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Carlisle PoV

This argument between Emmett and Rosalie has been lasting for 10 minutes. It must have been too much for Jasper because he joined in. "Would you too cool it already! You'd think one of you cheated on the other with all the freaking anger!"

Finally the fighting ceased and I continued. "Thank you, Jasper. Now, somehow we need to figure out where Alice and Edward are. Of course they're not going to be in their original location. They're smart enough to know where we would look first. The only way we'll get a lead is tracking down their scent."

Rosalie interrupted with an unmistakably angry tone. "Why didn't you tell us this while we were down there in the first place? The scents probably half gone now by now!"

"Do you think I would risk someone else going missing? No! I had to get us out of there incase they were still there! Now, enough arguing! We need to get down there now before the scent is completely gone! You, Emmett, and Jasper will take the jeep and your mother and I will take my car, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah." They all replied in unison while leaving. I followed them out into the living room. Esme was standing there with the most depressed look I've ever seen.

I pulled her into my arms gently kissing her forehead. "It's going to be ok sweetie. Don't worry, we'll find them."

"What if they're hurt? Or-or worse?"

"Esme, you can't think like that. We'll find them and everything will be just fine. I took her to the couch and sat down, pulling her down into my lap. I put a single finger under her chin and lift her head up. I leaned down and gently kissed her lips. We stayed on the couch in comfortable silence for a few minutes before remembering how the kids were only at the camp site. "We should head back and help trace the scent. You can stay here if you'd like."

"Why on earth would I stay at home while the family is searching for my two missing children?"

"Good point." Before getting up I crashed my lips into hers, brushing her cheek with my hand. "Ready?"

Sighing, she replied, "I'll never be ready for this." But slowly she got up pulling me along with her.

The scent was surprisingly strong. As soon as soon as Esme and I got out of the car, Jasper was giving us a report of their progress. "Whoever it was is one smart vampire. There are multiple tracks to throw us off. One going west, one going east, and the other goes north. This is going to be a long night. Hey, do you think they came back? It's as if they just left."

"I have no idea but we need to split up. Your mother and I will go north. Emmett, you think u can head west by yourself?"

Before he could answer, Rosalie was. "Yea, so a grizzly can cross his path and distract him? No way, I think I should go with him."

"This once I'm going to have to go with Rose. I better go with someone on this trip."

"Okay then. Emmett and Rosalie will head west. Jasper, that leaves you to go east. Let's get started before it's too late." Esme and I started walking north, fearing what might lie ahead.

"Is she dead?" Esme sounded frighten yet relieved that it wasn't Edward or Alice lying on the ground.

"Unfortunately. Looks like our vampire found a snack while they were here." There were bite marks all over her neck. Only a few drops of blood were left on the ground. "She's been dead quiet a while."

"Oh dear. You think the vampire's still here?"

"I highly doubt it. The scent's dying down so they're probably long gone."

"Wait. Carlisle, did the vampire kill her before or after she captured Alice and Edward."

I sniffed around a little while trying to see if there was more than one scent. "It seems she killed her before. Then that means, I think we should go back. More than likely, the vampire entered on this trail, planted a decoy, and then left on another trail. Seems to make sense, and if the vampire is as smart as I think, then this isn't going to lead us to where we need to be Lets turn around."

As if on cue from around the corner came Jasper. "Oops, should have taken the other turn huh!" He looked down noticing the dead girl. "Geez, I thought we were sticking with animals."

"Well we didn't do it, the vampire did!"

"No need to get so mad, Mom! I was kidding. I'll turn back; I ran into a fork along the way so I took a left and followed the scent this way. I'll head right instead."

"We're heading back to camp with the girl. Be careful." I didn't need another kid missing. I picked the girl up and we headed back.

"What do we do?" Esme asked in a whisper so low, the police couldn't possibly hear her.

"Put the girl down and put your hands up!' The police yelled. The chief must have pulled up. I heard him ask a police officer what was going on.

"We got a call from someone saying they heard screaming back in the woods. We came here to start searching and up came these to with a dead woman."

I had no idea what to do but I did know that if we couldn't get out of this, our species could be discovered. Things were a lot easier with Alice.

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