SUIKODEN V: What they feel

Chapter III: the regal's feelings

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-Chapter III-

"That's good."

"Hmm…what is it Lyon?"

Lyon pointed at a certain purple-haired knight who was laughing so hard. "Miakis, she seems back to normal." Respond Lyon. The Prince nod in agreement. His comrade and friend had just declared her love to him a few days ago. He knew that what he told her will surely affect her duties a knight for the past few days, Miakis avoid him for awhile but now seems to recover from what happened. A sign of that was Miakis playing with the Dragon horses and pulling pranks to Roog and the other guards. Lyon didn't know what happened but she knew something had bothered Miakis so she was glad she was smiling again.

"Poor Roog," pitied Frey at dragon horse rider. Lyon giggled as she watches the scene of Miakis being chase by Guards and an upset Roog for applying make-up at their Dragon Horses. Miakis was running for her life when she was about to turn to the next lane, she saw Frey and Lyon. She smiled and greeted them…

"HELLO LYON! HELLO PRINCE! Gotta run see you guys later!"

… Making Frey surprised.

"Yeah, she's back to normal." Frey smiled.

The young queen was walking on the hallway; she is going to return to her chamber to get some rest. She had just finished a meeting with the parliament. Miakis was escorting her. Lym knew Miakis had finally confessed to her brother. She knew Miakis like a sister and can almost read her mind. Now she knows her friend is fine she has been pulling pranks to everyone. While walking, the queen overheard a conversation of two soldiers.

"The day after tomorrow is going to be the 'Fireworks festival'!"

"Yeah, my daughter is very excited about it."

"It would be a great festival with a bonfire dance!"

'Fireworks festival' pondered the young queen she looks at Miakis and inquires about the festival. "Oh, you know. That's the festival with colorful lights showing at the sky and there's even a dance." Excitement was in the purple-haired girl's voice. "I didn't know it would be this week," Lym said. Miakis giggled "It's because you keep on thinking of the Prince." The little lady shot death glares at her knight and shushes her.

"Why don't you invite Frey to go with you." Suggest Miakis, they had finally arrived at the Queen's chamber. "I can't. He and Lyon had probably planned to go together besides what for?" said the queen as she grabs her ordinary clothes. Miakis kneeled down near Lym to help her change garments and continue…"To confess…duhhh!" The princess eyes widened and hit Miakis. "What are you talking about? I can't do such an ungrateful act!" "Alright then…you might regret it. Your just gonna tell him how you feel." Persuade the knight. "Then what? Be like you!" Miakis got offended at the spoken words of the young queen. Lym felt guilty at what she said and apologized "I didn't mean too...Miakis." The knight stood up and looks at the princess trying to control her temper she forced a smiled. "Just think about it. I'm not forcing you."

…knock...knock…The two girls gaze at the door thinking who came to disturb them. "Lym..." a familiar voice spoke. Miakis grinned she knows who it was and Lym blushed a bit. "Come in."

Frey had entered and smiled at the two girls. "Do you need something commander?" The young queen tried to talk formal. Frey chuckled and says "Drop the formalities Lym." Lym sighed "Fine. What do you want?"

"Well…the next day will be the fireworks festival-…

'W-what…is he going to ask me to go with him…' the young queen felt herself blushed with Miakis smirking even more.

…and we haven't spent time with each other lately. So I want you to come with me to the festival." Frey smiled at her sister.

'I want you to come with me…' words Frey had spoken echoed in the young queen's mind. Miakis who was behind the prince was making victory signs as she grinned.

"Lym?" Frey snapped her sister back to reality.

"How about Lyon, I thought you two are going together." Said Lym gaining back her composition." Frey blushed at the mention of Lyon's name. "Well, she will and everyone else is coming too. I told her I want to be with you…" "Why is that?" asked the sister thinking that his brother is trying to make her as an excuse because Lyon is might be going with someone else. "I told you Lym…I want to spend time with you." answered her brother persuading her to come with him. "Fine…I'll go." Lym said. Frey smiled in satisfaction. "Great, see you then at the town square!" and the prince had left the room. Miakis give thumbs up at the queen who sticks her tongue out.

"That was unexpected." Miakis grinned. "Hmmph…whatever." The young queen was trying to hide her red face with her pillows. "I'm going! Gonna help Toma with his training. See ya!" said Miakis cheerfully and she left the chamber skipping happily at the hallway.

The night of the festival…

The citizens of the capital of Falena are very happy when the festival had started. Stalls and shops open with many different games for people, especially the kids, to try. The festival has a great atmosphere everyone was smiling. Children are to be seen with their parents, lovers are there as well enjoying the moments and waiting for the bonfire dance.

Frey with his friends is strolling around the town square. Everyone gives respect to the royal siblings and the Queen's knights. Lym is walking beside Frey her hand being held by the young prince. They were followed by Miakis with Roog and Lyon, Toma and Nick was there also. Miakis was telling a joke with everyone laughing. She even made a bet with Roog in the game of catching a fish in a mini pond. Who ever catch the most fish won but both sides has incredible bad luck they wasted their money in the game. Roog curses and Miakis just laugh out loud their grand luck at losing their money.

The apprentices, Nick and Toma are trying to spar in a combat game. Their friends watch them fought each other with Nick having the advantage. Toma as an apprentice is a beginner in using a javelin (I think it suits him better).Toma, tried to shield himself by using his javelin. Nick continues to give death blows to the inexperienced trainee.

In the crowd their friends were cheering. "Miakis, you were supposed to be in charge of training Toma. Hasn't he progress yet?" asked Lyon at the purpled queen's knight. "What do you expect it's Miakis who is teaching?" mocked Roog. Miakis glared at the insult. "She probably teaches the child how to pull pranks and how to annoy Falenan people." Roog continued. "Hey!" interrupted Miakis glaring at Roog who smirked at her. Frey chuckled and insisted that Toma somehow did improve for the battle was still on the go. The young queen who was watching eagerly was of course cheering for her "Apprentice Queen's knight". She started to get upset that she shouted at the crowd, "Toma! If you darn lose! You will disgrace the Queen's knight! Go for it!"

Toma, who heard the barked cheer of the queen somewhat, blushed. It was supposed to boost his strength instead he lost his focus making him to have an open. Nick attack with speed that soon the tip of his blade was under Toma's chin.

After, the spar between the two apprentice. The prince and their friends congratulate Nick for winning. Toma had accepted his lost but got annoyed with Lym's nagging on his lost of the combat.

"I can't believe a trainee of a Queen's knight LOST!" nag the queen to the annoyed Toma. "Well, I would NOT have lost if weren't for your nags!" snap the novice knight. Lym sticks her tongue out and screamed "It's not my fault! Do you want me to chop you with your own weapon!?" Their comrades smiled in amusement as the two continue their growing quarrel.

When it was already late, an announcement was heard that the firecrackers will begin. Roog try to find a perfect place for them to watch the fireworks. They were in the docks since the fireworks are going to be exposed by large boats in the Feitas River. Everybody applaud as the first sets of colorful fireworks are shown. Lym was speechless at the beautiful spectacle the colorful lights even reflect at the river. Miakis was jumping up and down in eager. The prince with Lyon smiled sweetly at each other as they continue to stare at the remarkable view of the sky or maybe each other.

After the program of the fireworks, the youngsters are going back to the square for the awaited bonfire dance. At the trip the young children can't help but talk about the magnificent display of fireworks except for Lym who gaze at his brother who looks at her and smile. She turns red, and tries to avoid the gaze. "There are times you need to express your feelings in words." She heard someone whisper. She looks at Miakis who give her a reassured smile. The young queen nod and pull his brother's clothes noticing this, the young man lie down to be in the same height of her sister the two are at the back unseen to their group.

"Frey," the prince barely heard his name.

"What is it Lym?" asked his brother smiling at his sister.

The young princess look down, embarrass at this awkard situation. 'Mother, Father forgive me…' she said to herself. "Hey," snap Frey. Lym look at his brother's blue eyes, she bit her lower lip and heave a sighed.

"I-I…L-like you!" stammered Lym as she closed her eyes afraid to see the feedback of her brother. Frey looks at his sister and makes her face him. "I like you too Lym…" he smiled. Lym stared at Frey who continued…

"…But I'm not the person you cared about the most." Lym jerk up at what she had heard. "You, miss father right Lym?" Lym sadly nod.

"I missed him too… You love him right…And me?"

"I-I like you…"

"Aren't those feelings similar…?

You missed father that you see him in me…"

Lym closed her eyes and think deeply of his father, His smile, his laughter, and the way he love her…and yes, what Frey said was definitely true.

"…Yes." Lym managed to reply.

"It's because I'm the splitting image of father. I'm telling you this because it's the truth…" reassured Frey. "I'm happy that you love me which made you cared about me. But…I'm just not the right one...Lym…"

Lym smiled and said

"You…have someone you cared about the most too right Frey?"

"You…could say that."

"Is it Lyon?"

Frey blushed and smiled. "Yeah…it's her. If weren't for Lyon I would be nothing at all…I have long dead gone and would not be able to protect you." He gently strokes the auburn hair of his sister. "…I don't mind Lyon being your special love! I think you too look great together… And everyone else too! And I'm sure she loves you back." said Lym at his brother who quickly turns red. "And I'm sure too…that someday you will find that special someone you will treasure the most and will love you more than life itself." Frey soothed. Lym smiled and nod trying to hold back her tears.

Then out of nowhere Roog and the others called out the two siblings. "Commander! Your Highness hurry up!" "It's about to start!" hollered Miakis and waves at the two.

Lym wave back and gave a final gaze at his brother. "Tell her, you need to express yourself…and that's an order! Good luck brother!" and she ran off leaving a lost in thought commander. He looks at the distant crowd and there found the girl he cared about the most. The prince walked through the crowd to meet Lyon and the others. Maybe Lym was right.

-End of Chapter III-

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