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First Real Love

Chapter 10

She was so mad at Derek. She was so mad at him that she wanted to kill him, find a way to reanimate him, so she could kill him again.

She even considered not visiting Marti but this would not be fair. His cute little sister did not deserve it. It was not her fault that her brother was the most insensitive jerk in the entire universe. Casey was of course not just mad at Derek, but also at Max. He just left without even asking her what she wanted. In Casey's opinion a boy had to fight for her. Did she not mean anything to him?

Max did not exist for her anymore, but maybe she should go out with this boy from science class. What was his name again? It had been something with and "N". Was it Neil, Noah or Noel? Right, it was Noel.

Maybe she should tell Emily that she would like to go out with Noel. Emily would be as subtle as ever to let it slip in front of his friends so that he would ask her out. She did not think that Emily would mind doing that for her. According to her research Noel was not seeing anybody.

That time Derek would not interfere because he would not find out about it. How did he find out about in the first place? Only Emily knew and Max. Maybe Max told somebody else who told his best friend who told his girlfriend who told her best friend who told Derek? Now she could not even remember who told who anymore. It did not matter because Marti was waiting for her. She just grabbed her jacket, not even knowing why, and left the house.

When she rang the doorbell she hoped Mr. Venturi would open the door but of course it was Derek.

"Casey, it's great that you're here. Would you like to come in?" He stepped aside so she could enter the house. She just went inside without looking at him.

"Listen, I'm really sorry for what happened yesterday. I just… are you even listening to me?" She was just staring at the ceiling, ignoring him. Derek Venturi was not used to being ignored especially by girls.

"So, still giving me the silent treatment. If you do not even want to talk to me why are you here?"

Like on a cue Marti came down dressed up as a bride. "Hi, Casey."

"Hi, Marti." Casey smiled and picked her up. "What would you like to do?" She tickled the little girl.

Derek was more than just shocked. Casey was there for Marti and not for him. This world was just so cruel.

Marti giggled. "I would like to have a tea party with Sir-Monks-A-Lot and you."

"A tea party it is. Where do you want me to go?" She was just so adorable with Marti.

If Derek was able to fall any harder for Casey it would be this very moment.

"Upstairs to my bedroom."

"Do you want me to come with you again, Smarti?" He hoped she would say yes so he could spend more time with Casey.

"No Smerek, it's just for girls today."

"Since when is Sir Monks-A-Lot a girl?"

"Well, he is the exception to the rule."

"I thought I was the exception to all the rules?"

"Not today." Then they left the living room. What should he do? He absolutely blew it.

Three hours later Derek was in the living-room watching TV. He tried to sneak into Marti's room for about a hundred times. She always threw him out. Once he came with something to drink, once with chocolate, once with ice-cream and once he dressed up as a clown. Marti always told him that it was a girl's day. He was so desperate that he seriously considered putting on a dress.

Suddenly he heard steps behind him. It was Casey. He stood up immediately but before he could say one word she already left the house. He ruined it completely.

"Hey Smerek, what's wrong?" Marti came downstairs with her stuffed monkey.

"Nothing. How was your tea party?" He sat down on the couch and Marti climbed on his lap.

"Fine. Casey is really great. Smerek, I'm not a baby anymore! You like her, right?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"Even dad noticed." That was bad. George usually did not notice anything. Like the time when all of his children told him that he did put on weight and that he still looked like 20 years ago. How were they supposed to know how he looked 20 years ago? Derek was 16.

"Why don't you ask her out?"

"I did."

"Did she turn you down?"

"More than once."

"Maybe she just does not like you?" He tickled his little sister.

"You sure know how to build people up."

"Smerek, I'm your sister not your therapist. Maybe I had better advice if you paid me?"


"Or we could go upstairs and play dress up?"

"And why should I do that?" Marti put on her best pout. He had to play with her or her plan would not work out.

"Because I could tell you some things about Casey." He knew that Marti could not help him but he still accepted to play dress up with her. Probably he could at least forget Casey for a while. My life is so horrible, he thought when he carried Marti upstairs.

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