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Here's a quick recap:

Meet Lola, she's from Philly. She's Caleb's cousin and was messed up in some twisted business before she decided to leave home. She was living with her mother, stepfather, and stepsiblings. However they suck. When she gets to Ipswich she meets up with Caleb and co. and we find out that she had a brother. He was shot during a drug run. We find out that Lola and Reid are really close and that there is tension between Lola and Pogue because of what went down in the past.

That's pretty much it.

Thanks to my two awesome reviewers: tigerwhisper and JessJess876.

JessJess: I was actually listening to the song Coffee and Cigarettes while writing haha.

On with the chapter!

Chapter 4


When I was little, dad always used to tell me that "it's not about being perfect." It being life.

Life isn't about being perfect.

Life is about being happy and trying your hardest, making every day worth it. I've been falling short of those standards. There are times when I want to be like: "Fuck you dad, look what not being perfect got you." Then there are times when all I want to do is be a little girl again, curl up on dad's lap, and burry my face into his chest.

Right now is one of those times. I left Ipswich because I needed to be absolutely alone. I need to go somewhere where there was no "Sons of Ipswich." Seeing Pogue reminded me of that.

I really shouldn't worry about that though, I mean that was two years ago. Two years is a long time. It's 365 days times 2, so what is that? 730? That's 730 days. That's massive. I don't love him, he doesn't love me. People move on, I moved on. So, apparently, did he.

Love doesn't exsist anyway. It's not a real emotion. It's one people made up. I mean sure, there is a tiny little part that thinks I'm wrong. But really, think about it before you get all crazy. Love is the attraction aspect of lust. Lust, in turn, develops between two people who are considered each other's genetic matches. Without that basic human instinct, aka screwing, humanity would die out. Lust isn't really a socially acceptable thing. It's not like you can go up to someone and be like "I lust you! Will you marry me?" So humans coined the term love. See?

I don't love Pogue, never did. All those romance books, all it is is a bunch of people screwing. What's with that anyway… All the men are like these Adonis like alpha-males with large man parts and all the girls are these petit skinny-mini's with plump limps. How many of them actually exist? Real women have curves.

Whatever, this is off topic anyway.

I hope you're okay…

Sometimes I squeeze my eyes shut really tight, cause then I can see you. I hate knowing I can't just call you…God I miss you.

I really hate this. I just want you back. Please.

I don't have my number one boy anymore.

I love you brobro,


Lola turned up the volume on her computer, sliding her pen and a black marble notebook into the drawer next to her bed.

"LOLA! DINNER!" Mrs. Danvers hollered up the stairs to Lola's room.

"Coming!" Lola shouted back. With a sigh, Lola swung her legs over the bed. With a running start she headed towards the door, stopping short she slid on socked feet through the door and into the hallway. Lola made her way to the kitchen and when finding it empty called for her grandmother.

"In here!" With a confused look Lola headed towards the door that separated the dinning room and the kitchen. Then she heard male voices.

'Ugh.' Lola sighed once more and pushed open the door.

"It's about time, come and make your self a plate." Mrs. Danvers smile was warm and generous as she picked up a blue-flecked plate for Lola and began filling it up.

"Thank you." Lola said taking the plate, eyeing the large amount of food it now held.

"Hey Lo," Tyler greeted.

"Hey Ty." Lola smiled back.

"Did you start the Calc homework? I-"

"Slow down there baby boy, the lady just sat down for dinner." Reid said appearing out of seemingly nowhere, giving Mrs. Danvers a hug. "My dear Mrs. Danvers, have I ever told you that you look striking in lavender." Mrs. Danvers laughed and patted his cheek. Lola raised her eyebrows at him, suspicious. He seemed chipper… too chipper…

She quickly found out why as Pogue followed him through the door.

"Hey Mrs. Danvers." Pogue greeted leaning down to give Lola's grandmother a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey there sweet cheeks." Reid said plopping into the chair next to Lola.

"You seem to have cheered up since our last encounter," Lola glared.

"Yea, you see I remembered that sure, I might be bad at you. But you and Pogue can't stand each other and well tonight was dinner at Mrs. D's house."

"So let me guess, you decided to sit back and watch the show?"

"Pretty much."

"Hate to disappoint you there love, but there won't be any show." Lola whispered harshly. Grabbing her plate to leave she stood.

"Lola, wait," Pogue spoke, causing the room to fall silent. "Can I talk to you?"

Lola turned enough to glare at Reid who was smirking satisfactorily over his mashed potatoes.

Pogue walked over towards Lola, coming to stand behind her. "Please."