Chapter 20:

Slade's Hideout:

Slade carried Robin off to the dungeon. The boy was constantly testing his patience. He thought he was making some progress for a while there until he saw the security feed from the rooftops and watched and Robin used signed language. He had to give the boy credit; he did not disobey orders for he had not spoken a word to his mentor, but without knowing what he told the Bat, Slade was not going to take a risk. He chained Robin's wrists and hoisted him off the floor, hoisting him a few feet off the ground. He then left the room until the boy was awake. He had one more thing to retrieve before the punishment was dealt out.

Robin's POV:

I woke up groggy and disoriented, my hands were chained over my head and I couldn't touch the ground with my feet. I began to feel a sense of dread and déjà vu. I remember coming back from the mission Slade had sent me on. He had seen me sign to Batman.

"Good you are awake," Slade commented slyly. "I told you that you needed a lesson of loyalty and now it is time for your lesson." Slade grabbed my chin and forced me to look up across from me at the wall where I saw Raven hanging in a Y form looking at me with a mix of determination and fear crossing her features.

"Leave her out of this Slade!" I struggled uselessly against my chains which only seem to cause Slade to chuckle.

"You dragged her into this, besides she is going to watch so that she doesn't get any bright ideas like you seem to have gotten." Slade snarled releasing my chin and moving behind me where I couldn't see. "Your demon friend will now see how weak you really are." Slade mocked.

I looked at Raven, holding her gaze and nodding that everything would be ok when I abruptly felt the familiar pain of whip wheels hitting my back. I cringed but made no noise. Slade was not going to hear my pain and Raven would not see me break. I felt the whip strike again.

"I am your Master! I am your mentor! You will respect me! I will break you!" Slade roared as the whip continued to strike my back.

I became unable to hold back the screams of pain as I felt the whip rip the skin of my back and the blood flow from the wounds it opened. I vaguely heard Raven's screams for Slade to stop through the other noise. It broke my heart to hear such a beautiful voice sounding so pain-filled. The whip was still striking when I finally blacked-out from the pain.


Slade came into the room without Robin and marched straight towards me with anger in his eye.

"What's going on? Where's Robin?" I asked my voice barely betraying the worry that clouded my thoughts.

"We are going to see him right now. I have a lesson to teach my apprentice and you are needed to witness this lesson my dear." Slade growled grabbing my wrists harshly and dragging me down the halls with him.

He pushed me into the room ahead of him and reached for some chains on a nearby wall.

"Where is Robin?" I asked again getting agitated and anxious for what this monster had planned.

"Turn around. He's right in front of you." Slade said, and as I turned to see my leader and friend hanging limply from the ceiling Slade grabbed my wrists again and attached the chains he was holding to my wrists.

I heard Robin beginning to stir and Slade moved away from me and towards him. He spoke to Robin grabbing his chin and forcing him to see me hanging uselessly on the wall. I gave him a look of determination trying to mask the fear of what was coming. I heard Robin's chains start jangling as he struggled in them.

"Leave her out of this!" I heard him yell.

"You dragged her into this, besides she is going to watch so that she doesn't get any bright ideas like you seem to have gotten." Slade snarled releasing his chin and moving behind him where I saw him reaching down and grabbing a whip. Oh no. "Your demon friend will now see how weak you really are." Slade mocked.

I watched as Slade began to whip Robin. He looked up at me and nodded, refusing to break gaze and cringing when the whip struck him.

"I am your Master! I am your mentor! You will respect me! I will break you!" Slade roared as he continued his onslaught on Robin, not letting up for even a second.

Robin could finally no longer hold in the pain he was feeling. He screamed and some of his pain seeped through our bond. I felt how much agony he truly was in.

"Slade stop!" I screamed holding back tears that threatened to fall. He should not have to endure all this pain. I continued screaming at Slade until Robin blacked out and the whip faded into the blackness. Before I could register he move, Slade was in front of me.

"If either of you make any attempt at escape the punishment will be worse than this." Slade threatened turning to release Robin from his chains before coming back to mine.

"How could any punishment be worse than that?" I asked him anger beginning to take hold in my voice. This demon was ruthless.

"Don't challenge me girl!" Slade snapped slapping me across the face. "I can make punishments worse than you or he could even image! You will tend his wounds so that he can make a quick recovery and resume training. A bot will come take you to your room. I wouldn't try to make a break for it either. I don't think my apprentice has the stamina to take another punishment for any of your mistakes right now."

Slade stalked off after my release and before I knew it two Slade-bots came in. One went and picked up Robin from the floor, the other waited by the door to take us to the room. Once there the bot dropped Robin on the floor and walked out. I ran over to him and rolled him onto his stomach so I could try and clean up his back while he was still unconscious.

"I'm so sorry" I whispered to him feeling a single tear fall and land on his back. I felt him stir for a moment and then remained still.

Titans and Batman:

When the Titans regained consciousness they returned to the Tower. Batman went straight to the computer and began typing away pulling up a map of the city.

"What are you looking for? We've searched for them everywhere!" Beastboy shouted upset and frustrated. Having your leader and friend beat you up will do that to you.

"Robin managed to sign to me a little bit while we were fighting." Batman grunted eyes not leaving the map as he searched for what he was looking for.

"Please Man of the Bats, what sign did friend Robin give you." Starfire asked worried about her friends and that Robin was once again stealing for Slade. Although they hadn't been able to determine what he had stolen, yet.

"It was not a sign Starfire." Batman sighed his patience wearing. "Robin knows sign language. It is a way he and I can communicate if voices are a bad idea." Batman explained turning his head away to face the Titans for a moment.

"So what was it that Robin told you?" Cyborg asked anxious to find his brother and sister before Slade did anything permanently damaging.

"He told me to be careful and look west." Batman relinquished hoping that Robin would have been able to give him more than that but it was better than nothing. He wanted his son back and would go through hell if need be to make that happen.

"We don't know how far west he was talking?" Beastboy asked. "West of that freakin' chemical plant is still half of Jump!"

"Then we will search half of Jump until they are found and brought home." Batman said rising from his seat and moving towards the exit.

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