"Lola- truth or dare?" Dolan posed to the girl across from him with dark blonde hair.

"Truth." She said downing two shots in quick succession.

"What's your most embarrassing moment?" He asked his blue eyes sparkling with laughter, already knowing the answer.

Lola smirked as Dustin refilled her shot glass.

"Well, okay, when Lewis and Co," she began referring to her mother's third husband and his four children, "first moved in; I think it was the night Dol and I first met and we were drunk-No wait! It was the night of Alyssa's birthday party! And we went back to my loft and were in the middle of - you know, having sex, and Lewis throws open the door and starts yelling at us. And like I'm laying there and Dolans on top of me and we're both completely naked and Dolan- with a completely straight face says "Your fly's undone." Lewis' jaw drops and then my mom comes in and they're both yelling at us and we're still both butt naked. And, like, I know I'm a lot of things, but an exhibitionist is definitely not one of them. So I was trying to hide behind Dolan while he was trying to make peace, with his junk hanging out."

The occupants of at the table laughed as Lola finished up her story.

"Why didn't you put clothes on?" Tiffany asked.

"We couldn't find them." Dolan laughed from behind his glass even though it wasn't his turn to drink.

"Alright Dolan," Lola spoke vengefully, "truth or dare?"

"Dare." He smirked, downing some liquor.

"I dare you to sneak into the loft and do a repeat of my most embarrassing moment- regardless of Lewis' threats."

The crowd at the table broke into laughter again knowing full well that Dolan had been banned from Lola's apartment on pain of arrest.

"You're on." Dolan said taking his final shot, for the game of truth or dare- extreme alcohol.

Dolan and Lola immediately left the club, Club Minx- which was owned by Dolan's family.

The duo pulled in front of the expansive apartment building where Lola, her mother, her step-father, and her step-father's children lived.

"Okay," Lola began as she turned sideways in her seat to face Dolan, "I'll go up, wait like ten minutes and then come up." She gave him a peck on the lips and climbed out of Dolans sexy car. She gave a small smile to the door man as he held open the door for her. Walking through the marble lobby, her heels clacked against the cold floor as she made her way to the elevator. She stepped inside and took it to the top floor where she used her key and entered the apartment.

"Where ere you?" Lola turned to see LJ, Jackie, James, and Jessica- her "perfect" step-siblings sitting around watching t.v.

"Isn't it past your bed time?" Lola rolled her eyes, walked past her step siblings and into the kitchen.

"We're the same age, and older then you remember, or has all that hair dye seeped into your brain?" James said as he and his sisters and brother followed into the kitchen.

Lola grabbed some beers from the refrigerator just as she glanced over and say Dolan slipping into the apartment behind her obnoxious step-siblings.

"Who are they for?" Jackie asked rudely, ever the inquisitive one.

"Hmm?" asked Lola, as her mind wandered to Dolan.

"If that assholes here, I'm gonna tell mom and dad." LJ spoke sternly, acting as the leader.

"Your dad…not mine."

"Right, yours is in jail." James said in an attempt to insult Lola.

"Right." She agreed. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have something's to do."

Smiling shyly, she headed towards her bedroom.

Upon reaching her destination she was pulled into a pair of arms roped in muscle and immediately pushed down onto her bed, the beers forgotten. The couple's clothes didn't seem to fall from their bodies fast enough. His lips on her skin had a dizzying affect, her vision clouding as his fingers ran over her skin-

The door was flung open and Lewis stormed into the room.

"What do you think you're doing? I already told you! No boys in the house until you're 18! No drinking! No sex! NO DOLAN ROGERS! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Dolan and Lola shared a laughing glance as Dolan, with a completely straight face said, "Dude, you're fly's undone."


He started for Dolan who grabbed his jeans and pulled them on. Lola couldn't help but admire how the denim hung dangerously low on Dolan's narrow hips.

"Get up Lola!" Lewis said harshly. "Stupid whore…" He muttered under his breath. Lola's jaw dropped in shock.

"Don't speak to her like that, asshole." Dolan seethed, in one quick movement he had a handful of Lewis' suit in his fist.

"She's my daughter."He sneered to the muscled man before him. "I can say whatever the fuck I want to that bitch."

"She isn't your daughter, you fuck face, speak to her like that again and you'll regret it." Dolan breathed, Lola saw a muscle in his jaw twitch.

"Is that a threat?" Lewis asked pulling himself from Dolan's grip indignantly.

"It's whatever you want it to be." Dolan glared as he handed Lola his shirt to cover up with, she gave him a thankful look.

"Out! Both of you!" Lewis yelled.

"Gladly," snapped Dolan taking Lola's hand and grabbing the overnight bag that Lola always had packed by the door; pushing past Lewis he headed to the living room, leather jacket in hand.



Lola's step siblings spoke vindictively under her breath as she and Dolan walked past them.

"Sorry," Lola said glaringly, "Next time we fuck, we'll make sure to use your beds, and lie about it like you."

"Don't blame this on them! Just get out!" Lewis boomed as Lola pulled her jacket and slipped her stiletto heels back on her feet.

Dolan nodded his head in thanks to the valet as he pulled Dolan's car to the front. Just as Lola was climbing into the sleek black car, Lola's mother pulled up and climbed out.


"I'll be back tomorrow to get my things." Lola said as she climbed in and closed the door.

They pulled out of the driveway in silence.

"Is it okay if I stay with you again?" Lola asked lighting up a cigarette.

"Of course," he smiled gently placing his hand on her thigh.

Dolan, being seven years Lola's senior, owned his own apartment a few blocks away from Club Minx. Dolan and Lola's relationship was more then illegal, though, being that Christopher "Smokey" Callaghan was her father, having a few well connected friends helped keep the relationship seemingly legal.

Upon their arrival at Dolan's apartment they unwound in each other's arms, relaxing in each other's bodies, and then comfortably feel asleep.

The next morning, Lola woke up early enough to make breakfast- coffee for herself, and pancakes for Dolan.

"Hey babe." Dolan said wrapping his arms around Lola's petite waist and placing hot kisses on her neck.

"Hey, " Lola said flipping a pancake over.

"Mmm." He said picking up a hot pancake from the pile, "pancakes."

Lola smacked his hand away, playfully.

He pulled away from her to go and get the newspaper; Sitting at the counter he pulled the Inquirer out from its plastic bag.

"Here." Lola said placing a plate of pancakes in front of him, and taking the plastic bag to put in the recyclables.

"Thank you." He smiled warmly, causing her to smile back.

While Dolan ate and read the newspaper, Lola took her shower. After she showered and dressed, Dolan went and got ready for work. Lola scooped up the paper and picked up where Dolan left off. He came back in, a smile lit up his face as he saw Lola.

She grimaced at the sight of Dolan putting his wedding ring back on. "Do you have to wear that?"

"I have to at least pretend I'm not having an affair…"

Lola grimaced, guilt bubbling up in her throat, "doesn't she know by now?"

Dolan shrugged his broad shoulder, as he wrapped his arms around Lola's waist. "How about a quickie before I leave for work?"

Lola lifted herself onto the countertop, "quickie?"

There was a knock on the door- interrupting them…again.

"What the fuck!" Dolan growled roughly pulling out of her and hoisting up his pants angrily, "all the time!"

He stalked over to his front door and ripped it open. Infront of him, on the other side of the threshold was Fiona- his wife, with their two children.

"I just wanted you to know I don't hate you for this. I still will be married to you. I will still raise your children while you fuck her. I hope she was good. I hate her for this, she took you away from me and will never like you like I do."

She turned and walked away.

"Fiona, wait!" Dolan went after his wife as Lola went and quietly dressed, packing her things to leave with the intention of never coming back.

"Lola!" Dolan said as she slipped past him. "Wait!"

"Sorry Dolan, but I'm done." Lola said calmly.


"You're a great fuck while it lasted but there's too many strings attached." Lola left the building, telling the valet to hail a taxi as she went, Dolan followed.

"Where do you think your going to stay?"

"I don't know…my grandmothers?"

"You said they were dead."

"My mom's mom- in Ipswich."