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Edwards PoV

Scaring Emmett was priceless! With our hearing though he should have heard me but I guess is was too busy with his "beautiful" bear! Although his revenge was pretty good, it was rather annoying. Not to mention I was beyond thirsty! I ran off in search for something else. Spotting a bear I knew how mad Emmett would be so I decided to go for it. Later I could brag about it! I crouched down behind a bush. I stayed there a while trying to figure out what it was doing. Silently laughing to myself I realized he was just resting. Bad time to do that bud! Suddenly I smelt something…sweet. I knew this couldn't be the bear. As the wind picked up, the smell got stronger. I heard something close by, footsteps. They picked up speed and finally it leaped out into the opening, attacking the bear. It didn't take long. Three minutes and the bear was drained, the vampire standing there satisfied. She was so young. Well at least she was young when she was turned into a vampire. She looked to be thirteen…when she was human.

The small vampire finally noticed me. "Who are you?"

"Uh…" I couldn't find my words!

A grin slowly came upon her face. "Don't worry! No need to finish! I know your smell any day!" And with that she tackled me. I couldn't move! I couldn't yell! I was useless, but why? Seconds later I was walking away with her. There was no way I could stop myself. It was impossible to struggle. And for some reason, I couldn't read her thoughts.

The little vampire snapped me out of my thoughts. "Ah! You smell that! Alice is near! Just the one I wanted!"

She was right. Alice was close. It only took a second for her to walk out in front of us. Her thoughts were frantic.

"What am I doing? Stop walking you idiot! STOP! Who the heck is Edward with! How did I not see this coming! Crap! How do I stop?"

"Hello dear Alice! Come. Walk with us! Ha! Like you have a choice!" The vampire's voice was full of pleasure from the look of Alice's face. Apparently she couldn't talk either so she asked me in thought.

"Who is she and what is going on? Where's everyone else? Where is she taking us? Why can't I talk nor do anything?"

The questions poured out of my head but I couldn't do anything but shrug. Where ever we were going, there was no way we could protect ourselves. We were done for.

I had no idea where we were. The memory of the trip was completely gone. I couldn't read Alice's mind either. What was going on here?!

The little vampire skipped forward. "Mom! I'm back, and with someone special!" She ran off into the next room while Alice and I stood frozen in our place. I took in the place. It looked so familiar. In the distance I heard a voice. "Well done, Eve! Well done!"

Alice and I just learned two things. One, the little vampire's name was Eve and two; we were back with the Volturi Clan.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is! I never thought I would see you so powerless and weak!" Aro stepped into the light with a smirk on his face. "I only wish I could have done it myself! Ha, our little Eve is oh so brilliant!" Eve came back slowly, responding, "Oh I can't take all the credit! Besides, it was my mother's idea!"

"Ah! Someone you would know! But you'll find that out soon enough. I wouldn't want to spoil it! To bad you can't find out in my head, huh, Edward? Ha, and too bad you couldn't see it coming Alice!" Aro was getting at something. It was driving me insane not being able to read his mind! "Of course, that's all Eve's work! Her powers are so handy! Controlling your actions! Every. Single. Action."

"Oh stop it! You're embarrassing me!" giggled Eve.

"Well don't be rude, Eve allow then to talk at least!" Aro was nearly laughing too.

Alice was the first to talk, shocker. "What is going on? What do you want with us! Why are you-?"

"You'll find out soon enough, dear Alice! My, you haven't changed a bit." If I could have moved I would punch Aro into the next century.

Alice wouldn't stop though. "Why are you doing this? What did we do? Where's everyone else, our family?"

"Oh shut up."

"Now, now Eve, what did I say about being a little brat, huh? One week, you'll have no human blood, just animal blood." Out stepped the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long, straight, brown hair that shined in the light. She had a simple, red dress that hugged her curves. Her black cape followed close behind her. Her eyes sparkled, they were so beautiful. But to my dismay, they were red. Alice's mouth dropped open, left speechless which happened never! It took me awhile to find my voice.

"Oh my god! What have they done to you!"

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