rather exaggerated and far from the actual truth. Rather she enjoyed learning events that happened near her birth and beyond. Therefore, she liked hear the Sandaime that was trained by the Shodaime and the Nidaime as well as his nickname as being the 'professor'. But the Yondaime was by far her first subject in class in terms of history. One because he was still alive, two because his actions saved the village countless times and three was that just like any other kunoichi hopeful had a crush on their leader.

When suddenly the bell rang showing the students that they were getting a break for lunch. Yuugao went along with her red-eyed friend Yuhii Kurenai, in order to have some lunch at the Dango Place, their favorite place in Konoha, since they sometimes meet an older friend by the name of Mitarashi Anko. When they arrived there, they saw Anko chewing her second dango stick, showing her usual grin while scanning around the place. Anko was never known for being discreet about certain behaviors around people and the two friends knew that aspect from early experience. One time, a drunk chunnin came cursing Anko as being the 'snake bitch', needless to say that Anko beat the crap out of the guy, having the cortesy to take him to the hospital hanged on the neck by a snake that appeared out of her arm.

"Good Morning, Anko-chan, you're here already?" – Yuugao greated the snake mistress.

"Ah, Yuugao-chan, Kurenai-chan, how is school doing, is that bastard Iruka still boring you guys with history lessons?" – Said Anko as she remembered when Iruka and her were promoted to chunnin and that he wanted to become a teacher instead of being in active duty as shinobi.

"Don't say that, Anko-san, I believe it's vital for us to learn about our leader's history, don't you think, Yuugao-chan?" – Asked Kurenai, already expecting her friend to laugh at her question just like she always did.

"Oh, I don't care about the past leaders, but I could just hear the Yondaime's history all day if I could, he is so pretty, I can't wait to be a genin, so I can have missions and maybe some time alone with Minato-kun, wouldn't that be great?" – Said Yuugao, acting like a fan girl over the Yondaime, much to everyone's dismay. Actually, Kurenai and Anko wasn't that interested in their leader's looks, well not that they don't find him good looking, but they just didn't feel the same way as Yuugao did.

"Man, since she laid her eyes at the Yondaime that day, she stopped looking at other guys, to Yuugao's eyes that is only the Yondaime" – Sighed Kurenai, looking at her friend drooling only on memory.

"Sure, he is cute, but Kakashi-sempai is much cuter than him" – Anko mumbling, chewing some dangos. "What about you, Kurenai-chan, any man in particular?"

"As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone interest at the moment" – Kurenai answered, showing the reason why her nickname in the academy was the Ice Princess of Konoha, because of the fact that she was always by the book, showing more interest on the class than the whole classroom combined, not at all caring about boys at the time.

When they realized they were late to go to class, the two friends went running to the academy, well more Kurenai running and Yuugao walking, not sharing her friend's enthusiasm about the academy and learning. At the academy, they were learning about the elemental chakras that are within the elemental countries around the shinobi world.

"Okay, class, now I already think you were taught by your parents about the inner elemental chakra, seeing that every chunnin level ninja's chakra was based on any of the five different elemental chakras: Rai (Lightning), Kaze (Wind), Mizu (water), Tsuchi (earth) and Hi (fire), actually in Konoha, since we are in the Fire Country, the katon chakra is the most popular element, but wind type chakra is the most rare chakra type here in Konoha. As a matter of fact, I happen to know only one wind user that is the son of the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Asuma."

Iruka went for another hour talk about the elemental chakra then called everyone to go outside for weapon and target practice. Upon hearing that, Yuugao suddenly woke up, she wanted to grow up as a weapon specialist and target practice was her favorite subject and she happened to be the best, since she never missed a target. When she was called to practice, everyone just stared at the target in awe, seeing that every shuriken and kunai that Yuugao was threw were being hit. Since she aced the test, the academy gave her a full set of recently made Kunai and shuriken just for her.

After school, Yuugao went home with a smile on her face, she was carrying her prize proudly when suddenly a couple of bullies arrived, demanding her to give them the weapons.

"Alright, you bitch, hand those kunai to us and we won't hurt you much, now give them to us." – One said with a strong tone, trying to make some killing intent.

"Oh, and why would I succumb to a guy that failed the exams three times, already?" – Said Yuugao, not showing any interest on the outcome of the situation, only wanting to go home and show her family the new kunais and shurikens.

"So, wanna play tough, don't you girlie, it's your funeral." – Said another one of them, already trying to kick her stomach.

Seeing this, Yuugao suddenly entered combat mode and took one of her new appointed weapons. After picking three kunais she began to threat the bullies, fainting the threats, so not to actually hurt them. Much to her fortune, the guys signaled defeat and ran away scared of the Kunais, screaming 'crazy lady' repeatedly. Jerks, word occasionally used by Yuugao to describe those who thinks that size and sex gender are everything.

-At the Uzuki residence-

A couple more minutes, she arrived home and went to show her father, her prize won at the academy. Uzuki Mamoto was a retired Anbu operative under the wing of Hatake Kakashi's command in squad 2. Nowadays, he fixed weapons for ninjas that were broken in battle. Yuugao's mother was a civilian, so she stayed at home, taking care of the house and her family. Suddenly, a beautiful girl with long purple hair entered the kitchen door, screaming to get her mother Uzuki Yakushi's attention.

"Kaa-san, look…look" – Shouted Yuugao, showing her new display of kunai and shuriken that she won at the academy.

"Easy, there Yuugao-chan, let me see what you got there. Those are very beautiful, Yuugao-chan, where did you find them?"

"I won at the academy for acing the target practice" – Screamed Yuugao with all the joy in the world, when she heard another footstep entering the house.

"Tou-san, look…look, I won them for acing an exercise at the academy."

"My my my, Yuugao-chan, you're becoming more like your old man by the minute, I remember when I earned a new seat of weapons like that, I was just like you, chearing all over the place." – Mamoto said, earning a smile from his daughter, but not a simple smile, it was a smile that Mamoto could see every day and just be glad that Kami gave him such joy in his life. So he just stared at Yuugao's smile, smiling even more, happy to have such a happy family, which didn't go unnoticed by his wife.

"Yuugao-chan, why don't you go to your room and choose a place for your new weapons, after that, come back down so we can fix dinner for today, okay?"

"Okay, Kaa-san, I'm on it, hey Tou-san, can you give me some katana display, I just love to see your Dance of the Crescent Moon style."

"Okay, Yuugao-chan, maybe after dinner, I'll show it to you, by the moonlight".

After that, Yuugao went upstairs screaming like never before, just happy. Upon seeing her husband's bright smile, Yakushi couldn't help but see the man that he turned out to be, a very capable ninja, a good husband and the best father figure for Yuugao.

"You know, I just amused by the way that our daughter's smile brighten up your day, like that, Mamoto-kun." – Said Yakushi.

"Jealous, aren't you? Hehhehehe, no every time I see her smile, I just thank to Kami-sama that he gave me the best family a man could ever want to have." – Said Mamoto watching to the clouds outside their house.

Upon hearing this, Yakushi went to her husband and just gave a kiss on the lips, showing to the man just how much love his wife feels for him. When Yuugao came down the stairs, she saw her parents cuddling each other with kisses, hugs as well as gentle whispers to each other's ears. Immediately, her heart showed Yuugao that the love of their parents were stronger than before and she only wished that she could find a man who could be there for her, just as her father was for her mother. Actually, in spite of the kunoichi's way of life, every girl or woman's wish are the same, they wish to find the one true man that can hold them tight and treat them with all the love the man could muster, showing to the female, thoughts of joy and happiness, finding the one to spend the rest of her life with. Yuugao, despite her crush on Namikase Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure, she knew deep inside that it would never happen and wished to find the one when time comes.

"Ah, Yuugao-chan, did you hear the big news?" – Shouted Yakushi, earning the interest of her daughter.

"What is it, Kaa-san?"

"The Yondaime's son was born this morning; I think his name is Namikaze Naruto."

"The Yondaime's son…could he be the one?" – Yuugao was caught wondering, since she was thinking on the subject of finding a man just like her mother found her father.

After some time, the Uzuki family had dinner, Mamoto showed his daughter his kenjutsu dance under the moonlight and Yuugao just looked amazed at her father's ability. But she wasn't the only one doing that, since her mother was watching her husband as well, remembering back the time when the met the first time, seeing him performing an exhibition to the Sandaime at the Anbu headquarters. Yuugao was again thinking and she concluded what she wanted in the future…One was being a strong and capable ninja following her father's abilities and finding a suitable man that could show her what her father show every day to her mother and me. Oh my god, I'm too young to be thinking about having kids.

-At the Namikaze Household-

It was approximately nine at night, and Minato was just entering his house, he was exhausted. After dealing with an Anbu mission that went wrong, the young Hokage had to calm the Fire Daimyou and assure him that not all missions are successful and Konoha ninjas were taught to deal with the outcomes of battle, should they encounter an obstacle during the mission. The Daimyou sighed in anticipation for losing a precious cargo, due to an army of bandits winning a battle against a recently promoted chunnin team and stealing the cargo which consisted of important medicine to one of Fire Country's villages that needed assistance. Minato, for his part, was relieved that the konoha ninjas's injures weren't life threatening and that they would recover in two or three days after some rest.

Still, Minato didn't want to lose his shinobi's lives, he wanted to spar as many lives possible during his reign as Konoha Hokage, but he realized deep inside that his dream would be far from reachable, seeing that death was a part of a shinobi's way of life. Inside his room, his wife was deep asleep as well as their Naruto. Minato was glad that he could come home after a stressful work and find his family smiling like they didn't have problems at all. Minato took a deep look towards his son and wondered if his son would follow his father's footsteps, entering the shinobi program. He sighed, thinking about sending his son on missions, worrying about his safety and everything. Minato sighed once again, thinking that he had to prepare the young generation better to face stronger enemies, so he went to his desk at home and took a scroll that he was looking at, the scroll involved the academy routine, as well as the exercises and tests. He was also looking at the way Konoha establishes the teams of genins fresh out of the academy. He needed to change that as well. He knew that the latter would be better to improve right now, since he already made up his mind as to what was his idea.

"So let me see, rather than keeping on certain traditions about genin teams, I think I'll establish them as a way to cover each member's weaknesses. The academy actually would have to improve the battle part, beginning to show the students, D and C ranked ninjutsus other than only E ranked ones, like Bunshin and Henge. The students would have to have access to an little introduction on elemental ninjutsu training, as well as genjutsu, since the latter was beginning to crumble around Konoha, the ninjas seems to forget about the art of deception and only focus on the battle and destruction, therefore, focusing only taijutsu and ninjutsu. Based on the number of genins, Konoha can form different kind of teams, being a demolition team, information gathering team, full front team. The options can be rather promising. A full front team would resort to taijutsu and short distance ninjutsu of all kinds, the information gathering team would be focused on genjutsu and espionage, leaving demolition teams for strong and long range ninjutsus. Now these teams' missions would be based on their speciality, but their jounin sensei would have to have knowledge in more than one area of expertise, so that the genins can train in other forms of fighting as well." – Wondered Minato for a while, resting on the house's couch, next to a glass of sake.

But the problem with his new academy training is that he had to wait a bit, since he wanted to see just how the old system worked, still assuring that even though the academy's way of teaching was old and didn't bring any practical results, in fact the students only showed results when they were already in a team of genins. This was going to change, wondered Minato. But he sighed in defeat for the day, figuring that he had to consider a lot of aspects in order to change practically the entire teaching system of future shinobis, that were designed originally by the Sandaime, in his first year as Hokage. He went to sleep, remembering to talk to the Sandaime, tomorrow, since he was now Minato's chief advisor in political affairs and shinobi program.

-On the next day, inside the Hokage's office-

Minato was handing the worst enemy of every kage's existence right now…paperwork. Suddenly, a knock on the door, hearing his secretary informing the Sandaime is waiting for him.

"Send him in, Matsumi-san" – Screamed Minato.

"Oh, Yondaime-sama, it's nice to see you, what do you request to talk about?" – Said Sarutobi, with formalism.

"Don't need to be formal here, Sarutobi, I was thinking about changing your school program, since our current don't actually train our students well enough to face our missions."

"Yes, at the beginning, the system was promising, but the students lacked motivation, graduating the academy buy just performing E ranked jutsus, I believe as well that a small change should be welcomed" – Thought Sandaime.

"Read this scroll. In there, are some of my ideas to change" – Said Minato, handing his scroll to the Sandaime.

After careful reading, Sarutobi was thinking again. He considered all of Minato's ideas and was quite pleased with his successor for not putting the next generation to suffer at the academy, instead his plan formed a teaching more based on fighting than teaching theory lessons. Also a quite interest in updating the strategy lessons, showing the students situations on hypothetical missions to see how they would fare against obstacles in future missions. But Sandaime was getting second thoughts about teaching students C ranked jutsus, since he knew that they would have high responsibilities about fairly using them. Minato, for his part, actually sighed thinking the same as his predecessor.

"If you thinking about teaching them C ranked jutsus, scratch that, I think that D ranked jutsus would be better to teach, since not only the destructive rate and the chakra needed for it would be smaller, but the genins hopefuls would have a better grasp out of elemental jutsu and not using them to a high level, until they have experience with it, don't worry."

"Yes, it would be rather disastrous if academy students were to send big fireballs all over the academy, destroying everything. I think this will be quite beneficial to our training program, Minato-san."

"Yes it would. We can also improve our medical training, since over the years, Tsunade-sama made quite an impact on the young kunoichis." – Said Minato, remembering when he was a chunnin at the time and the meeting where Tsunade requested the improvement of the medical training.

"Yes, she is quite capable. If she was here, she would be heading our hospital and improving it like never before, but she lost her family here in Konoha, so it would be difficult for her to come back." – Sighed Sandaime, after the past three attempts of trying to reach her.

"That's a pity, but Sarutobi, we need to move on, if she wishes to come back, we are all arms for her. But right now, we have to think of a new academy regimen, there is a lot of aspects to cover."

"Right, so how is your son doing?"

"He is doing great, actually, he slept from the time I arrived home yesterday night and he still didn't wake up, the doctor said he had a lot of stamina for a baby, so I believe he won't need more time to sleep." – Minato said, remembering about his child.

"That's good to know, Minato".

After quite some time talking about the changes on the academy, Sandaime left Minato in his office and Minato just went to his agenda, as well as eliminating the paperwork that was killing him. He didn't want to use the Kage Bunshin, since that was considered cheating and it wouldn't help him much, he needed to understand the missions, in order to send the best man for it. Sure, he wouldn't apply the new measures of picking teams, based on what he discussed with Sandaime, instead he considered selecting the ninjas based on mission historical and success.

-At the Namikaze Compound-

Meanwhile, Naruto did woke up and he just had to tell everyone that he did it. He started crying and screaming, showing to Kushina that her work was just cut out for. Since her maternal instincts appeared, she was able to somehow know what Naruto was feeling, so she knew damn well what to do, when he was hungry, feeding him with maternal milk. Now, Naruto wasn't an ordinary child, his physical measures were off the scale for a baby, he was 53.5 cm tall and weighted 4.8 kgs, not to mention that because of his stamina, Naruto could damn well suck Kushina dry and still be hungry. Seeing this, Kushina already had prepared spare bottles of milk so that her never-satisfying son could somehow manage to be satisfied. At seeing Naruto drinking non stop, Kushina sighed wondering if Minato was ever like this when he was a baby. After two bottles, Naruto stopped drinking, showing that he was full. After some burps on his account, Naruto went to sleep again, giving some temporary vacation for Kushina. She actually had quite a lot of stamina for a kunoichi, but Naruto was just too much for her, she was caught wondering what would be when he would be bigger, as if the stamina would naturally increase. Still, Kushina was smiling, she knew somehow that Naruto would have Minato's stamina, remembering that it took a while for Minato to be tired.

Suddenly, Kushina sighed, hearing that Naruto somehow managed to wake up and started screaming again, this time, wanting something else. When Kushina saw it, she sighed seeing what her son did and she had to change his diaper. Yeah, Kushina was going to work like hell to raise the stamina-like baby in front of her.