-1Under a Dark Star

Disclaimer- I do not own any of these characters from either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Gate SG 1. They of course belong to their creators and their corporations. They just wanted to come out for a while so I agreed. No copyright infringement is intended and I deeply respect their creators and hope I brought them to life in a way they enjoy. Oh yes this work is definitely AU in nature for both series.

A/N- What if Faith was wrong about her family? What if she really was wanted and circumstances were not as she thought? What would her real family do to protect her and help her? What happens when fate decides to give the dark slayer a protector of her own who knows about the council and has a place to keep her safe away from those who harm her?

Spoilers- Season 1 Star Gate SG1 and the movie along with Any and all seasons with Faith in it for Buffy the Vampire slayer. Mostly after the series ended.

Part One-

Fall of


"Catherine there is no way you can keep the child."

"Father please, she is all I have left."

"No, I can not allow it. It would ruin both your lives. She deserves a mother and father. I know you think this is best but I am telling you right now if you keep the child you are no longer my daughter." He looked away knowing he could never let her keep the baby. It was to great a risk. What if she was called?

Catherine Langford wept. "Damn you this is your entire fault you sent him away to be killed."

"Catherine-" Her father tried to comfort her but he was unable to do so. He had to remain firm for both his daughter and granddaughter's sake. "Jeremy is a good man and his wife Jenny long for a child. She will get the best life possible. In time, you will move on find someone knew and marry. That can never happen if you are burdened with a bas-"

There was a loud slap as Catherine hit her father. "My baby is not a bastard. I loved her father and we would have been married if you had not dragged him off to some damned military project. All right, I cannot fight you on this. I want reports on her every year. So help me if anything happens to her…"

Sir Langford nodded and went to take his granddaughter. Catherine kissed Rose Lynne face one last time. "I love you baby girl. I swear I always will."

Her father took the child and she wept her heart breaking. She had a very bad feeling about this. She just never had liked the Lehanes. Yet her father was right they were wealthy and well respected. Rose Lynne would have every advantage. In the end, she had no choice for without her father's support she could never raise her child alone. It was just not possible.

It will be best. If you are called, the baby is in danger. At least this way she will have a safe and secure life. Besides the council can never know. They would eliminate the child. Potentials cannot have a family or children it just is not done. Sir Langford looked away from his child knowing it was the only way.

The spring of 1964-

"I don't care what you think I am leaving with Darrin. He is my fiancé. He loves me and will take care of the baby and me. You will see." Rose Lynne ran out of the house. Her angry father shouted after her. "Then go you ungrateful bastard. I never want to see you again. You are trash just like your mother." He slammed the door and forgot that he cursed his easy access to the Langford fortune just ran out the door. Well he did not care he still had this years check for 1 million and at least he would not have to spend it on that little bitches college classed. He was well rid of her. He never wanted her but his wife had. Well she was gone so he was free. Jeremy smiled he was going to have some fun.

Rose Lynne ran to her lover who pulled her into his V-W Van and they sped off. Rose Lynne hugging her lover. He smiled at her. They would do fine he had some friends that would help them out.

Fall of 1965-

"Catherine I am so sorry." David Roth said. "I just got news. It seems that there has been an accident. A fire. Rose Lynne was at a commune and it was shelled. There are no survivors and your grand daughter is missing."

Dr. Catherine Langford collapsed in her chair. She looked out the window. "Find her David I do not care what it costs. I can not believe …. She was supposed to be at school."

He nodded and went to carry out her orders. He held little hope. At best Lynne was taken in by one of the girls at the commune. It was possible she been with a group who left earlier in the day but somehow he held little hope. The IRA rarely took prisoners. Why had the girl been in Ireland anyway?

"Great now I am stuck with this brat." Josie Said. She looked at the papers. "Well on the plus side Rose Lynne was not wanted like me. So I guess I will keep ya. You kid will keep me out a jail. Hey Pete yah done changing the papers yet."

"Yeh babe. You are now Josie Rose Lynne Lehane mother of Lynne. The British and Americans will never connect us with your father and brothers we can begin our new life in America. Sis we will be golden. My new name is clean as a whistle and in Boston we will blend right on in. "

Josie smiled at this. Yes the brat be useful. A poor Irish widow and her "brother" Peter who was soon to be a police officer. Yes they do well.


17 years latter-

"Move your sorry ass Lynne. We got stuff to sell." Peter Shanahan shouted. He looked at his step child with disgust he could not believe the dumb bitch got her self knocked up. Well at least the cops would not think a pregnant girl was a mule.

Lynne moved to get the drugs ready. She had to hurry if she was going to keep from getting beat. She just hoped Damon was right about this being a big score. She had to get away. She was scared to death. She needed to get away to save her baby. If Damon kept his word she have enough money to run away maybe to Europe or something. She longed to study under the great chefs.

Of course nothing goes right-Lynne thought as the contraction hit her hard. She stumbled into the hospital bleeding. "Help me please." She tried not to think of her dead husband. She had to save her baby.

A doctor came running and she was rushed to surgery.

16 hours latter Lynne Lehane looked at her infant daughter and smiled.

"So honey what are you going to call her?" The nurse asked. "Faith Leigh Lehane." She said as she fell back against the bed.

"So is that the kid?" The detective asked.

"Yes, it is. She killed those dealers after they whacked her old man. I never saw anyone act so quickly. She a danger to herself and that baby."

"Well social services are here. Don't worry they will see the kid goes to the grand mother. Josie an ok gal. I known her for years. She does a bang up job running the dinner."

Josie cursed "Why me? I already raise one bastard. Damn it." However she knew she had to play her role. It was the best cover. Those stupid cops never knew she was the head of the biggest drug ring in the city. She have to see that her "Daughter however was taken care of. She had friends who deal with her in prison. The brat would be a perfect cover and besides it be a lot easier to pretend to be younger with a baby then a teen and she still liked the young studs. She looked over at Pete who shrugged. They decided to split up. He was heading for Colorado with his wife. It was ok she knew her brother was a target here. He be safer there. Besides he could set up a shop there. A decorated Boston cop would go far in Denver.


15 years later-

Faith ran. She was not staying with Josie any longer. Her mother was insane. She ran as fast as she could. She would not ever let anyone do what Pet had did to her . No more. She ran. She still could not believe she tossed Pete through a window.

Faith never stopped running until she came to Sunny Dale and meet the scoobies.

Of course that did not work out. The Hell-mouth was a disaster on so many levels.


"Catherine we have news. We found Lynne. You were right one of those hippies took her in. We just found out she had been taken to Boston. I can not believe we have a lead after all this time."

Catherine smiled at this. "The joys of the internet David."

He smiled for a moment and then sighed. "Unfortunately she is in Prison Catherine she killed someone. The site we found is an old newspaper archive. I still researching it. I hope to know more soon."

Dr. Catherine Langford paled.

"Wait Catherine it is not all bad news She had a daughter Faith. Faith is with her "adopted grandmother."

"Who did Lynne Kill?"

"A drug dealer named Peter Gitano. He was connected to high ranking members of the mafia and they retaliated. Lynne was murdered in prison two years ago. However I found something interesting. I think it was self defense."

Catherine sighed and said. "What about Faith? Can you find her?"

"I will find her I swear. " David said he smiled and left his employer and wondered once more how his father could have agreed to help Catherine's deprive her of her daughter. She never stopped looking for her family. How he wished he could bring this dear lady peace. She was one of a kind.

Catherine sighed and decided it was time for a distraction. She would go check on Daniel and see how his thesis was coming along. He was a brilliant mind and she was always cheered by his innocent exuberance at life and learning.


Lydia watched her new Slayer with Pride Faith was coming along nicely. She was still rough but she had potential. Once trained she help save the world.

Just then a group of vampires broke in and all of the watcher's plans and Faith's future changed in the blink of an eye.


2 Years latter.

Faith Lehane stood waiting for her trail. She was going to either go to jail or die. Well she was dead either way those assholes at the council had made that perfectly clear. She however was not going to give them the satisfaction of breaking down. She learned her lesson. That last round in Sunny Dale had made he take a long hard look at herself and she had not liked what she seen. She run away again and ended up in LA. Oddly it was Angel the Vampire with a soul who helped her. Odd because she had done her best to kill him. Yet he had forgiven her and helped her. He even arranged for her to turn herself in to a cop that could be trusted his friend Kate. So she wait and take it on the chin. She did not care anymore. She was going to take her punishment and them move on. She had killed a man and she had hurt those who had tried to help her. There was a price to pay for giving in to evil and she pay it. If only so she could maybe sleep again at night. She still had nightmares about that man.

The judge was just about to pass sentence when the court room doors opened.

Several well dressed men came walking in. Faith looked up. She froze for a moment thinking that these were lawyers from Wolfram and Hart again. She sent them packing. She was so not signing up to help them. Yes they could get her off but she was not so far gone she sign on with an other devil. Once burned twice shy. Besides the last time she done that she had almost died so not doing that until she made amends for her dark deeds. She was not dying just yet. She still had a small slim hope of maybe seeing heaven one day.

"Your honor I beg the court's indulgence. I am David Roth her to defend the minor Miss Faith Leigh Lehane Lanford."

Judge Ralph Ritter looked up. He was no pleased with the interruption. However he also knew that the men entering the court room were very powerfully connected.

"What can I do for you Mr. Roth. Lanford? A minor? I was told she was 20 years old. "

"No sir. Miss Langford is only 17. She was only 16 when the alleged crime was committed. We have proof someone has altered her birth certificate in order to have her tried as an adult." He looked over at the prosecutors and glared. He noted the members of the Wolfram and Hart that sat behind them along with the Watchers council. David Roth had no idea who they were only that they were seeking to punish a child as an adult. He knew a man had died. That was tragic but if what he learned was true then it was likely self defense. After all deputy mayor of had a very bad reputation in certain circles. It had taken a lot to find proof of his crimes but they had. If needs be it be exposed. Anyone connected with Wolfram and Hart were evil. That he knew. If the council aligned themselves there then they be dealt with.

Catherine Langford watched the carefully staged scene unfold. She knew who the Watchers council was and was greatly disturbed when she learned that they had an interest in Faith. Given her own inquires it was now clear to her that her great grand daughter was a slayer. She was not going to go to jail for a mistake that happened in the heat of battle. It was unfortunate that the deputy mayor had died but he was a corrupt being and she had no doubts he earned his fate a thousand times over. No Faith was hers and she would not give her up. She already paid a heavy price because the council did not want a potential to have a child. She glared a them. Her daughter had been sacrificed for a what if. Well not her great grand daughter. I will not allow it. I will use the wealth and influence I have to save her. It is why I slapped a pardon down for Henry Hayes to sign yesterday.

""Your honor a man was killed. Miss. Lehane admitted she did it. We been very gener-"

"She is a minor and can not make those choices for herself. It should be left to her family to help protect her. Clearly her Mother can not do that as she is dead, but her great grandmother is willing to step in and see she gets the help she needs. She needs guidance sir not to be locked up."

"Her mother is not dead. She right there behind me." Ken Kowler said.

David smiled at this. "That is not true. I have no idea who that woman is but she is not Miss. Langford's mother. Lynne Langford was killed in Prison by a member of the Gitano family. I believe it was Mary the younger sister of Paul who was killed when he shot Damon O'Neill Miss Lehane's husband and Faith's father."

Faith had been stunned at this news. She spun to face Josie who seemed to be wanting to run.

"What do you mean she is not my mother?"

"She was an associate of your grandmother. She took Lynne in and raised her after a fire. Then when you were borne took you in too. Your great-grand mother been looking for you for years. " David said.

Faith almost collapsed at this news. Josie was not her mother. The bitch was not her mother…. Her mother wanted her ….wait she was a killer? Oh hell I never stood a chance did I?

" Your honor we found proof that Miss. O'Neill was framed and that her killer was out for revenge and did it on the orders of Josie Simmons Also known as Josie Lehane an know Irish Brigade terrorist."

Faith froze and then dove across the room to beat down her so called mother.

Faith slid to a halt as an elderly woman stepped in front of her. "Enough Child. I know you have more reasons the you can list to take this woman out. However it will not aide you in your quest to be free and redeem yourself. I have not come all this way to see you taken back to prison for murder again. "

Faith stared at the woman. She seemed so certain and sure of herself. A real lady.

"Besides if you break her neck this pardon will be of little use to you. I am afraid I forgot to ask Henry to include her death in the deal."

"Pardon what pardon?" The Prosecutor demanded.

"This one signed at 0600 by Henry Hayes. He was rather annoyed when I woke him to do it." Catherine said with a cold smile.

"Henry Hayes as in President Henry Hayes of the United States?"

The council members blanched at this. Gerald Wyncote could not believe this was happening. The Langfords how the hell had they missed this? A slayer from the Langford line this was bad. Very bad. Catherine Langford hated the council almost as much as Elizabeth Summers did. Worse yet she had the power to protect the girl. The council's plans to eliminate the dark slayer had just ended. Catherine Langford was a personal friend of her majesty and this was bad. He had to warn the council. He rose to leave but was stopped by two men in dark suit.

"Gerald Wyncote?"


"Garwood Wyncote you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and endangering the life of a minor. You have the right to remain."

Geraldo froze as he saw the cold smile of Catherine Langford clearly she had learned the truth and there was going to be hell to pay. "You can never escape the council. Justice will be done. There is no where on earth you can hide from us."

The judge looked at the pardon and sighed. "Well Miss Lehane it seems you have some very powerful friends. You are free to go." He slammed the hammer down and Faith looked at him and then at Catherine and said. "What now?"

Catherine stepped around her and said. "I do believe that was a threat to my great-grand daughter's life. Colonel "

"I believe you are correct Doctor Langford." A man in blue said with a dark look. "Add treason to the charges on this man." Colonel Paul Davis said with a cold smile. He liked Dr. Langford. "Do not worry Faith we will keep you safe. " He looked at the WC member and said softly. "Faith Langford is under the protection of the United States Air Force and we take care of our own. Dr. Langford is a valued member of our team and we will keep her and her family safe. As a member of Dr. Langford's family Faith comes under the protection of Homeland Security. Take this piece of filth to Gitmo Bay."

The watcher paled and passed out.

Paul smiled.

"Really Colonel what would the general say?"

"That I am finally learning something."

Catherine laughed.