Me: Okay, I know it's short but it's all I have written and out and I want to see if I can get two updates up and out

Me: Okay, I know it's short but it's all I have written and out and I want to see if I can get two updates up and out. And later I'll go see what other writers have posted. I haven't actually gone and read anyone stories who isn't on my author alert. Some are ther otheres aren't. But, I know I have a C2 comunitty that needs updating. So, Read on my readers!


Aerrow walked through the ships slightly annoyed and nervous. Finn was supposed to get thre hotel rooms but said he couldn't because e only two were available. (Yeah… right.). He opened Piper's door to see her examining herself in a mirror with the emerald bikini on.

"Hey a—oh sorry." Aerrow imeditately started to step out the moment he opened the door.

"It's fine Aerrow. You've seen more of me. You saw me internally at the pool. You've seen naked. You were there when I was born. Don't worry about it I'm only making sure it fits." Piper explained.

"It seems to fit you very nicely." Aerrow exclaimed.

"Oddly enough, It fits me perfectly." Piper exclaimed.

"Good thing too." Aerrow told her. Piper turned around fully to look at him.

"Was there something you needed to talk to me about?" She asked, noticing the slight distress on Aerrow's Face.

"Yes… um… Finn was supposed to get three rooms at the hotel but he can only get two. Each room has two beds; size doesn't matter at the moment, with an arm chair. Stork wants an arm chair. Something about germs and the window." Piper giggled at this." I needed to know if you were okay with staying in the same room with one of us."

"Depending on whom it is. Stork, no. Finn, I'd rather become Cyclonis's puppet first. Junko's Iffy. I'd never sleep though but yeah. You, I have no probablem .Like I said, you've seen more of me, We've been friends since we were babies, and you are by far more mature then Finn." Piper answered.

"Okay, so you and Finn will share at room." Aerrow joked, receiving a glae from Piper. " I'm kidding. We'll share a room I guess. You okay with that?"

"Yeah. I can live with that." Piper answered. Aerrow nodded and walked off, leaving Piper to her business.

- - -X

Me: Short, I know but I have more to type for other stuff. Later.