SUIKODEN V: What they feel

SUIKODEN V: What they feel

Chapter IV: the Commander's Feelings

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Author's note: Ahhh…I finally updated the (it might be) last chapter. Thank you for the reviews. I appreciate it. . This chapter has the normal view, short Frey's POV and Lyon's POV. Actually there POV is just something about their thoughts. A scene in here is inspired again by CCS.

- Chapter IV -

Normal view:

The awaited "bonfire" dance is starting. Couples and friends, young and adults gather round the bonfire to dance with the people they love. The music was played by the Falenas' finest musicians. Frey gazes at the most important girl of her life, Lyon. She smiled shyly as she refuses offers of dances to unknown people to her. Frey tried to approach her, its time for him to be able to express his true feelings and be a man. Their friends are enjoying the festive with Roog and Miakis constantly teasing each other.

"Hey Mi-Miakis," nudge Roog at his childhood friend. "What?" replied the annoyed Miakis as she nurse herself at the part Roog elbowed her. Miakis was busy looking at the couples dancing around the bonfire. Roog who noticed this, took her hand and lead her to the dance floor. Miakis was a bit shocked at what her comrade did. Roog placed Miakis unsteady hands at his neck the same as he put his hands around her waist like he was about to hug Miakis.

"R-Roog…"she stammered at the sudden motion. Roog blushed as he realized what he had done. Trying to gain back his confidence he stared at Miakis' purple brown eyes and smiled sweetly at her. Miakis bewildered at what is happening blushed and try to avoid his gazed but Roog clutch her cheeks to prevent her from avoiding his gaze. They sway into the music getting lost at each other eyes. "Mi-Miakis," uttered Roog.

For a moment the two pause dancing and stared at each other. "I know…you know my feelings for you…" Miakis gulped, she knows what might happen next. "…I just can't help but say it on my own…I-I like you." Miakis although she know what Roog will tell her she can't help but be shocked. "Miakis…I love you" Roog repeated the words that made Miakis shivers. Roog clutched Miakis hands and he gently lifts it up to his lips and kissed it.

"I know…you prefer someone else…but please give me a chance…"

"Roog…I-I…" the purple-haired knight was mystified.

"Give me a chance…to love you…" mumbled the Dragon horse rider.

Miakis, breathed heavily and then she smiled, "I-I will think…about it…" Roog somewhat relieved by the answer smiled as well. "Maybe…I could love you…" Miakis was a bit tear-eyed but she managed to wink seductively at the dragon rider. Roog just laughed and they continue dancing around the bonfire.

Frey's POV:

I saw and somehow heard that…

Just now, I pass right through the "love" confession of Roog to Miakis. Miakis was already stammering at what is happening. I can sense she was confused, I know I just broke her heart. I didn't mean too…I just can't find myself to love her. Her heart was wounded, and trying her best cope with it.

I know as well, that Roog loves her. He probably knows as well that Miakis likes me. It must have hurt him…but I'm glad he was able to finally fight for his feelings. I just wish…I could be that strong when it comes to my feelings.

I smiled when Miakis, finally gave Roog the chance to let him love her. I think it was good, Miakis provide Roog a chance and her heart as well. I'm sure Roog will able to mend the pain away. They will be a nice couple…Thinking about it if they ever have a child I'm sure it will be a prankster and a very strong-willed child. I laughed at the stupid but may come true thought. I gazed at the two they are swaying into the music.

"Good for them…" I whispered to no one in particular but the wind. And I continue walking toward the special black haired girl.

End of Frey's POV

Lyon's POV:

I was standing in the nearby post, where I can see the great view of everything that's happening on my surrounding. Tonight, is such a perfect night for this special event. I'm glad I came with everyone else and they all seem to be enjoying the festive.

I saw a lot of Falenan couples going lovey-dovey. It's kind of funny and sweet actually. There are a few boys who are asking me to dance. I refuse them. I don't know if I decline them because I'm such a klutz when it comes to dancing or I was waiting for that special someone to be my first dance. I blush at the thought. Come on Lyon! Your just his knight not his girlfriend that he wants to dance with! I sighed; it's true anyway…I'm just his knight. Then something caught my eye. A couple just a few meters away that is visible in my eyes kissed…yes they kissed. And I don't know why an image of His highness flashed in my mind and my heart skipped.

I stroll around the event's area this occasion is giving me a hassle beside you may never know suspicious people crawl night and day…specially on celebrations like this. As I stroll around I saw the Queen talking to Toma. The apprentice knight, Toma is comforting her highness which I found odd since when those two children talked they always have their silly quarrels.

End of Lyon's POV

Normal view:

Toma gazed at her Highness who was by his side. The Queen seems a bit sad; her eyes carry a little bit of glimmer tonight. Lym who noticed that her knight was staring at him got annoyed.

"What are you staring at? Why don't you go and enjoy yourself dancing there?" It more came as an order instead of a question. "No." reply Toma coldly. The queen stomp her foot, She wants to be alone and this guy is not helping at all. "Look at him-"

She points at Nick who is enjoying dancing with his Fan club girls. Yes, Nick has his own fan club in the Queendom. After all he is a handsome young boy and an apprentice of Roog. At first Nick has some kind of phobia with girls growing in a village with no woman but he was able to adapt easily thanks to Kyle's lessons before he left the palace. Anyway he shared the fan club with Toma.

"– he is enjoying himself dancing with those fan girls of his…you should too."

"I don't want to waste my time dancing with a bunch of annoying girls…telling you how much they admire you. It's troublesome." He said irritated as he scratches his head. After hearing what Toma said, Lym giggled lightly. It made Toma's comfortable after hearing her laughed like that.

"So, what's bothering you?" he asked hoping the young queen will be able to open up with him. Lym gazed at Toma's and she walk outs to the nearby docks. Toma followed her and ask again. "Are you alright?" The young queen sat down looking at her reflection in the water. Toma remain standing behind her.

"You know, early ago, I told someone I love him..." Toma's eyes widen but remained his composure and continue to listen.

"But he said…he is not right one…he asked me if I miss father…and I nod. He then said my feelings for him and father is similar. And I realized he was right."

Toma continue to pay attention taking the hint the person they were talking about was their commander.

"He said as well…that he loves someone else. The person he loves…is a person I love too…and I'm sure that person loves him as well. So it's really alright if he doesn't lo-love me…and I'm happy for him…" the young queen was already stammering and tears started to form in her eyes.

"But for some reasons…I can't help but cry…I don't want to cry in front of him…I do-don't want hi-him to see me crying…" and Lym finally broke into tears. Her tears fall and started to mixed with the clear blue water. Toma was shocked to see their queen crying and he felt pity towards her as well. He sat down next to Lym.

"I'm sorry…I just can't help but cry…it's just hu-hurt that the person you lo-love prefers so-someone else…and I-I…"

"I know…I know…!" insist the young apprentice. Lym looked at him as he had offered a handkerchief. Toma smiled at the young queen who gently took it from his hands.

"Thank y-you…"Lym managed to say between her sobs and she rest her heads toward Toma and started to cry again.

"He said… that someday I will find that special someone…that I will treasure the most and will love me…"

"Its alright…everything is going to be alright…I'm sure…you'll find him." reassured Toma and he smiled at Lym. "Thank you…thank you Toma." Lym returned the smiled.

After a few minutes, Toma stand up and look down at Lym then fixed his gazed on the starry sky and asked Lym. "Ummm…you want to da-dance with me?" He offers his hand at Lym.

Lym gazed at Toma; took his hand and smiled "A pleasure it will be."

Toma a bit stunned smiled at the queen and they walk back towards the bonfire celebration.


Frey's POV

I found her; alone she was wandering and thinking deeply. I wonder if she is thinking about me or someone else. Maybe she is waiting for someone too. I walk towards her and call out her name.


She turned around distinguishing my voice. I figure out she was a bit stunned to see me. I smiled at her. She smiled shyly at me and then avoided my gaze. I came nearer at her and talked to her. I don't know why but even as a boy my heart is thumping loudly and it feels like its going to burst any moment.

"Lyon, I was looking for you…" My voice was croaking.

"M-me?" she asked verifying what I said.

I nodded and smiled at her. It's time to be honest with my feelings. I don't want to regret anything at all. I've always loved her even just before the war. She was always by my side, protecting me. Ironic, I should be the one protecting her but no…she would always insist to protect me because it was her duty or because she was indebted to father. Never, the reason "I love Frey". I almost lost her twice…and I'm afraid I might lose her for real…I'm ready to suffered everything, anything at all…but to lose her would be the most painful of all.


"Yes, your commandership."

I sighed, ever since we were children she would call me, 'your highness', 'prince' and now 'commander.' It's annoying I want to tell her that.

"Its Frey…my name is Frey."

She looked at me confusedly. I really love that cute innocent face of her.

"F-Frey…" she said a bit troubled to call me by my name.

I smiled at her and I took her hand and intertwined my fingers with her. I could have sworn she blushed. I move my face inches to her and whisper…

"Lyon…I-I love you."

End of Frey's POV

Lyon's POV:

"Lyon…I-I love you"

My eyes widened. He…he loves me. I was dumbstruck and the words make my heart skip. The prince is telling me that he loves me. I don't know if this was a joke but it felt so real. So real...

The thing about love

Is I never saw it coming

It kinda crept up and took me by surprise

And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wondering

Is this true, I want to hear it one more time

Move in a little closer

Take it to a whisper

Just a little louder

Say it again for me

Coz I love the way it feels when you are telling me that I'm

The only one who blows your mind

Say it again for me

It's like the whole world stops to listen

When you tell me you're in love

Say it again

Someone loves me and not just any someone it's the person I love the most. I can't look at his eyes I don't know what to say. It felt like time had stop for us.

"You're the only girl I've have ever love this much…no-nobody could ever love you as much I do."

Thing about you is you know just how to get me

You talk about us like there's no end in sight

The thing about me is that I really want to let you

Open that door and walk into my life

Move in a little closer

Take it to a whisper

Just a little louder

Say it again for me

Coz I love the way it feels when you are telling me that I'm

The only one who blows your mind

Say it again for me

It's like the whole world stops to listen

When you tell me you're in love

He strokes my face and smiled sweetly at me. That gentle smile, which stole my heart all those years.

"Why me?" the only word I was able to say. I can feel tears started to form from eyes. Tears that I can identify as "proof of joy" from what I have heard of him.

"I-I don't know…All this time you were the most special girl in my life. I don't want to lose you and be always with you…to make you happy."

I'm drowning in my own irrepressible tears and emotions. I was so happy, I want to tell him the way I feel that I love him as well…but I don't know how.


And it feels like it's the first time

That anybody's ever brought the sun without the rain

And never in my whole life

Have I heard words as beautiful as when you say my name

Say it again for me

Coz I love the way it feels when you are telling me that I'm

The only one who blows your mind

Say it again for me

It's like the whole world stops to listen

When you tell me you're in love

Say it again

When you tell me you're in love…

Say it again


Somehow, he thought I wasn't happy after hearing what he had said. He inches away his face from me sadness and rejection was visible in it. He let go of my hand and was about to leave…I don't want him too. Please stay…stay don't go. I grasp his arm and stroke his face. I reach up to him up to his…lips and kiss him.

His eyes broaden, astound at what I did and he slowly close his eyes. The kiss we shared, wasn't really passionate…it was light and sweet. It was only a few seconds but it made both of us happiest people that time. We broke the kiss…

"I love you too…Frey…" I smiled at him. At that moment I'll never forget how much I made him happy and how much he made me happy as well. He embraced me and carries me in bridal style spinning both of us. Then he stopped to put me down and smiled at me.

End of Lyon's POV

Normal view:

Miakis who was holding hands with Roog cheered "Way to go Lyon!"

The Falenan citizens clapped and cheered after seeing the most romantic scene they had ever seen that night. Their comrades were watching the entire scene as well. The couple probably forgot they were not alone and felt embarrassed.

The couple looks at each other lovingly and laughed despite the little humiliation. Frey curtsy and ask Lyon for a dance.

"Will you dance with me?"

"With pleasure."

The two take the lead role in continuing the bonfire dance. They dance slow and stately to the music smiling lovingly at each other.

"From now on…" Frey began as he stares at Lyon and gently caressed her face.

"-I will be protecting you…no more duties for you to protect me."

"But…" protest Lyon resting her head on Frey's chest.

"No buts…besides I want to protect you…-because I love you." reassured Frey as Lyon smiled.

After Frey had dance with Lyon. He invites Miakis and Lym to dance with him. The two enjoyed dancing with the person they cared. Both were happy for him as well.

"Roog and you…are a cute couple you know." Frey taunts Miakis as they dance.

"Hahahaha…you think so. You and Lyon too make a good couple." Miakis answered to the very easy to blushed Frey.

After dancing with her comrade, Miakis. Frey dance with his little sister, Lymsleia.

"Feeling better Lym?" Frey asked her little sister as he twirls her around.

Lym beamed and nodded at the question. "Yup! Someone made me very special tonight." "Oh really…and who might it be?" Frey asked curiously.

"Oh…just someone." Lym gazed at the young apprentice behind Frey who was dancing with Miakis. Frey smiled taking the hint of who it was.

After dancing with the people who love him. He went back to dance the "Last dance" with the most special girl in his life. The dance that symbolizes that they will never be separated and will always be together.

Miakis, Lym and Frey…were able to express their feelings. Even thought it didn't turn the way Miakis and Lym want it to be. It still made them happy for they were able to find something greater behind the pain they felt. Frey learned how much he was blessed and love. He learned as well to have courage in expressing his feelings after all you may never know the person you love might love you back.

"There are times you need to express your feelings in words."


Author's note: Finish. The final pairing are revealed; FreyxLyon, MiakisxRoog and LymxToma. I Kinda think I over did the confessions and the POVs (I kind of ran out of ideas for the ending). Anyway the song included is entitled "Say it again – Marie Digby".

I want to thank you all for giving the time to read this story. I'm really glad I was able to finish it. I hope it satisfy you all. I apologize for not being good at descriptions. Thank you so much. .