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Chapter i: Get to know me/ Blonde & blue

All my life I had been serving people. And I haven't complained one millisecond. I have never even given it any thought, it's disrespectful and very ungrateful.

All my life.

What is my life? My life is two months in the Royal Palace of Realia, two months in the Royal Palace of Concordia and more than one year of coma. Oh yeah, and a blur. I have some vague memories. Actually, I don't. I have flashbacks sometimes, but they really are just... flashes. I've been in a coma for sixteen months, doctors said it was a medical miracle.

I was a Jane Doe. Nobody came to visit me. Nobody knew who I was. I was nobody. I still feel nobody. I called myself Scarlett Rose because I had this strange premonition that my name involved... flowers? Don't ask why; I have these flashes and all I can do is analyse them and not go crazy. The doctors picked my last name: Sparx, because I was found there. I don't know what that place is, but I don't ever wanna go there again. I am not going to reveal how they found me and what happened, you don't know me well enough for that, stranger!

Besides, I have to go to work now; I may be a person suffering from complete amnesia, but even those people have to make a living. I found a new job in the Royal Palace of Eraklyon (that and it's my first day, so I'd better be on time!

"Scarlett Rose, female, aged..." he frowns his eyebrows after an annoyed sigh. "Doctors established that her age was 20, she claims she's twenty-two." I have no idea how old I am, but I don't think I can possibly be twenty! That's so young... so carefree! I have been through so much that I cannot imagine having a calm and happy childhood. So, I'm sitting (well, bowing is a more accurate term) in a spacious and sumptuously furnished drawing room, where I will meet the queen's first lady-in-waiting (who is also a lower peer), since I am to be at her service. The plump woman in front of me looks severe, but righteous.

"Hmpf. Where does she come from?"Correction: she's an arrogant nitwit.

"Her origin is...We don't know, milady." The man admits subservient.

"Skills?" She asks with the same monotone, indifferent tone.

"She has strong administrative, social and organizing skills and she can do several household chores including cleaning and cooking, and had a high result on her intelligent test. This means she probably has finished high school successfully. There were also traces of magic found in her body." What? I didn't know about that! That's just... rude! I asked doctors to determine my capacities and they withhold things? Crucial things?

"Interesting." She reacts slowly, reminding me of a lethargic snail. She looks at me with a mixture of repulsion and pride. She looks down on me. Why would she respect me? I was exchanged by the

queen of Concordia. Yes, exchange is a euphemism. I only hope this job will be better than my previous one.

"The first three months are training: you'll get to know the palace and its servants and the people that matter." I dare to raise an eyebrow, astonished, but also offended.

"Not personally off course." She smiles scornfully, but her smile resembles a grin."You attend every banquet and ball at Eraklyon, plus you will assist me whenever I need you. Understood?" I nod humbly as a reply, which seems to appease her. I'm surprised when she resumes, after taking a tormented long breath.

"After that you have one month to prepare for the annual celebration of Eraklyon. If you can cope, you'll receive very important assignments, through which your reputation will improve remarkably." She finishes. That means I will still have a hard time, with respect but that now I am still nobody. I swallow hard.

I can do this, right?

"Tomorrow you will go on rounds with the head room maid, Loretta, so you can get a tour around the castle since everyone else is too busy to show you around." She huffs, making clear I am nothing more than a servant. I'm wondering, what does she have to do? Pick earrings with the queen? Choose red centerpieces instead of blue ones? Hush Scarlett. Be humble. Without wasting another word, she motions her servant. He nods at me and I understand that is a sign to get up.

"You can find you chamber at the end of the hall." The servant says and pushes me out of the door. Before I can ask which door and where exactly, he shuts the door for my baffled face.

"Shit!" I curse. I start walking nonetheless, but 'at the end of the hall', the corridor divides into two.

"Great." I mutter to myself and flop into my suitcases.

"Lost?" I get up, turn around and look into a pair of the brightest blue eyes and try not to stumble over my own feet.

"Kinda." I smile difficultly and raise my look.

"Oh Good God." The guy's mouth falls open and he staggers back, astounded.

"What? Is there something on my nose" I ask embarrassed and start rubbing my nostrils diligently.

"No, no." he rapidly interrupts my finger-exercise. "You're… beautiful." He shakes his head, obviously sentimental. "I'm sorry, your eyes look a lot like the ones of an… old friend."

"Okay." I nod awkwardly. He throws his hair back, cheery again, and speaks, putting out his hand.

"Prince Sky." My eyes widen in shock. This is so humiliating!

"Oh my God." I cover my mouth, shocked by my own discourteous behavior.

"Alright, alright, don't go sucking up right now."

"If you're the prince, then you must know where I am supposed to reside?" I retort fluently, surprised by my own boldness. His eyes flicker surprised, but then he smirks roguishly.

"Sassy." He pauses and puts his finger under my skin. "I like that." Something sparks as his skin touches mine. I jerk my head away, horrified and stare at him wide-eyed.

"I… I have to go." I stutter confused and spin around.

"But you don't know where to!" He exclaims, not-understanding and slightly frustrated. I don't answer and start running away from him as far and fast as I can. I sink down against a wall, sobbing quietly, when realization dawns upon me.

I know him.