Chapter 5

Chase's Is One Of Us

Only 3 more days till my birthday and the Fall Dance. I was so excited! I couldn't wait till my birthday I was going to ascend but Caleb would before me because he was born at 10:11 and me at 10:13. After I ascend Reid had promised me that he would take me to the Fall Dance.

Plus I was going shopping tomorrow with Kate and Sarah and Caleb and Pogue had told them yesterday about are powers and they thought it was cool and they weren't scared at all. I was happy they liked it because I could see the 2 couples getting married in the future. I walked into my room and found a not on my bed saying:

Dear Caitlin Danvers,

If you haven't guessed it yet I'm a witch but I am not going to tell you my name because then that would give it away. And that would be no fun. Meet me tonight at 12 o clock at the cliff and tell Caleb and the others if they want to join the party too. But I recommend just you and Caleb at the most or some could get hurt.

I turned around in my chair it had to be Chase he had shown me his black eyes when he used on me and Caleb. I deleted the message. Caleb and the others didn't need to know anything I could handle this. I had power and I was about to ascend if it was a witch I could take him. I called Kate and Sarah and told them I would go to the movie with them but it had to be around 10ish. That way it would end around 12ish and I would just be a little late for the meeting with the other witch.

I got a shower and scrunched my hair and put on black jeans with a blue shirt. I put on my tennis shoes and put on some black earrings. I was in the kitchen when all the lights went off and it felt cold all of a sudden. I looked behind me and saw a darkling reaching for me and I screamed with all my might.

I backed away from it as it cornered me to the wall. It leaned in closer to my lip's when Caleb and Reid came in and they threw energy balls at the darkling and I finished it off by throwing a fireball at it and it burned to ashes. Reid ran to me and wrapped his arm around me and looked all over my face and arms to make sure I wasn't hurt. "What was that doing here?" Caleb asked me.

"I have no idea. The house lights went off then everything started getting cold and I felt like I was being watched so I turned around and it was behind me. I screamed and it backed me up to the wall and it tried to kiss me but you guys came and saved me." I told Caleb and Reid. Caleb and Reid both had the same look of disgust on there face.

"Don't worry it didn't kiss me though. The only person allowed to do that is you." I reassured them giving Reid a kiss on the lips. He smiled and told me I was amazing. I laughed, "Your not that bad your self." I told them I was going to go see a movie with Kate and Sarah and that I wouldn't be back till around 12:45ish.

When I got to the movie Kate and Sarah were already there and we had decided to go see Step Brothers with Will Ferral. It was hilarious and before I left told Sarah and Kate that I would met them at 11 o clock at the mall tomorrow. I checked the clock as I approached the cliffs it read 12:00.

Not bad I would be there in 2 minutes. I got out and called out for the person to come out and show them self. A figure dressed in jeans and a black shirt came out of the shadows. "Hello Caitlin," a familiar voice called to me. "Chase, It was you I knew it." I said with disbelief. He smiled and came closer to me, "Did you invite your 'brothers' to come and join the party or is it just you?"

I looked at him questioningly, "What? Am I to much for you?" He laughed and said, "More like the other way around. I have already ascend and my father willed me his power a year ago." My confidence dropped down from a 10 to a 2. That was not good he was going to kill me.

He saw me lose confidence, "Don't worry I promise not to use on you if you do what I want." What did he want from me? I knew it wasn't my power I wasn't ascending till 3 days. "What do you want?" I asked him curious of what he wanted. He smiled and looked me in the eyes, "I need a girlfriend and eventually a wif-." I cut him off, " Not going to happen Chase you're my friend and I like you but not like that. I love Reid."

"Well see about that," he said and his eyes turned black and I couldn't control my body. I moved closer to him and didn't stop till I was inches from his face. Then my face moved closer to his and as much as I resisted the hold on me wouldn't reside. Are lips touched but right when they did he lost his hold and I shot him with an energy ball, making him fly backwards into a tree. I ran back to my car and started it.

But before I could back up Chase was on the roof. And the windows shattered to little pieces and flew outside the car. "How did you like the little present I sent to you this afternoon?" He asked me. What present? Wait did he mean the darkling. "You sent me the darkling that tried to kiss me." I yelled in his face. "I was trying to tell you I had feelings for you," he answered me.

His eyes turned black again and I vanished from my car and was handcuffed to the door in his. I screamed for Pogue, Tyler, Caleb and Reid. Chase appeared in the driver's seat and he turned the car around and for god knows where. My phone started ringing in my pocket. Chase grabbed it and the caller I.D. showed Caleb. "What would Caleb say if I told him that his sister was now mine?" Chase asked me.

I looked at him horrified. He answered the phone. "Hey Caleb it's me Chase."

"Ya, she's with me and she's not coming back. She's mine now." I yelled out to Caleb, "Caleb we're at the cliffs. He is strong he ascend and has his father's power and-" I didn't get to finish Chase eye's turned black again and my voice disappeared. "Can you hold on a minute Caleb your sisters being a bit stubborn at the moment," Chase turned to me and slapped me across the face.

It was so loud I was positive Caleb heard it loud and clear. "It's not nice to talk while I'm on the phone, Caitlin." My cheek burned and I could see from the car's side mirror it was a bright red. Chase started talking to Caleb again. Chase wasn't paying attention so I knew now would be the perfect time to escape. My eyes turned midnight black and I imagined the handcuffs unlocked and they were off my hands.

Chase was to busy talking to Caleb to have been noticing my escape. I then pictured my self in my living room with all my 'brothers' and Kate and Sarah. I closed my eye's and when I opened them again I was on the coach in the living room with all my 'brothers' and Kate and Sarah. I smiled it worked and when I looked up I saw Caleb looking at me with a cocky smile on his face. He was still on the phone with Chase. I looked at Reid, Pogue and Tyler who had the same cocky grin as Caleb. Sarah and Kate gave me reassuring looks.

"Caleb give me the phone." I said regaining my voice. He handed it to me. "Hey Chase are you new at this whole kidnapping thing?" I asked and he I could tell was speechless. He then screamed out of frustration. I laughed at his anger. "Just wait Caitlin I will have you as mine or I will die trying." Chase vowed and a shiver went down my spine.

I built up my courage and said, "Well you better start preparing your funeral." He laughed, "If I die your coming with me I will have you one way or the other, see ya soon sweetheart." He hung up and then all I could hear was the dial tone.