Summery- Slade is back! OMG! He has resurrected Terra and is after Robin. Two questions are haunting the Titans, Why is Terra serving Slade again, and will this game of cat and mouse with Robin ever stop. They might never know. They might never see their friends again either. Is Slade going to win after all?

Chapter 1-

Beastboy walked into the cave where Terra's statue resided. He had been coming once a week for the past year and a half. Once a month he'd also bring flowers to pay his respects to her and tell her how much he missed her. (Ok the next part is obvious but for those who don't know what's going to happen next here you go.) He turned his flashlight on and found where Terra's stand, but where her statue once stood nothing was there but a pile of rocks. Beastboy's first thought was someone destroyed her statue so she couldn't come back ever. He didn't stay to think of any alterative possibility.

Back at Titans Tower the rest of the Titans were doing their normal activities. Cyborg was playing video games, Starfire was cooking something that smelled like Beastboy's dirty socks, Raven was consumed in her book, and Robin was either in the gym training or in his office. Beastboy ran in the main room the distress obvious on his face. Raven was the first to notice.

"Beastboy what's wrong?" no hint of emotion was heard from her but she was concerned for her friend.

"Terra's Gone!" he yelled loud enough that everyone, with the exception of Robin who wasn't in the room, jumped.

Then out of the blue Cyborg said, "Yo anyone know where Robin is?"

The titans looked around suddenly noticing that he never came in here. Raven closed her eyes for a minuet and reopened them. Her tone was dead and absolute.

"He's in his office."

The titans made a beeline for Robin's office and barged in regardless of the large "Do NOT Disturb under ANY circumstance" sign posted on the door.

Before anybody spoke Robin did without facing them, "I already know."

This statement startled the Titans even Raven.

"Man how do you already know we haven't told you anything and we barged in even though you have that sign on the door." Beastboy said furious.

"Yes and I'm annoyed that you pay no attention to that sign. It's up for a reason. As for how I know I went early this morning." Robin said still deeply focused on his work.

"Friend Robin why didn't you tell us?" Starfire asked. Her naïve understanding frustrated Robin.

"She's not just gone Robin she's DESTROYED!" Beastboy yelled temper rising to an unusual level for him. Robin however remained completely calm and refused to face them.

"Beastboy she's not destroyed she's alive and is walking among the living with her powers still fully intact. She's working for Slade." Robin's body visibly tensed at Slade's name.

Raven, while still in shock, wondered why Robin refused to face them.

"Robin look at me." Raven demanded no room for discussion available.

Robin shook his head and put his hands into in face frustrated. Raven got frustrated as well and used her powers to turn him around and move his hands from his face. What they saw shocked them. The top of Robin's uniform was gone even though his cape was still on. His chest was covered in dark red scars and his face was slashed everywhere.

Robin stared calmly at them until Raven let him go. Then he went to a dark corner of the office and took his cape off and put of a regular t-shirt. That was when the Titans noticed he was dressed a civilian with the exception of his mask.

"Going somewhere?" Raven asked starting to get ticked off at Robin. Why does he keep so many secrets, was the thought running through all the Titan's heads

"Were you even going to tell us man?" Cyborg asked a little hurt.

"I'm staying in the city as a civilian for a few weeks. You won't have any idea who I am and if I come to help you in a battle I'll be dressed as Robin so you won't know where I am or who I am. I'll look like an ordinary teenager. I'll still have my communicator on me but I'll only be on audio. I was going to tell you, but when Raven was probing my mind to find me I knew you guys would notice so I thought you'd figure it out." Robin said keeping a straight face.

He was so calm that Raven wasn't sure if he was lying or not.

"I'm leaving now. Don't say good-bye because I'm not leaving you forever. O and if I don't come to a battle to help you its cause I can't" Robin said walked to the door of his office. Nobody tried to stop him as he left. The only noise heard once the door shut behind him was Starfire's crying.