''Welcome, Seattle High School juniors to the Halloween homecoming dance. Tonight, our panel of esteemed teachers will use their years of higher education to choose our homecoming prince and princess. in true Seattle fashion,it's not about who you are. it's about what you wear. Are you ready to crank it up? Yeah''. Callie cheered into the microphone

The dance was a amazing. The lights, music and costumes were fabulous. Everyone looked great,Except for Erica and Rose, who were wearing a Siamese cats twins thing, but no one looked better than Derek Shepard in his prince charming costume. He was gorgeous. Derek was excited and anxious, tonight's the night, when he will meet his princess. The girl who is his true love, his soul mate. His two best friends came up to him in a slightly annoyed expression.

''Sorry about your costume getting lost Derek'' Alex whined

''it all good'' Derek explained in a small smile on his face, nothing could bring him down, he was about to meet the girl he loves. Mark pulled him away from his train of thought.

''No, it's not. We don't get to be the Three Musketeers. You get to be Prince Charming and we're the two wimps in wigs.'' Derek laughed a little at that comment. Which was true.


oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. That was all Meredith could say and think at that moment of time. Why the hell has she come, she wanted to meet her mcdreamy, but she was freaking out, BIG TIME. Her hair was done in tight curls and she was wearing George's Zoro cape over her outfit.

'' Mer, take the cape of, you loom amazing''

'' I'm sorry, I am freaking out here''

'' Hurry it's almost time''

'' wait, remember I have to be back at the diner by 12''

''OK give me your cell'' George grabbed Meredith cell phone at put on a alarm for 11:45. George passed it back ans Meredith put in back on the strap of her high heel. George then asked for his cape back, which Meredith reluctantly gave. Revealing her dress.

Derek was getting nervous now. It was 11 and she was not here yet. Sadness started to enter his body when he saw her. A girl wearing a beautiful white dress (Meredith looks exactly like Sam in Cinderella story) with blonde curly hair in a white mask. She was breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous . Derek stood there breathless by the girl. It was her, he knew it was. Everyone thing in the room faded away, except for his princess. He was about to meet his dream girl.

Meredith slowly walked down the stairs, all eyes on her. She felt she was dreaming. Her white dress flowed as she moved. Excitement flowed through her, she was about to meet her mcdreamy.

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