Author's note: Hey again. Apparently it's the ship day today (as many of you know), and I'm sooooo seriously deranged and euphoric and couldn't leave well enough alone. So here's something that's been in my head for quite some time. It's not finished yet so I don't know how the updates will go, but I don't leave things unfinished so...

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A/n2: This will mostly be Sam's POV.

Chapter 1

"Everything came back normal Colonel," I hear Janet behind the curtain. I really don't understand why doctors pull those curtains anyway, since people can hear everything. And hearing that everything is okay with the Colonel could only mean one thing… I'm the one who's not fine. The thing is, I feel okay, I feel like me!

Janet comes to my side frowning because I'm sitting up instead of laying down. Like it makes any difference!

"Sam," she starts, and I can already hear her telling me it's some sort of an alien virus, some bug got me again… "you're fine," she finishes with a smirk on her face and all I can do is stare at my friend wondering if maybe she's affected with some alien thingy.

"But…but…" I stutter!

The good doctor, that calls herself my friend, repeats: "You're fine. Nothing unusual for you," she's smiling openly now.

"That… that…" good god, I stutter again. Some genius I am. "… means,… that, that…" uggghhh!

"Yep. It was all the two of you," Janet's smiling again, and I can't figure out why!? This is bad news, bad!

And now she's leaving. Walking away with that stupid smirk on her face. I hate her.

I'm alone. Except I'm not. The Colonel is in the bed next to mine and somehow I'm grateful for the curtain now. It's not annoying anymore, because there's no way I would be able to face him.

I still feel a slight shiver in my body as always after being zatted. The Colonel must feel the same way…. This is a mess.

If we aren't sick… that means it was just us, and… Oh my god! I SHOT MY C.O.