613:Your 2 Hours Short

A/N: I hate the beginning half of this. But I only wrote it for the part where Axel and Zexion are talking..so..read anyways? D:


Since the day Roxas met Axel and Zexion, there had always been a tense rivalry. The young nobody never thought anything of it really, they were is best friends.

The first time he started to notice their infatuations was when he'd gone on a mission to Atlantica with the two. It'd started off normal enough, Roxas was teasing Axel about not being able to swim very well and Axel dragging Roxas around and holding his hands all for help to 'steady' him. It'd gone on for quite awhile when finally Zexion snapped.

"Hey, how about we just get to work on this fucking mission instead, and you two stop flirting." Zexion had then swam away to 'get to work'. But Roxas noticed..an anger that he'd never seen before. Mixed in with a layer of hurt. Jealousy.

The second time was before Project Oblivion. Roxas had spent the whole week helping with Zexion's big 'experiment'.

In truth, he just wanted some alone time with Roxas. At the end of the week, Axel was sent down to give Zexion the invitation for Project Oblivion. That was the day Roxas got his first kiss, -from Zexion-, and lost his two best friends. Zexion, because he'd never see him again. -though he wasn't aware of this- and Axel, who'd shown the same emotion as Zexion. That same..anger. That monster..jealousy.

"So VI, Did you enjoy your last time that you'll ever have with Roxas?" Axel had strolled in confidently. He'd tricked Larxene to tell him about the plans, and while she was dealing with the keyblade brat, he'd portaled to the basement to rub it in. Because the chances of Zexion 'living' were slim.

Zexion, though seething on the inside, kept his calm demeanor. "What are you implying, VIII?" He knew exactly what Axel was implying.

Axel smirked. "Please. You and I both know what I'm saying.", He paused to laugh,"And we both know it's true. Like it or not Zexion, VIII is a bigger number than VI, and will always prevail."

Sadly, Zexion did know. He smirked. "That may be so, Axel. But VI came before VIII, and I was the one who won the battle." He'd kissed Roxas first.

Axel and Roxas were sitting on the ledge of the clock tower eating sea salt ice cream. Roxas had been devastated to hear of one of his best friend's deaths, but at least he was on Axel's good side again.

"Hey Roxie, you've got something right here." Axel pointed to a spot on himself to show Roxas where. Roxas tried to wipe off the invisible speck, and looked at Axel for conformation. Axel shook his head no.

"Here, let me help." Axel reached over and kissed Roxas. A delicate thing filled with triumph and desperation, until Roxas slowly reacted. Axel smirked.

Zexion may have won that time, but Axel had ended it all.

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